MC Commute - 2017 Yamaha FZ-09

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  1. I gotta say that lane splitting looks dangerous. One day someone's gonna open a door on you. There are people out there who hate motorcycles , especially when they're stuck in traffic.

  2. just got my 2017 fz09 late this year, came from an R3 and I couldn't be happier… such a giggle machine!! im constantly yelling things like…"wooo!" .. "my god!!" .. "ooooooohh!"

  3. Lane splitting and wheelies aren't at all risky but he gets "sad" about another rider choosing to ride without gloves. HOW DARE HE!?? Wow! Classic lefty thinking. California of course, capital of morons.

  4. I have never understand the point of this bike compared to the fz07, they both have a 70ish mph comfortable speed limit because of the wind, they both do wheelies and the fz07 does 55mpg

  5. the fz1 bruh, "i have 151 more cc's, i go first even though you were here". kinda douchy, any bike riding faster than me through traffic, i let pass… exception is fully open freeway, if i know my bike is faster and im goin first… on my fz1 lol

  6. Hey Zack, maybe you should also do a commute on the new MT 09 SP and see how it compares to the old model especially with the updated suspension. Thanks. Cheers!

  7. I'm planning to buy one real soon. Will probably have Ohlins NIX30 and some kind of full adj rear shock installed right off the bat. The wheelie issues? The rear swingarm angle doesn't provide enough "anti-squat" tendencies because the angle is too shallow. That can be fixed with a ride-height adjustable shock.

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