Mars transit in Leo 9 Aug-25 Sept 2019 - Sudden Revival

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  1. Am just subscribing you…u explain these things very well…. Am a Sagittarius moon btw….u can imagine so confused I am at this time..just trying to understand everything spiritually too.

  2. Loved the way you described. Easy to understand. You follow vedic astrology or western astrology?? As far as I know you into vedic!!

  3. Ppl ruled by moon(cancer) or exalted cancer r the most selfish ppl ….but exalted Venus or strong Venus ppl r caring & like to support eco-system….even Saturn gets exalted in Venus

  4. Pls upload video on Mars transit on different ascendents.. As u said it will going to be a important transit… Thanks n Regards

  5. Mars entering in Leo ♌ in 5th house on August 9
    August 10th onwards my college is restarting. whenever my Mars in 4th house I'm not comfortable in outside action related anything
    My ascdent lord and 8th lord is Mars

  6. Hai. In my chart I have sun in Leo 5th house, mars and mercury in cancer, moon, saturn and ketu in 7th House, kumbha lagna.. Tula rashi swathi nakshatra. I'm stuck in all way.. it will be changed. 🕉️🙏

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