McDonald’s® | Holiday Pie 2017 | Food Review! ❄️🎄🎁

McDonald’s® | Holiday Pie 2017 | Food Review! ❄️🎄🎁

peep this out guys it’s Ian K back
again with another one for ya cheaters cam style headed into good old mickey
d’s for a little pre-holiday holiday pie and something nice and warm to wash it
down with yesir it’s definitely feeling a lot more like Christmas with
the weather being just a little bit more frostier than usual so let’s hit that
drive-thru and set ourselves up yeah peep this out just a couple of things
could I go for one of the holiday pies and one medium coffee with three cream
and three Splenda inside and that’s it beautiful thanks so quick question how
do you guys feel about McDonald’s coffee compared to like say Starbucks drop
those comments down below let me know what you guys think which do you like
better cuz personally for me I’m definitely down with Mickey D’s hey my
friend how you doing yes but before that I’ve got a code from
the app actually you got it oh yeah yeah it’s a punch card code that’s
it it’ll be free next time for sure that’s always a good thing how you doing
good my friend good it’s the good stuff right there thanks so much have a good
one alright guys we’re getting festive up at
McDonald’s late night let’s peep this out well the box says it’s filled with every
bit of flavor it could hold and in this case it’s the 2017 edition of the
holiday pie here at mcdonald’s feast your eyes on this one guys what you’re
looking at is a sugar cookie crust that’s surrounding vanilla custard then
it’s glazed up nicely and topped off with rainbow confetti and I got to say
it sure does look pretty festive can we crack this one in the middle and give
you guys the first look or as close to the middle as I can get it here of what
that looks like there pretty decent amount of filling you can see the crust
from the top on the bottom it actually looks really really inviting a nice
almost yellow type of vanilla cream on the inside of this one guys and I got to
say it definitely smells very very sweet as you’d expect it to given what it is
so let’s not waste any more time on this one it’s the holiday pie for 2017 here
at McDonald’s let’s peep out this flavor yeah it definitely smells like a
straight-up sugar cookie let’s hit it hmm and a rich and buttery one at that
guys the sugar cookie crust has a very nice wholesome cookie flavor and I have
to say it does kind of overtake the flavor of the vanilla custard itself is
just kind of mild in the background and then you get a little bit of the glaze
on the back end but it’s a nice pastry and I have to say I think it’s gonna go
very nicely with a sip of some McCafe coffee hang on mmm absolutely tasty and
know this video is not sponsored I definitely love my McCafe coffee
though I’m gonna tell you right now very very tasty stuff but this really is
pretty tasty guys and it really is suited for the season with that holiday
confetti on top it sure presents well the only thing though like I said the
vanilla itself is not really kind of popping as much as it could there’s more
crust than anything else in this and that’s a good thing if you like that
especially with the sugar cookie that they’re going for here because that
definitely pops nicely I just wish it didn’t overpower everything on the
inside of this here because I really want to taste more of that vanilla
custard but it is good don’t get me wrong I just wish it was packed with
just a little bit more of that custard here’s another quick shot of that
cross-section or from this angle it sure looks like it’s got a lot more vanilla
custard in the middle than say the pumpkin and creme pie that I reviewed a
couple of months back I’ll make sure to link to that one in the upper right hand
corner of your display and while it definitely has a lot more filling in it
than that one did I just wish it was a little bit more evenly balanced flavor
wise but the sugar cookie crust is awesome on this one don’t get me wrong I
just need to have a little bit more vanilla but naturally that’s just my
opinion after all because this is the first time I’m having the holiday pie
here McDonald’s so if any of you guys have had
in the past drop us comments down below let me know what you guys think of the
overall flavor of this one along with if you think this can actually hold a
candle to the apple pie here at McDonald’s because as far as I’m
concerned that is absolutely king and as for my overall score based upon my first
experience with the holiday pie here McDonald’s I’m gonna have to give this
one just an OK 7.5 out of 10 while the sugar cookie crust itself
has a very rich baked buttery flavor I just wish it’d combo just a little bit
better with that vanilla custard itself the flavor of the vanilla is muted just
enough where I think it’s the glaze itself that’s supposed to pick up a
little bit of the slack because it does come up nicely on the backend with the
vanilla and then everything kind of blends together but again it really is
the sugar cookie crust that does it and if you like that you’re definitely gonna
like this and most of my thoughts on the latest holiday treat here at McDonald’s
after hours cheaters camp style we close out another episode of peep
this out guys and like I always say I’ve got brand new content every single week
here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review coming real
soon in the meantime stay frosty and here I was thinkin’ that the box this
one came in was gonna be just a little bit more festive compared to the generic
pie stamped boxes that they use with their regular pies I mean this is a holiday
pie after all shouldn’t it have a holiday box but hey what are you gonna do
alright guys until next time I’ll talk to you soon

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  1. I really have to try that holiday pie, Ian! I usually get the Egg Nog Shake at McDonald's and I love it! I'm also a fan of egg nog in general! I will definitely try this when I can!

  2. I love McD's coffee its so much better than starbucks coffee Ian. That pie looks so delicious, we don't have anything other than the usual fried Apple pie at our McDonalds here in Australia.

  3. Vanilla is super expensive right now due to the hurricanes in Madagascar thats why you get less vanilla but pay more
    . The greed in this world

  4. Anyone else find this guys thumbnails and videos a little overwhelming. It’s like way to much lol he’s got like 20 different logos and watermarks on the thumbnail and then when you’re watching this video it’s just way to much, like the McDonald’s logo he insists on keeping on the screen as well as the square camera view thing that obviously is added to the video

  5. Love those holiday pies obsessed last year! waitin 4 the for the arrival in Tac Town haven't tried a McCafe been wantin 2 try the caramel macchiato though

  6. I love McDonald's blended ice coffees my favorite is the chocolate chip one I have it on the weekends from eating healthy during the week

  7. Mcdonalds coffee is pretty good, I haven't had Starbucks in a long time. I liked McDonalds pies better when they were fried, yeah it's terrible for you but the baked version is dry and just doesn't do anything for me. I think this holiday pie needs some flavor contrast, maybe fruit or something.

  8. I gave up on McD's coffee. OK when fresh but gets a plastic taste after it cools down. Surprising that Taco Bell has excellent coffee. Each cup is brewed separately, kinda like Keurig, so no pot to go stale. Taco Bell isn't associated with coffee but when I tried their breakfast I got coffee. Pleasantly surprising how good it was. A favorite now for store bought brewed coffee. Review it, OK?

  9. I think Starbucks is more consistent with their coffee, but McDonald's is way cheaper and will do the trick in a pinch. Honestly I was surprised the first time I tried McDonald's coffee and it wasn't terrible.

  10. Look tasty i got nothing else so im just going to say this According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.At JT's Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Lexington, I'm going to give you, THE MOON!

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  11. Ian, how can you taste the difference with 3 spendas in a medium? Try them both black. Only way to taste test.

  12. I just tired one & tbh it wasent very good but it could be just the location I got it from. I'll give it another try next week then I'll rate it lol

  13. Let me give you a little fun fact.Your last name is Keiner thats the german word for nobody 😉
    Greetings from Germany and a happy holiday season!

  14. I prefer McDonald's Coffee over Starbucks because I feel Starbucks coffee tastes burnt and has a bad bitter after taste to it. I have never been a fan of McDonald's Holiday Pies. So I won't be trying this at all.

  15. In my area this pie is a customer favorite, the year we didn't have it we had a lot of complaints. On the coffee I couldn't tell you since I can't stand coffee.

  16. It's kind of creepy when he tries to chat up the fast food workers and slips in the peep this out at the beginning of his order.

  17. Great review K. It's too bad I don't see this on the east coast as of yet. However they do have a new Signature Sandwich out called the Buffalo Bacon. Did you have a chance to check that out yet?? It's really tasty. I chose the Crispy Chicken with Sesame Seed Bun. Yummy Yummy. You should check it out and get your take on it.

  18. 7-Eleven has surprisingly good coffee. Try it sometime if you haven’t already. Also they have the best coffee rolls!

  19. for the love of god, STOP saying peep this out! you are too white bread and that phrase is so old! nobody has used it since the freaking 80's!

  20. Lol, pretty sure that you ordered a medium coffee at the speaker, but then you got a small coffee. Hope you didnt get charged for a medium and didnt get it!

  21. What the peep?! How did I peep this when it peeped out?! Peepdonalds is peeping me off… I can never peep the new peeps when they peep the peepu!!! >:(

  22. They have the holiday pies back when I worked at McDonald's about 15 years ago and I ate them pretty much every day when we had them in stock because they were amazing. I have been anticipating them bringing them back but they had yet to do it in my area so I'm disappointed they do have the strawberry cream pies though and during Thanksgiving they did run the sweet potato pie or maybe it was a pumpkin pie with cream filling I can't remember which but none of them compared to the holiday pie. That vanilla custard and sugar cookie crust along with the sprinkles was just amazing. There is no comparison between it in any other pie that McDonald's has ever offered. I was so disappointed to learn that they hadn't brought them back in my area and it would almost seem justifiable to drive to the nearest McDonald's that had them I don't care if it was 300 miles away I would drive up there and order a hundred of them and bring them back throw them in the freezer and I could warm them up anytime I wanted one that's how much I like these holiday pies. And as far as their coffee goes they do have some outstanding coffee however my one beef against their coffee is that it's always too hot. There is no reason their cup of coffee should be 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. When you make coffee at home and your coffee pot it comes out hot yet you can sit on it there coffee comes out so hot that you have to let the cup sit with the lid off for about 20 minutes before it's cool enough to even drink. I don't know why they feel like their coffee has to be 10,000 degrees when you make coffee at home in your coffee pot it comes out hot yet you can still drink it. It's like McDonald's thinks that everyone wants to be able to melt aluminum with their coffee. All those out there that know anything about Metal will understand that reference LOL but as far as the taste of their coffee goes it's fantastic I can't speak for their Gourmet Coffee line up because I'm not one to go in and order a cappuccino or anything like that I reserved mine heavy caffeinated coffee drinks for Starbucks in which I usually get a venti macchiato with a 6 shot espresso add-on and I add caramel and whipped cream to that. McDonald's can't offer anywhere close to that. My cup of coffee at Starbucks ends up being $7 and some change but it's absolutely worth it.

  23. It's been many years since I had one of these pies, but I use to like them so much, every December I use to but 2 or 3 pies, with lunch every day.

  24. I work a MickeyD’s, and honestly I’ve been thinking about taking several pies for myself before they get rid of them and have them even when they don’t sell them anymore lol.

  25. These are included in McDonald's $6 classic meal deal. This is a great deal as you get a choice of Quarter Pounder, Big Mac, Filet O'Fish or McNuggets. It comes with small fries, a soft drink, and your choice of either an apple pie or the holiday pie.

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