Mexico’s Best Kept Secret: Chiapas – Things to do & Tips (Taco Trip Ep.03)

Mexico’s Best Kept Secret: Chiapas – Things to do & Tips (Taco Trip Ep.03)

– [Narrator] Welcome
back to The Taco Trip. After exploring Mexico City properly in the previous episodes, I’m now taking you on a
road trip through Chiapas, which is the southernmost state in Mexico and home to a number of hidden gems. (joyful music) – We just arrived in Comitán, which will be our base to explore the first part of Chiapas. This is our hotel. How’s the room Mike? – Good, not as good as these beans though. (laughter) – [Vlogger] Oh, God. It was a little adventure to get here, but we finally made it to
the cenote Chucumaltik. A tiny cenote which is 200 meters wide, and apparently about 60 meters deep. Crystal clear waters and a perfect diving spot because apparently in the cenote you can find petrified trees and even a statue. Let’s check it out! (joyful music) – [Narrator] A cenote is
a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse
of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Especially in Mexico,
cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for
sacrificial offerings. (joyful music) – Good morning! We got up early, it’s about 7:00 a.m. now. In order to see the Cascadas El Chiflón which is a set of five waterfalls, and if you come that early you have the chance to have
the whole sight to yourself. In order to see the biggest one of those, who is about 120 meters, you need to hike up the stairs
for about one kilometer. But then, you will be rewarded by this. (joyful music) On our way to the far East of Chiapas, we now stop at the lake region. These are called the Lagos de Montebello. And we are now at the view
point of the Cinco Lagos, the Five Lakes, and
we’re surrounded by lakes it’s a beautiful, beautiful view point. (joyful music) After about three hours of driving, from Comitán, we arrived… Where exactly are we? – We are in Las Nubes,
which is an eco lodge pretty close to the Guatemalan border, it’s surrounded by nature, by jungle and by these beautiful
beautiful waterfalls. – And you can already
hear those waterfalls in the back, so I would
say let’s check them out. – [Narrator] Las Nubes is located inside the Lacandon Jungle, a rainforest which stretches from
Chiapas into Guatemala and into the southern part
of the Yucatan peninsula. It is the largest mountain rainforest in North America, and one of the last ones left large enough to support jaguars. (joyful music) – Apparently there’s more to see than just the waterfalls and the river, so we’re off on a little exploration to find the Vista Hermosa, the Beautiful View. (joyful music) How’s that Mike? – We were skeptical because there was this amazing vista in the back of the menu where the desserts were supposed to be and, like there’s no way this view point is actually this close to the lodge but here it is. (joyful music) – After about four hours
driving from Las Nubes we made it to Bonampak, the first Mayan ruins we will see on this trip. – [Narrator] Bonanpak is well known for its murals. In addition to being
among the best preserved Mayan murals, they are noteworthy for debunking early assumptions that the Maya were a
peaceful culture of mystics, as the murals clearly depict
war and human sacrifice. (joyful music) – Buenos días from Frontera Corozal we’re about to embark
on a little boat journey to see the ruins of Yaxchilan. (joyful music) We’re now on the middle of the jungle, inside the ancient Mayan city of Yaxchilan which was once the most powerful Maya state along the Usumacinta river. – [Narrator] Yaxchilan was a large center important throughout the Classic Era, and a dominant power of
the Usumacinta river area. It dominated such
smaller sites as Bonanpak and their long rivalry was Piedras Negras, and at least for a time was Tikal. It was also a rival of Palenque with which Yaxchilan worked in 654. The site contains impressive ruins with palaces and temples bordering a large Plaza Apolo terrace above
the Usumacinta river. – The next place we’re checking out is the area around Palenque which is actually one of the main tourist centers here in Chiapas. Our first appear is the Misol Há waterfall. Bit of waterfall reminds me a lot of the cel-e-a lamps for-seen islands because this is a waterfall where you can actually go behind the
waterfall, that’s pretty epic. (joyful music) We made it to the ruins of Palenque and these ruins are actually the reason why Palenque is so famous for tourism. The Mayan city-state of Palenque used to be one of the most important city-states in all of Mesoamerica. It was basically the capital of Chiapas and the region of Tabasco. Wow, this site is truly massive. It’s by far the biggest
Mayan city we’ve seen on this trip, and it’s very diverse because you have pyramids, and temples, little tower over here, and then like all the other buildings we’ve seen on the other side, definitely
a must visit here in Palenque. The next really popular
spot near Palenque, the south of Palenque, about one and half, two hours drive south of Palenque, is Agua Azul, which is
also a set of waterfalls where you can bathe in. Agua Azul is definitely one
of the more popular spots in Chiapas, so you should get up early to be here before everyone else. This is also a good
spot to try a coco loco which is a coconut filled
with coconut water, of course, vodka, and lemon. (pleased sound) That’s actually quite good. – [Narrator] We continued to the town of Ocosingo where we stayed at another very special place, a
hacienda turned hotel. – For dinner tonight we chose to come to a taqueria on the side of the road, that’s the way to do it in Mexico. – [Vlogger] How was it? – Pastor’s always good, all the time, no matter where we are. – [Vlogger] That is the pastor over here. It’s 7:00 a.m. in Ocosingo and we’re having breakfast the traditional Mexican way, you see over there with the street vendors selling tamales, and tacos and stuff so let’s see what they got for us. Alright, we got the tamales here. And we got- that’s basically milk rice. – [Girl] With cinnamon. – With cinnamon. – [Vlogger] Tamales! – That sauce is too spicy for 7:30. (laughter) – The third Maya city we
are visiting on this trip is the city-state of Toniná which was a very aggressive state, using mostly warfare
to develop its kingdom. Toniná was one of the longest-lasting Maya city-states, and it
has one of the largest pyramids in all of Mexico. (joyful music) Now that we made it to
the top of the big pyramid here in Toniná, this is the perfect spot to ask Brandon about some photography tips because as some of you may know, his channel is focusing
mainly on photography on the behind the scenes look of what a photographer’s
life is like, right? – Yeah, so I guess let’s give you guys like three quick tips on how you can take travel photography even if
you’re somewhere like here, these ruins in Mexico,
where you’re not allowed to be in it in sunrise or sunset and you’re not allowed to use a tripod, so simple tips that
absolutely anybody can use: tip number one, even if you
can’t come here at sunrise or sunset, come early in the morning cause if you come to a place like Toniná here, at sunrise, you’ll
have it all to yourself and the light will still be better. The second tip: don’t use
a super-wide angle lens like this, try to put a telephoto lens on a longer lens because
it’ll compress the landscape and it’ll make everything look bigger, and way more impressive. And the third tip is,
any good travel photo has a person in it, but especially bringing a person in the
photo is so important, because it gives scale to the pyramid it shows how big everything is, so add a person to your photo. (joyful music) – Mayans played some kind of ball sport, we don’t exactly know the rules, but they played in these pits, and you can see there’s
some kind of serpent heads on the walls, some of
them have holes in them, they think that they
would roll the ball up and they’d hit it with their hips, like that and the holes were the hoops or something like that,
and actually it’s a sport still played in Mexico, in some places. But Mayans did play sports… (joyful music) – Now made it to San
Cristobal de las Casas which is a cute little town
in the region of Chiapas and a Pueblo Magico, right? – A magic town, Mexico, in all the states is covered with small little towns usually with a colonial church, a nice city square, garden statues, and they’re called pueblo magicos. – It’s finally time to try some food from the Chiapas cuisine, I got a whole pork leg, cause this is what they recommended me to get, which is typical from Chiapas. Our last stop on this trip is the canyon of Sumidero, which is the second most popular site in all of Chiapas, it is north of Tuxtla Gutiérrez and stretches for about 13 kilometers. So there are two ways you can do it: you can visit the miradores,
to see it from above, and you can do a boat ride. We will do both today,
starting with the first mirador here, mirador ceba. We are slowly making our way up view point by view point, there are about five of them, and we’re now at one of the most popular, it’s called El Robla. So let’s see if it can
hold up to the hype! (joyful music) We finally made it to the last, and for me most impressive view point
of the Sumidero canyon. The Sumidero canyon was formed by cracks in the Earth’s crust, along with erosion by the Grijalva river, which
still flows through it. So it’s very similar to the Grand Canyon and it also dates back to the same time the Grand Canyon was created. (joyful music) So we’ve arrived at Chiapa de Corzo which is apparently also a Pueblo Magico and the place where we are
going to embark on a boat to see the canyon from the water. We’re now on a boat
heading into the canyon and because we’re rich gringos, we got a whole boat for ourselves for about 3000 pesos. – Which I think is a good deal because it was 200 pesos before, it’s like 10 euros, there would have been 24 people, now we have
all of this glorious, sit back, drink some cervezas, we can get some GoPro shots, and just
be the best amigos ever. (joyful music) – With this trip through
the Sumidero canyon, I finish up this series, The Taco Trip with this crew is ending now, sadly so make sure to subscribe to all of them in the description down below and we see each other in
the next episode next week. Ciao! (joyful music)

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