Malaysian Transit Visa 2019 | Air Asia | Visa Denied

Malaysian Transit Visa 2019 | Air Asia | Visa Denied

[Applause] and finally we are in Malaysia what luck we have that we are staying at the Kuala Lumpur Airport all thanks to AirAsia we have to take a room we have to book a hotel at the Malaysian Airport because of them we cannot go out as we have a layover for 40 hours in Malaysia but the permission denied to give us the Malaysian transit visa as they were saying Indian passport holder or the any sub-continental passport holder cannot get the transit visa as they went back to their home country so we were denied for the transit visa that's why we have to spend our time Anthony Porter so we just managed to get a hotel at the airport that's a long stay we have to wait for 40 years but this hotel is far too expensive we almost paid around 22,000 INR for just waiting for RC and this hotel is not that much good but obviously we don't have any other options left so we have to take this we have just finished with our breakfast as only one meal is free you can take the breakfast the lunch or the dinner we landed in Kuala Lumpur on 3:30 a.m. the local time and it's from 6 o clock in the morning and you have flight tomorrow at 7 so it's a long time and obviously we don't have anything to do so right now I'll go to my room and sleep so I'll catch you guys wake up and show you what the militia duty-free looks like as I had a lot of plans but it all went in vain just because of AirAsia as they informed me that we can get the transit visa and over here we were denied to get and they are not even taking the responsibility they are not providing us any assistance this will be my last trip with AirAsia I won't be taking AirAsia in future this was my first experience this screwed my trip just imagine you have to stay at the airport for 40 hours it's a long time so I'll catch you guys once I'll get up I'll go and have some sleep I'll just show you my room Mama's sitting over there that's the TV and there are two beds and for this kind of a room Cody mm is a lot of money it's just an average room but the price is like five-star hotel as I told you that we don't have any other options left so anyhow we have to take it but remember that this is because of an issue see and this was a creepy airline I was talking about the aeration two layers of any world that makes great VDC once I recently then I'll talk about this airline this is the view what we get from a hotel this is what you do and you have a labor for four years you work so I just woke up and I just explained you the situation watchman he had a flight yesterday from Sydney at 8:45 at night and we landed in Kuala Lumpur at 3:30 or so and we have a layover and for Lumpur for wrong for years so we just start to go out as we have a hotel booking also in Kuala Lumpur but eventually when we went to the immigration they didn't provided us the transit visa as they were saying the transit visa is not permitted to the Indian passport holders going back to their home country so it enjoyed just the visa and the worst part was that we have to collect our luggage from the Kuala Lumpur Airport and we have to recheck in again but we weren't able to go out of the column for a foot – unable to connect our packages I call the AirAsia but they didn't help me so I went to the transfer counter and fold in all the situation and they provided me another boarding pass where I'll get my luggages at the Delhi Airport directly hopefully I'll get my luggage is not a daily effort so it was a long chase to go a lot of places I have to go to the AirAsia counter I have to call them have to call make my trip as I'm looking for them only but none of them helped us but we were able to get a new boarding pass we are the staying at this hotel we have to wait for some more time that's the room which we get from the odors you will see the AirAsia flight from here you can see the takeoff in the landing of the flights this is only the best part of this place if you like to see the takeoff in the lining of the flight this is the best place to be but Fortius is still enough if it's around 1 or 2 us you'll enjoy it but for 40 years you'll be bored she'll be completely bored it's just me around 11 ask and we have to spend 39 ask for at this very place as we have nothing to do we cannot go out we cannot over on so basically we are getting cold let's see what else we can do so extend a stay for seven more walls as before we have to check out 6:00 in the morning and we have a flight at 7:30 in the evening so that's why we have to extend for seven more rows for that we have to pay around 400 ringgit with will cost you on 6000 7000 something so this place is taking a lot of money all thanks to a ratio so it's late at night it's around 10:30 I'm going to go and sleep I catch you guys tomorrow at the same place Malaysia Airport as we don't have any other place to go a few moments later so good morning guys and we are still at the airport it's 6 o'clock in the morning and we are just passing our time now we are literally getting bored today I saw two movies still I got a lot of time left still Levin asked to go even right now the airport is also empty Kirby was tired I need to go back home and sleep there is a ship light which just came by on five minutes ago and I just woke up and came to the lobby just to edit the video and just see the sunrise stock right now around in 20-30 minutes there will be some sunlight so it will be very much visible see as you can see Lobby is empty no one is at the airport but check my dedication I've been here from the past 25 26 hours here is my mom getting some coffee this is the only morning view which we get savages burn me out love just makes me down twily I'm done with my readings and we are going to have our breakfast and just waiting for my mom to come she's on the phone call over there the worst part is we cannot go out since yesterday there was no sign of sunlight it's such an awesome day the weather is pretty much good the temperatures are on route 6 to 27 degree but what for we cannot go we can just have you from this place so let's see what we have for our breakfast we have some coke some juice some ice creams over here we have some foods some salads and all frozen yogurt Stevens we'll start from this point have some hashbrowns and sausages some beans and that's we so let's go and grab something to eat this is one breakfast but today some watermelon second combos red butt and the scrambled eggs is that way and some juice stupid finally we are all set to leave this room still I have some time left I have drawn three to four hours left we are leaving this hotel right now and we'll be going out to have something to eat and after that we'll go straight back to our gate from where we have to board a flight so this is sick from this hotel we spend around 33 hours over here try three new high powers it's time to say goodbye to the shuttle as we have wrapped up so we are ready to go let's go and finally we have said goodbye to this hotel summer some water as we were fly it in next to us this hotel is recommended as whenever you have a layover in Malaysia as you are unable to go out you didn't get the transit visa you can stay at this hotel I'll tell you the reason because you don't have any other option this is the only hotel where you can stay so let's go and have something to eat and we'll go straight back to our gate and finally we are on our way to wait the gate has opened so we are going towards our gate I'll catch you guys once the security is done every Stargate number people now we just have to wait for a flight six will be coming up to do also so for now we just have to wait and finally the wait for forty hours is over it was a long hectic coreos which we spend out the handbook and we finally arrived after Delhi Airport and managed to get a luggage also today only still I hate the service of a ratio they made us wait for us at the airport but I'm happy I've got my luggage today only so you go back home and have some breasts I'll see you guys tomorrow morning with a new video till then take care

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