Mexicans and Puerto Ricans Swap Holiday Meals

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  1. THE BEST & OUT OF THIS WORLD ARE PASTELES & COQUITO❤️🇵🇷 why they keep saying pasteles are plantain, THEY ARE NOT!!! They are made from green bananas and others ground foods. Sorry but I had tasted tamel & didn’t like it, pasteles & tamales are wayyyyyyyy different, NOTHING CAN’T COMPARE WITH PASTELES THEY ARE THE BOMB!

  2. A ese plato de arroz con gandules y pastel, le falto el pernil, la ensalada de papa o ensalada de coditos y estamos hablando de comida típica puertorriqueña 😋👌🏽❤️ la mejor pero los tamales son deliciosos también.

  3. I'm half Mexican and half Rican so I have the arroz con gandules with tamales and pasteles
    Good for the body no good for soul yes

  4. Pasteles are absolutely trash. Pastelilos are far superior. But bro I love how abundant our cultures are!!! It’s awesome!!!!

  5. But wait, how did y'all get actual footage of me trying coquito for the first time? Ever since a Dominican friend of my parents introduced me to that wonderful drink, I've decided that I'll never have eggnog in my house for the holidays ever again — only coquito.

  6. Ok, but which kind of tamal was it?
    Oaxaqueños, rojos, verdes, de pollo, de res, de puerco, de elote, con rajas, de frijoles or con queso?(I doubt it is a 'tamal dulce')

    I feel people just categorize our tamal in one kind, when we have like a dozen.
    From dry to moist & savory to sweet.

  7. i cant wait when i’m old enough to taste coquito… it looks and sounds bomb… i swear mexicans need plátanos and a ton more puerto rican foods😳🤤

  8. Who the hell eats tamal y arroz during the holidays? They don't even go together! I thought this will be romeritos, bacalao, ensalada de manzana… Esto qué?!

  9. Where’s the ketchup for the Pasteles!?! Lol 🇵🇷 ❤️ 🇵🇦 I’ve got coquito in my fridge right now! Lol 😋

  10. "Oh you roll your R's"… there is always that ONE that just has to….anyway.
    It's awesome to see so many MexiRicans in the comments!!! Best of both worlds indeed, and I love both Pasteles, y Tamales!!! Pero like falto el pernil, y pozole!!🇵🇷🖤🇲🇽

  11. they should really change the name of this channel to something else. i thought they would focus on other latin american/ hispanic countries but from what i been seeing it’s only Puerto Rican, Salvadorian, Dominican, and Mexican… there is other countries out there. just saying…

  12. Horchata is it only a Mexican thing that the stuff o can't find anywhere in San antonio that's made just right but at my grandma's house

  13. I'm Mexican and I have a lot of Puerto Rican friends! Some day I'll marry me a beautiful Boricua and have MexiRican babies! Still looking for one! Aver quien se anima Jajaja! 🤣

  14. So happy to see this cause in Hawai'i we LOVE us some pastele and arros con gandules, and I been missing it. If anyone lives in Phoenix knows some good Puerto Rican food places lemme know.

  15. Ivan first of all PASTELES masa is made with green bananas NOT PLATANOS!! Puerto Rican PASTEL are guineo or yuca. Where is the pernil Ivan stop selling us half way. PASTELES, Lechon,Arroz con gadules.

  16. Me: searching for coquito recipe after watching their reaction.
    As a real mexicana😜 I'm obligated to love champurrado, like it's the law. Seriously, google it..but I wanna try that coconut alcoholic goodness😋

  17. I’m sorry but Puerto Rican’s CAN roll their Rs it’s just a matter of choice, some times I want to roll them sometimes I don’t 😂 Loved it 💕

  18. Excuse me, who the hell uses a knife to cut a tamal?? The fork is okay but using a knife??? Lol 🤣🤣🤣 Dios mio 🤦‍♂️

  19. I challenge yall to stop making videos on tacos, tamales,conchas,tacos, mofongo and arroz con gandules for a change. And get food from somewhere other than that same food truck.

  20. As a french white girl, it's so cool to learn more about the latino community and their amazing culture. Love this channel!

  21. 1. Where is the Arroz Con Dulce, Perníl or Lechón, Pudín and the Flan? You just have those for a Puerto Rican Christmas!! 2. That coquito looks a little pale. Send me some to I can inspect it, thanks. And 3. (I know I’m gonna get blasted for this one) put some ketchup and hot sauce on that pastel and you’ll enjoy it even more!!!!!!

  22. I would literally die eating the pasteles, I'm deathly allergic to bananas and plantains 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. I love that there wasn’t anyone saying mines better instead it was this is good and mines good too and they’re both good together

  24. "Some Puerto Ricans roll their Rs"

    If you speak the San Juan dialect (i.e. you're from the north or the east), then you generally do.

    If you live in the south or west (like me), then you speak the Ponce dialect and your throat does all the business.

  25. My aunts made a competition to see who does the best pastel en hoja. There was a really big discussion because half my family is Dominicana and half is puertorriqueña. I went to see the probably fight and to eat the food 🤣. I like my Dominican Tia better just because is much more than just plantains and she has a secret recipe that has more than 30 ingredients in it that I don’t even know about. But Christmas Without coquito is not Christmas for me.

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