Maryland company surprises all of its 198 workers with $10 million holiday bonus

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  1. And this is partly why ALL things are overpriced, if you can afford to hand out that kind of money you are charging customers WAY to much!!

  2. Truths the new hate speech. I will go on our national TV PROGRAMMING SYSTEM and show this is a NAZI FASCIST Corp and gov't owned nation.
    BAILOUTS ? CAPITALISM ? 1.4 trillion. Really ?
    Lets put the owners on with me.
    I want to know what bankers they gave favors to so not to have any business or personal realestate loans cut off for NO reason like they did to millions. Lets do this weak greedy sleazy dumbed down aMErikans. Oh wait the t.v. PROGRAMMING is owned ot funded by the same scumbags.

  3. $10M is 1/350th of what the company made, but at least he gave a bonus! This is one way of keeping long-term employees… It’s very generous either way!

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