Media Defends AOC's Concentration Camp Insanity

Media Defends AOC's Concentration Camp Insanity

all you have to do to detect the media is insane bias is follow how they treat the estimable aoc intellectual heavyweight woman with an IQ I would say easily of 95 I mean she is she is just incredibly bright incredibly facile really in control of her of her knowledge so yesterday we commented on this briefly because it didn't seem like it required for their comment but apparently according to the media it does aoc was doing an Instagram in which she compared detention of illegal immigrants had detention centers where they are fed and where they are housed and where they are kept pending an asylum trial she compared that to concentration camps and specifically she compared it to Nazi concentration camps now I know everybody is ignoring the actual text of what she said everybody's ignoring what she said she drops the reference never again at the end of this clip when you say never again you are specifically making a reference to the Holocaust but the media took various lines of attack to defend aoc first they claimed she wasn't talking about the Holocaust then she claimed well there are other concentration camps that aren't the Holocaust that she is talking about then they claimed well maybe it kind of is like the Holocaust after all there they're basically trying everything they could do to spin aoc out of her own stupidity I'm very much looking forward to seeing how far a OC can push this honestly I'm really would love to see a OC come out tomorrow and suggest that the earth is flat and watches the media explain then not only is she correct that it's Donald Trump's fault that's that's where we are going here so here's a Oasys original comment the United States is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly what they are they are concentration camps and if that doesn't bother you I don't I don't know I like we can have okay whatever I want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say that we should not that never again mean something okay she drops in never again reference because she's obviously talking about the Holocaust like whatever um yeah like what I'm so historically knowledgeable like um but I didn't what I'm yeah sure sure okay so then she tweets this out okay just to be clear she tweeted this out also she tweeted this administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying hey number one the deaths that are happening at the border are not due to Border Patrol Border Patrol is being delivered people who are very often in seriously sick conditions and then they're doing their best to care for those people despite underfunding caused by Democrats who will not sign a check for additional beds and better conditions because what Democrats want to do is force bad headlines so that so that Republicans and and law enforcement will release people into the interior of the United States where they disappear and don't show up again that is the goal it's absolutely cynical and disgusting AOC then tweets out and for the shrinking Republicans who like um like club whatever like um who don't know the difference concentration camps are not the same as death camps Oh tell me tell me aosc tell me all about it drop some historical knowledge on me AOC about concentration camps and the Holocaust she says concentration camps are considered by experts as the mass detention of civilians without trial no that is not what concentration camps are considered by experts and when you put it in scare quotes you might want to quote the expert you're talking about so we can dispute this if all the concentration camps were or detention of civilians without trial you know we would call those jails that's what jails are when you arrest somebody and you don't try them and you hold them in jail pending the trial are those concentration camps I assume that maybe she would say yes because she's a crazy person she also says that's exactly what this administration is doing okay so first you'll see the media tried to claim that she didn't mean what she said obviously she's not obvious how could you guys say that she's talking about the Holocaust I mean sure she used never again but she's not talking about that when she says concentration camps she means camps where people concentrate like where they sit there stare at things or they drink juice made from concentrate probably that's what she's talking about now anyone who watches this knows precisely what she is talking about but that is no good apparently according to brian Stelter at CNN journalistic Ombudsman of Siena he claims that the MSNBC viewers who watched this knew she wasn't talking about the Holocaust weird because half the media are claiming that she was and that she's right and the other half are claiming that she wasn't so which is it guys so hilariously enough Yad Vashem the Holocaust Memorial Museum had to sound off on this okay and they tweeted out AOC concentration camps assured a slave labor supply to help in the Nazi war effort even as the brutality of life inside the camps helped assure the ultimate goal of extermination through labor learn about concentration camps hashtag Holocaust hashtag history when you're getting sub tweeted not subtweeting actually tweeted by Yad Vashem about the history of the Holocaust not great and then the acting ice director comes down he says this is absurd because of course this is absurd the congresswoman has accused this agency and particularly this department of housing people for housing migrants in which he calls concentration camps do you think that's an inappropriate comparison for the congresswoman to make it's completely inappropriate it's reckless it's irresponsible it's misinformed and it's flat-out wrong and of course that is 100% truth Liz Cheney jumped in as well one of the high ranking House members for the Republican Party she jumped in she said please EOC do us all a favor and spend just a few minutes learning to natural history six million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust you to mean their memory and disgrace yourself with comments like this number one I would like to point out here that the exact same people who are defending the comparison between detention camps at the southern border detention centers at the southern border and concentration camps from the Holocaust side with Iran and Hamas and want a boycott the State of Israel so when we're talking about the actual extermination of Jews they're like oh well whatever and when it comes to you know people being temporarily held because they're trying to get into the country illegally then and say oh that's just like the Holocaust guys

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  2. AOC is the new Kelly Bundy I hate to resort to name-calling but as a spectator and an American free speech allows me narf

  3. This woman has insulted my father and many others who lived through the holocaust and suffered under the nazi regime to compare trump to Hitler is a disgrace and total kick in the teeth of Jews who were murdered and and lost their entire families she really owes the world an apology she should be ashamed of herself and humiliated she is a very pathetic ignorant woman

  4. I’m beginning to believe that a “glass of water”comparison was way to generous by Pelosi. This girl should be on the GOPs payroll with these gems.

  5. Simon Wiesenthal is rolling in his grave after hearing this nonsense. True accounts of the barbaric and inhumane atrocities that took place in concentration camps are well documented and that is why they will fortunately never take place again. This woman is without a doubt the most uninformed and reckless person to ever be elected to Congress. Electing her was quite literally picking an antifa member from a crowd of thugish combatants and ushering them to Washington.

  6. I like Ben but its clear those that follow him are unable to hold their own personal views, instead opting for this mob mentality that creates this narrative where everything that perpetuates it you agree with, and anything that goes against it is wrong and stupid. Sorry but AOC is not a fool, nor an unintelligent human being. Anyone who doesnt see what what is happening on our southern border is LITERALLY exactly how it looked when the holocaust was starting, and many holocaust historians AND survivors have said that very same fucking thing. Complete and utter shame on you Ben for claiming shes blowing it out of proportion.

  7. 1:52 I would have thought more of her intellect if she would have followed that "ok whatever" with "eww grody like gag me with a spoon"

  8. She is such a bimbo. Why did people vote for this girl. She needs a major history lesson. She is a disgrace

  9. The "jumped up barmaid" was inflicted on the American people by the Young Turks as Genk admitted that they were instrumental in her campaign and also it was their talent scouting campaign that unearthed her. Well, she said she is the youngest person in Congress so she has time to learn! Pardon? Thought congress was for people who had learned and already knew what they were talking about? Only in America.

  10. Democrats and Republicans both failed to resolve this issue for the past few decades.

    But today it's the democrats standing in the way of solutions.

  11. Both AOC and the mainstream US media are disgracefully dishonest and hyperbole. What happened to honest arguments?

  12. I’m not offended by her comparison of illegal immigrants centres with the holocaust. I feel she is far too stupid to know any better.

  13. Love this! Conservative content is taking over and y'all should go watch this interview w Fleccas:

  14. Man she's Dumb. How bout she she acknowledges Soviet Gulags? Which her politics put people in. Folks always seem to skip over the fact that Communists used forced labor aswell and Fun fact Stalin Genocided Jews too. People like AOC need to pick up a History book. CBP dentention Centers are not even close to a Death camp or Gulag. I mean this woman is my age and she doesn't have a clue. I'd say she's a mental case but that would be an insult to people with mental disabilities/disorders…she's just dumb

  15. AOC must be a Holocaust denier! She must be. There is no other reason to make that comparison. Anytime someone makes a comparison like that they are denying what atrocities actually took place. That is sickening!

  16. 3:03 never seen him this sarcastic before… That was some intense sarcasm! This mad broad must be stopped!

  17. I'm quite neutral in the spectrum but I think we can all agree that Holocaust and detention camps for illegal border hoppers are not the same

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