Malumpati Cold Spring ♥  This is the hottest place in Boracay! [Battle Trip/2018.04.22]

Malumpati Cold Spring ♥ This is the hottest place in Boracay! [Battle Trip/2018.04.22]

(The sky is clear the next morning) The course I’ve prepared has many things that Koreans don’t know about. – I love that. / – We love things like this. Koreans come here and only stay on the island. But we’ll take a boat and go outside of it. I love the idea of going outside of the island. That was awesome. It’s like rafting. You flow down the river. The water is clean enough to drink. – I drank some. / – For real? For real. Nature. Don’t you feel phytoncide just by looking at it? It’s too short. That’s really good. – I love this place. / – Diving. (Around $98 for the Malumpati tour) We’re the first to broadcast the Blue Lagoon of Boracay on TV. Boracay’s Blue Lagoon? It’s probably the first time anyone’s seen it. This one’s bigger than the one in Laos. It’s something we didn’t know about. This is the hottest place right now. If you look from here, it’s just water. But it’s blue in the deep areas. It’s really deep. This place has never been on TV. I recommend this place because… I thought you were conservative. I didn’t know. I was just told it was a swimming pool. I recommend it because… It’s nature. In Boracay, the way to the airport… Most of the flights returning to Korea are at night. You’re right. It’s at 1 a.m. There’s nothing to do on the way. This is on the way to Kalibo Airport. – You should stop by. / – Yes, you should. When you go to a water park… – You go around in a tube. / – Right. Here, you’re floating down the river with a guide’s escort. Just a little bit of man-power. By hand. With human power. There is a cave up there. It’s about 40m deep. This is amazing. This is nature. Goodness. Gosh, look at the sky. How much longer do we need to walk? – 20 more minutes. / – Really? All of a sudden, I was hiking in a swimsuit. – That became your hiking clothes. / – I know. You have to climb the mountain? – Look here. / – Don’t film me. It’s the jungle. What is that? – Please apologize to the viewers. / – I’m sorry. How can you make us laugh with this? I’m sorry. (1990s Miss Korea’s swimsuit style) I would’ve brought my pants if I knew about the hike. Everyone, start recording with your own cameras. Let’s do that. Make sure you pack your pants. The most important thing to remember is no bikini. Wearing a bikini might look too over the top. We’ll talk about bracken today. Alright. Bracken fern. You can see it here. Bracken. (Ryan Bang’s Pinoy News) They’re coming. I’ll tell you about the rafting later. – Bye. / – They’re coming. – Viewers, right now… / – Hello. – They’re coming right now. / – The rafting has begun. – 1st place. / – Many are coming in together… That looks like fun. We’ll go down the river like them. – Is that it? / – That looks like fun. (You wear a life vest and receive safety training) Unbelievable. Right here. It’s 40m deep here. Really? This is where the water starts. This is cool. Awesome. You’ll be surprised. This is where the water starts. This is so… – It’s so unbelievably clean. / – Amazing. You can just drink it. Look at the fish. You can drink this water. It’s the second cleanest water in the world. (Boom tastes the water) How is it? It doesn’t smell at all. It’s pure water. It doesn’t smell at all. It’s clean like spring water. Freshwater can smell. But that has no smell. This is completely natural. – Look at the color. / – It’s so beautiful. – It’s like paint. / – People can’t go in there. They drink water from there and move downward. People just drink from it and move down. – Is it cold? / – Wait a minute. Oh, it’s too cold. – It’s too cold. / – It’s too cold? – You go second. / – Slowly please. I’ll be startled if it’s too cold. – I have a weak heart. / – Water tastes like water. – You’re in. / – Wait. Oh, it’s cold. I think it’s the same as the hotel water. (He’s overreacting) Wait. – That looks like fun. / – It is fun. The tube has a cross on it, so you don’t fall through. Each person has a guide. That looks like so much fun. It was really great. In that clean water. It was like going back to our childhoods. Experiencing nature has its own charm. You just have to float. – You just relax. / – So nice. I love it. – Your guide escorts you… / – So it’s safe. To keep you safe. I really want to try that. (Screaming) – That looks so fun. / – I love that. It’s nice because it’s not too rough. (The water flows more rapidly as they go down) It’s getting rough now. You go in and out. Since you can drink that water. – Gosh, this is nice. / – It’s really nice. – Ryan. / – Yes? Thank you. Thank you so much. – Isn’t this great? / – Totally. – This place is the best. / – I love outdoor activities. It looks so good. You have to check this place out. – It’s not very well known yet. / – I should go there. – Yes. / – Look at the water. That’s nature in its original form. – This is like a pool. / – That’s paradise. A lot of people came with kids. There were many local families. – You could sleep there. / – Right. – They have hotels, right? / – It’s near the airport. Ryan Bang! It’s so high. Didn’t Ryan say he’s scared of heights? He was so scared but there are so many people cheering for him. – It’s so high. / – It’s about 7m high. You can do it. (An official cheering squad for Ryan) (Hang on a second) (He gives up) Ryan is scared of heights. So instead of him, I… So Ryan didn’t jump? – You’re a man. / – He tries again later. – Gosh, Jihye. It’s so high up here. / – Boom first. I worry about my safety a lot. I’m very sensitive when it comes to safety. I try to be as safe as possible. That’s how I travel. I can go up 5 to 7m. Hey, that’s like only this high. 5m is meaningless. (That’s why this is 4m) – Is it 4m? / – It’s only 4m. (Gosh, I don’t think I can do this) No, no, no. You’ll get hurt. What? We can’t do that. We can’t do that. I was so shocked. I heard it’s incredibly deep under the water. I heard it’s deeper than 50m. That’s scary. (Please cheer for me) (He jumped) (He plucked up courage to fight the fear in himself) (Great job) Good job, Lee Minho. Good job. You looked really cool. (I was so cool) (Ryan gives it another try) Ryan retries. – Jump! / – Everyone there cheered for him. It doesn’t look so scary from here but it was so scary there. It’s a frightening height. – Once you do it, you feel good. / – It’s like this. The water was so deep, it was scary to go in. You can’t see the bottom. – Seriously… / – It’s way deeper than the ocean. It was so scary. You’re really cool. It was scary, right? I could only do it because you went first. After doing this, I feel like, I can do everything. – I feel confident. / – Go again? – No, no. / – No? – You guys must be hungry by now. / – I’m hungry. Since we’re hungry… Do you guys like buffet? Buffet. – I love it. / – Let’s go. – Buffet time. / – Let’s go. (2nd day of RaBang Tour) (Local buffet) We were hungry so we went to eat again. Not many Korean people know about boodle fight. Here you can experience the traditional way of eating with your hands here. – They eat with their hands? / – Traditionally. Eating with your hands. It’s very delicious. It’s my favorite dish here. You must be hungry. I could eat anything right now. – I’m starving. / – Swimming makes you hungry. I prepared food for you. It’s a fancy buffet. – Really? / – Yes. – Like a welcome ceremony. / – Since it’s a valley… – I feel like boiled chicken. / – Here? Can you see the buffet? What is that? – That’s the buffet I prepared. / – Really? – What is this? / – We can eat this? – This is called boodle fight. / – This is amazing. Boodle fight. This is the way soldiers used to eat. – The weather was great. / – They’d remove their ranks. – What is this? / – And enjoy food together as equals. That’s where boodle fight originated from. This is how Filipinos eat with their families and relatives on family holidays like Chuseok or Seollal in Korea. They set the food like this and eat together with their hands. There’s chicken as well? – It’s a variety of flavors. / – Yes. – It looks good. / – There’s pork too. Everyone stands around the table and eats the food with their hands. It’s a Filipino buffet. You wash with the calamansi like this. – I’ve never used calamansi as soap before. / – Yes. This is a natural soap… – Since it’s acidic. / – Exactly. It’s a disinfectant. I’m nervous. Grab some rice like this… And put some meat on the rice. Jihye, this is the culture of this region. I think it’s a good idea to experience how locals eat here. It was strange for me because it was my first time. Goodness. It was hard to try in the beginning. But once you try, it’s delicious to eat with your hands. It’s very tender. It’s good, right? I’ve been to the Philippines many times but I’ve never seen something like this. – This is similar to… / – It looks delicious. – Pork ribs in Korea. / – I love pork ribs. It tastes like ribs. I think I will miss this food back in Seoul. – Really? / – I’m sure I’ll miss this. If you like the food after a bite, go like this… And then do this. Send your mom a heart to tell her it’s good. This is the traditional Filipino noodle, pancit canton. – You eat that with hands too? / – This is delicious. – The noodle was delicious. / – I like the noodles. You’re good with chopsticks. I can eat it like this. Seriously… We all have this. – This is comfortable. / – This is good for noodles. I think you adapt very well. There’s a spicy sauce next to the food. It’s soy sauce mixed with spicy chili peppers. If you eat it with the chili pepper and sauce, it’s spicy and tasty.

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  1. I love how Dara and Ryan represents the Philippines to koreans. Imean, They're not Filipino at all but still they're doing it. Kudos to the both of you~

  2. Omy goshhhh I’m getting reallyyyyy hungry I’m so jealous 😭😭😭😭😭😭 there’s nothing like that here in canada im also Filipino goshhhh

  3. i was shocked when the title said the hottest place in boracay….like i lived there since when i was born please change the title kamsa

  4. Im from Antique and Im proud to say that I came there ones and it is totally beautiful there!😍😍
    RIP grammar!😂😂

  5. Been there for 7x already. And in my 1st time the entrance fee is 5php. The water is really cold there but u can relax big time 💕

  6. Reality check. A lot of Filipinos cannot afford to travel locally. That's why we're ignorant of our own country. Those who can afford to travel abroad for vacation is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some, thus, grabbed.

  7. But it is in Tibiao Antique though 😂😂😂 still thank you for promoting my province Antique

  8. Ryan anu ba ang pinag usapan ninyo.?! Kayo lang ang natatawa.! Kami sumabay nalang sa pag tawa kahit hindi namin naintindihan.!! Heheh..!!!

  9. I'm from Antique, Philippines and that place is near us and we went there just when we wanted..and many koreans there

  10. The title is confusing, it's Malumpati cold spring in Pandan, Antique. an hour away from Boracay by land trip i guess.. been there..

  11. Thank you so much for featuring the beauty of our country and culture. I hoped you had fun seeing this spring and enjoying the boodle fight. I myself never knew that this spring existed until I watched the episode. I would love to see this when I visit again. Thanks again to Ryan for being a Pinoy at heart and showing the place to fellow Koreans.

  12. Iba ung prinopromote ng ibang lahi ung pinas kc international na yun.dto sa local show ni drew at g diaries..kilala ba internationally..not like kbs sikat nd lng sa korea

  13. When we go to malumpati theres a lot of korean tourist there.. malumpati part of antique province while bora is part of aklan. To be honest there so many beautiful places in antique island, lots of falls, rivers, cave, mountain to hike and island hopping from anini to libertad promise..

    Edit that river one of the cleaniest in the philippines

  14. Kahit gaano kaganda ang Philippines kung ang iba jan ay anti Philippines di parin yan mananalo
    Anu ang pang laban ng ibang bansa kung ang labanan ay ganda ng tourist attractions panalo ang phili pinas kaya nga tayo ang may hawak sa ng Center of Center of Marine Biodiversity

  15. Malumpati Cold Spring is in Pandan, Antique. It's not part of Boracay at all.
    Just wanna share the information because I live two towns away from Pandan. Boracay is not part of Antique Province.
    I watched this a lot of times and I just realized that they got some information wrong. And the title of the video is a little bit confusing too.

  16. Malumpati Cold Spring is located at Pandan, Antique, few miles from our town Bugasong :). Been there last 2012 and upon watching this vid (May 2019), the spring has developed a lot. Thank you so much Ryan Bang for bringing oppa and eonnie here! another beautiful place in the PH has spotted. Kamsahamnida & saranghaeyo 🙂

  17. Malumpati is originally located at Pandan, Antique! I already know about this since the day it was featured but now that I see that you named it already, I just wanna tell you that it really is originally from Antique, and so as the Kawa thing maybe at Calawag Mountain Resort cause there's a lot of it there. And I am a proud Antiqueño! Thank you Ryan Bang for promoting! Godbless to all of you!💕

  18. This is my hometown.Pandan,Antique. Malumpati or Bugang river is the cleanest river in Asia😉💚

  19. Lee father, when you go here in the Philippines please bring the twins with you. We would love to see them. 🙂

  20. Ryan Bang is the most precious and loved by filipinos. I love how he really promote Philippines much ❤👏

  21. I saw many Korean at there this day.. I feel like I'm in Korean country 😆 so many Korean people than Filipinos. 😊

  22. 😂😂😂 the three of them were funny Koreans but I love the other guy who inverted handchopstick then after you eat using your hand you make a heart shape 😂😂😂

  23. For the boodle fight, we don't actually eat like that on a regular basis. We do boodle fight eating in a camping or when friends get together in a barbeque party and the deeper meaning to it is all about "camaraderie". You eat humbly in front of your friends just like you are all part of a family grabbing, exchanging,sharing food from one another.

  24. watching here from kalibo aklan Philippines i hope you will visit the jawili falls and white sand beach here in aklan… just search on facebook jawili falls and white sand beach.. i am willing to give you a free tour here. i love korean people they are so kind.

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