Manual or Automatic?  |  Learn to drive: Car Knowledge

Manual or Automatic? | Learn to drive: Car Knowledge

learning to drive is a big milestone in your life and you want to make sure that you choose the right type of car to learning traditionally manual transmission cars have been the most popular choice but with the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles automatic cars are becoming more popular this video will help you understand the differences between learning to driving cars with automatic and manual gearboxes so you can decide which is best for you it is worth mentioning straight away that if a driver passes their test in a manual car they will be allowed to drive both manual and automatic cars but if they pass in an automatic they will only be allowed to drive automatic cars this license restriction is a negative but for some drivers the benefits of an automatic car can outweigh this limitation of course if after a few years an automatic license holder discovers that they need a manual license after all they can retake the test in a manual car and upgrade their license it is worth considering what type of car will be needed after the test has been passed in the UK most smaller cars have manual gearboxes so a manual license will give a much larger choice however automatic gearboxes are much more common on larger cars so either type of license holder would have a good choice of cars to buy new technologies such as hybrid or full electric cars are always combined with an automatic gearbox so if you would like to own this type of car then an automatic driving license is all that will be required the driver of a manual car will need to learn how to coordinate the use of the accelerator pedal clutch pedal and gearstick in order to drive smoothly this can be quite stressful as the carp install or behave erratically until these controls are mastered the main difference when driving an automatic car to a manual is that the driver has no clutch pedal and does not have to worry about continually selecting the correct gear an automatic car is impossible to stall and can never be in the wrong gear so pupils do not feel stressed or fearful about Hill starts or pulling away at busy junctions changing gear in a manual car does allow the driver more control over the cars speed acceleration and braking most learners will in time master these skills and indeed many drivers particularly enjoy the interaction and feedback that driving a manual car gives however some learners do struggle and in this case it may be a good idea to consider switching to an automatic car when a pupil starts learning to drive there is a lot going on and it can be hard sometimes to mentally process everything whilst driving the car when driving a manual car a driver has to consider which gear is needed and balance the use of three pedals to drive smoothly this mental workload keeps their mind thinking inside the car and they can struggle to look ahead and read road signs or spot hazards eventually these tasks become subconscious and then the driver is able to think out of the car and effectively plan ahead for danger in an automatic car the driver has only two pedals and no gear selection to worry about so there is less to think about the driver should find it easier to think out of the car and this will help them plan ahead and spot danger the reduced mental workload can even allow other driving skills such as steering or braking to develop faster as there is no distraction from the clutch pedal and gearbox your driving needs can influence your decision on whether to learn in an automatic or manual car if you will be driving lots of longer journeys or on a mix of slower and faster roads then a manual car could be a better choice for you to learn in changing gears manually will give more control over the car and as the car will need less gear changes when cruising on faster roads the extra effort for the driver shouldn't be too tiring if however your driving will mostly be in a town or city then driving an automatic car could be a better option as it offers a more relaxed driving style in this environment dealing with the stop-start nature of city traffic can be tiring both physically and mentally in a manual car the drivers left leg will be pushing the clutch pedal down for every stop or gear change and extra concentration will be required to ensure smooth progress but in an automatic car there is far less to do if you are someone who suffers with nerves or anxiety has a learning difficulty or restriction in their mobility then the differences between learning to drive in a manual or an automatic are key to your learning journey if you think that you might struggle to control a manual car for any reason then it would be worth considering learning to drive in an automatic car as they will always be slightly easier to drive we would recommend that anyone in this situation should arrange a meeting with a potential driving instructor to discuss how they can help you have the best learning experience possible you could even ask to have a lesson in both an automatic and a manual car to see if you have a preference we hope this video has been informative and will help you decide which type of car will suit you best once you have made your decision book your first driving lesson and look forward for the day you pass your driving test good luck if you found this video interesting then please click our logo to subscribe to our Channel and it really helps other people find our videos if you would like to help support this channel then please click the patreon link and consider making a pledge thanks for watching

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  2. I just passed my manual test today after 2 failed attempts. Whilst I chose to do it, I'm not really sure why. It cost me more in terms of lessons and was an all round stressful experience. Technology is moving in a way that means fewer manual cars are now being produced anyway, and if you're not too stretched financially, then you should just get an automatic as it will make your life a lot easier. I'm planning to drive automatic as soon as I decide to get a car, and as of now, I'm not really sure what benefit having a manual license will bring.

  3. I learnt manual nearly 2 years and still couldn’t crack it. So I’ve decided to switch and I’m more comfortable with driving the car simply because it doesn’t roll back, can’t stall and it’s just easier. We can all admit it’s easier to drive an automatic so why choose the harder option and pick manual when actually it just makes your life much harder. Unless you’re good at driving them of course. But for me and many other i reckon automatic is the best choice and let’s be honest it’s the future of driving so there will be more choices because every new car we see on the adverts now are surely being made an automatic as well as manual. Let me know what you reckon/

  4. I like Automatic since I was a kid, and hate manual. In need for speed most wanted I liked automatic not Manual.

  5. I drove in South America and U.S.A more of 25 years only automatic, now here in U.K I selected take manual lessons, why, because is a challenge, it is good for the brain obtain new skills specially in my 45 years old. I fail the test twice. I Bought manual car and one week after I am taking the motorway every day. The good of manual car in UK, you can control better the car downhill, planing better the roundabouts, I never stalled. Thanks god :). But yes is annoying in traffic queues. The good the manual open more opportunities in job market. The companies use manual cars more often. And when the battery is dead, you can turn on the motor with some help. 🙂

  6. I was previously driving for 7 years in the USA using automatic. Got almost 80,000 miles during that time and I thought I was really good.

    When I came to the UK I thought I couldn't drive easily because of everything being on the different side of the road. But in fact I realized that's all because I'm driving manual all the time and instead of my mind processing the road situation, half (or even more!) of brainpower is spent thinking about the gears and the clutch.

    While driving manual being fun, and while making driving interesting again for me, I think it's absolutely useless in the long run for humanity. Increased control with manual is bull****t, unless you are doing it for sports. It's actually severely decreased control and safety for someone like me, who can legally drive manual in the UK using a different country license, but has enough driving experience to tell that it's the gears and the clutch that decrease my safety level.

    You need to really master manual transmission before you are at least as good as an average automatic transmission driver.

    Great video as always btw guys. You are the best. I learned more from your videos about UK driving then I could anywhere else.

  7. Manual is definitely better for small movements due to the tighter regulation of speed eg when parking and moving into or out of small spaces. There is less control with automatics.

    On the road the manual is also better for starting and stopping.

  8. Well, driving school making a video on taking lessons on automatics, and pinning every automatic embraceing comment… I wonder if they want you to pay them more, by promoting learning automatics, and when you need, having to return to spend more… Hmm….

  9. I just passed on 3 days ago on a Manual but my first car will be an Automatic, also what I wanted to know is will I forget how to drive manual if I don't drive it for a while?

  10. im learning in an automatic car and I'm good at driving however might give manual a go, should I pass in an automatic first then upgrade if I want to or start learning in a manual and pass my test once so I can drive both

  11. I'm 18, passed in a manual 3 months ago and I'm not sure I could ever switch to automatic. I'm so used to changing gears and the level of control that my manual transmission car gives me.

  12. I chose to do my test in manual as a lot of my favourite cars are all manual, and it just gives me a lot more choice in cars

  13. my only problem with manual is slowing down very fast for example at traffic lights, going from 3rd to 2nd to 1st in the space of 2 seconds..

  14. I get the appeal but wouldn't dream of going auto. I like the driving experience too much and being fully in control of what the car does

  15. I feel as if I'm the odd one out here, I'm 17 and have finished my logbook in an automatic, during the end I realised that if I wanted the car of my dreams (Nissan r32 skyline) I'd have to learn manual, after about 2 lessons I am capable of driving, I can change gears and control the car, the only problem I have is probably driving in slow traffic

  16. Everybody please learn to drive a manual car. The time and effort you put to learn a manual will be worth it in the long run. Trust me.
    In my opinion a manual car will keep your mind more alert and hence are much more safer . And don't worry about the cost of learning. It's worth it.Don't give up.

  17. i have autism and i tried learning in a manual as my dad is a driving instructer and i could not multi task he was grate with me but im not that grate in manual so i sort of gave up few years back would a automatic be a better choice as plan to re try driving soon

  18. I’ve just started my lessons today, with a Manual. I only want to drive to benefit my son. The gears and clutch are a nightmare. I’ll keep at it but I’m definitely more interested in Automatic.

  19. They should stop making manual cars as they are more likely to crash when it stalls or foot slip off the clutch

  20. Really need some advise I have learning difficulties and Autism with aspergous symdrom and anxiety I passed in a manual car but I don't like and feel that its not for me i find it very stressful with the clutch and gear changes and also stalling i have thought about getting an automatic but iv got people telling not to get one as appently they are really bad but I'm struggling and people arnt reliesing it

  21. God, I saw this video after 40 hours manual lesson, I transferred to auto this week and had the first lesson. I finally can put my focus on the road and not worry about clutch and gear. I wish I made the transfer much earlier and I recommend the auto gear as the default choice for learning.

  22. I am so nervous and anxious all the time. I choice the manual to be able to drive both, I had already around 60h of lessons and 4 times tried to pass my test on a manual car. All failed. With 3 minor and 1-2 majors. All the time was something. I was too concentred on the gears and just pull out of the junction or roundabouts and I failed. I was stoping in the middle of the junction or roundabout because I wasn't able to move the car. All the times the same shit problems. I had my test again on 20th of February and today is my first lesson in an automatic car. I think is the better choice for me.

  23. Its hard to learn manual.but when u learned it so easy even in uphill..i drove automatic ang manual but me both are easy when you know how to drive

  24. I've always had a fear of cars from a young age. I got knocked over by one when I was eight and nearly died! Then , later, I was in two car accidents whilst I was a passenger – all happened before the age of 15. I tried manual but i was a nervous wreck. I decided on automatic and I am currently on the 5th lesson. I am driving! For me, its about getting from a-to-b. For so long, people would say ah automatic like it was the weakest of the two options but then I was like fuck that shit. I dont need a manual car to feel any less or more of a person! Christ sake! Just gonna get it done and get out there in my auto.

  25. My mum has a automatic car and she said once you’ve started to move the car you can Just keep both hands on the steering wheel instead of having one hand on like the manuals and I think must people on the roads have automatics then manuals

  26. Am only 14 and it’s will be 3 years till I learn to drive so am sticking with automatic it’s much easier you only press accelerator and brake don’t need to worry to change gears

    And also my brother is 17 he’s passed his driving test in a manual and my mum kept saying to him pass in an auto not a manual and my mum was worried he would pass but he did so that’s what good

  27. all my mates are like "he drives automatic haha" but i enjoy it way more… because of that i was hesitating to get automatic at first.

  28. I personally learned to drive a manual found it easy to learn but been thinking of giving a auto a shot would have a clue how to do a hill start an all that everything is just second nature to me in my manual

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