Midori 101:The Ultimate How-to for the Midori Traveler's Notebook feat. FoxyDori and JenDori

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  1. I am so sorry guys but this is just my honest opinion, I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the leather cover that you have or the book itself. I also know that it is just a matter of creativity and imagination to transform it to anything that we wish it to be but that book is solely dedicated to be used as a TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK, that is why it doesn't work for you. Good thing you gotten rid of it though before it gives you more stress. You can use a Filofax instead. And like what I said guys it is just my opinion.

  2. God bless if your medori have no home i will like to have it if possible im new at this so i will give a good used.. thank you in avances if be chosen in box me if so. .

  3. I looooove TNs and I really didn't think I would.. tho I enjoy scrapbooking and visual decorating, note taking, list ect.. I was so afraid of the blank pages and the system of it I guess bc I'm a stay at home mother I do not travel or have much of an outside life… But I said well why can't I.. I've recently tried it after admiring you tube vids for so long and it's amazing.. still finding a personal flow and style but getting there… I love you Cori I always enjoy your energy voice and style.. I'd love to play in your craft space and just hang out creating.. xoxo

  4. Great video. I want to make my own cover and inserts but not sure of measurements. I've never used a Midori style planner. Can you tell me what the height/width of the extra wide planner is when it it opened flat and the size of the inserts please?

  5. Today is September 4,2018, and I’m a latecomer to the travellers journal world! This video answered all my questions, from “what is a traveller’s notebook for?”; to “what’s a Midorii”? And “where do you get the stuff”, and “how do you put it together?” I am in Scotland. Hard to find things that are sometimes common in the US. On Amazon I ordered a regular size outer notebook because I thought inserts would be easier to find for that, than the passport size. Now I think I want the passport size…. we will see……Thank you for the great explanations….

  6. I loved this video! Thank you so much. I've just started researching Midoris and this was SO helpful! After watching this is think I have decided to try to save up so I can get me an Extra Wide Midori !!! 🙂 Thank you again. I so appreciated your video!

  7. Wow thank you for sharing I've learned so much this Travelers notebook craze has really have my attention I'm just now getting into them and I'm trying to understand them so before I go purchasing and all I really appreciate watching this video cuz it has helped me in my decision. TFS Be Blessed.

  8. What a brilliant video. You explain things so well. I have been searching for a simple "how to" for TNs and this fit the bill. Thank you ever so much.

  9. hello did U ever choose a home for the black Midori? I'm just getting into them and would like to try it. I will start using mine 2018…Thanks

  10. omg, i dont know if i have the time to do all these stuff! but the good thing is, with midori, i dont have to. lol.

  11. You made this over two 1/2 years ago and this is the best video I have seen explaining this system. I just watched a very simple one done by Japanese Pen (shop), and they did explain and show how to band books, their estetic wasn't creative. I loved this video. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything.

  12. Really enjoyed the video this helped me to narrow my search for a TN. At 37:12 where did you get the mark-it labels from I love the pastel/soft colors?

  13. I found this really helpful. I'm considering switching from a Leuchtturm bullet journal into a traveler's notebook, but it seems like a big financial investment. I really appreciated how you show so many different options.

  14. 54 minutes and it went by so fast. you are so informative and entertaining that I am now subscribed to your channel. thank you for the info and the video.

  15. OMG. I'm 30 some minutes into this and so glad I found it. I also love the idea of the cover being bigger to put stuff in that doesn't show. Now I know not only where to get a bigger cover, but also a better way to put MORE books 🙂

  16. I bought my first midori and it shipped out today so soon it's mine but last night I. Bought another for my sister n law I hope she likes it I hope I fall in love with mine.

  17. what are the actual dimensions of the foxy dori cover (the teal one that you are showing in your video)? I went on their site and can see all the size inserts, but nowhere does it show the actual cover dimensions. Thanks

  18. there was a period where I had tabs in my journal ( to mark weekly planning pages ) and I know the pain of snagging or folding tabs.
    so I cut them back, no writing, just a sliver of color sticking out maybe 1/16 inch ( a label folded over the paper edge )

  19. If you still have the black regular midori: I would love to have him 😍😍I want to get into traveler planners

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