Making a Venture Kayak

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  1. I made a kayak out of some paracord, pillows, an old tire, painters plastic, balloons and a tampon….it didn't float but on the bright side the balloons float perfectly right above where it sank.

  2. anyone here knows how they could extract the upper deck mould DESPITE the cockpit rim undercut @2:32?? I'm having a hard time trying to figure it out myself…

  3. I´m beginner in Kayaking and was always interested to know how one was made… Excellent video, very enlightening!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I just got one these. They're really well build and the finish is superb.
    The design is really well thought out and has loads of clever features built into it, like paddle rest, removable sealed store, mounting for rod rests, elasticated retainer for lifting lugs, good mechanism for lowering skeg, and loads of good detail.

  5. yes , but only the ones actually made by hand. with these there's really no skill in it but the wooden ones for sure take skill an talent! 🙂

  6. Well, it depends… some skill is required. If I make one of those for sure it would be sinking in less than 5 mins xD

  7. Well if you look at it that way they are equal. But i would much rather spend time repairing the composite (and only if you know how to do it, which I do) than paddling in a heavier kayak for those long distances. I think it also depends on the distance and the level at which you paddle. I,m a long distance guy so a plastic one is too heavy.

  8. Not neccesarilly. Polyethylene has a higher resistannce to impact on hard, sharp things such as Rocks. It is an extremley durable materials, and is almost imposible to penetrate with a rock. Composite is stiffer, lighter, and slightly more efecient, but not as impact resistant. When you weigh the pros and cons, they are about equal.

  9. This video has me lamenting the fact that the river here is frozen and I can't take my kayak out for another 3-4 months. Sigh! Great video…it's always cool to see how stuff is made.

  10. I bought my Easky 15, which looks almost identical to the one in the video, back in October and I love it more every time I go out in. Thanks for the hard work you put in to building them, It's really worth it 🙂

    PS Have you seen your kayaks in the latest "Visit Scotland" adverts in the cinema? Heavy product placement! 😉

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