Minecraft Barn Tour - Spring Leaf Stable

Minecraft Barn Tour – Spring Leaf Stable

hello everyone and welcome to spring leaf stables now this is a little project I've been working on for a little while now and since I didn't think YouTube has enough inspiration for barn or equestrian fields I thought I might as well showcase this for you guys to get some inspiration for your own builds now before you ask this is a single-player world so unfortunately you can't come and visit but this also uses mods a texture pack and shader packs and I'll be linking all of what I use in the description below but since you guys can't join and see the build for yourself I thought what might be really really nice is for you guys to be able to get your horses into this barn I'll be explaining that a little later on so stick around if you're curious about that so without any further ado I'm going to start out with the actual talk so out here I didn't do much just because I was focusing more on the inside of the barn and kind of the areas around that and not kind of you know how you walk up I was thinking about doing a car park but then I figured that kind of ruins the aesthetic of the kind of nature walk in so here we've just got a standard kind of hedge archway and if you're wondering these are the fairy lights mods again you don't need any mods to build an equestrian center or anything like that I've just used mods to make my life easier and to kind of spice up the build a little bit more so yes these are the fairy lights I think they're super cute and they go with the build very very well so as you come inside you come to the fountain now if you know me I adore fountains I think they are gorgeous they just add so much to the world and if you're kind of going for a sleek modern or kind of posh look to your barn a fountain is definitely a must-have just because it just looks so pretty and it really suits in your palate if you get the colors right so here if you're wondering this is actually diamond blocks but they've rejected them in the photorealism pack which is what I'm using right now and I figured that it looked really cute without kind of copying the blue from the barn over there this kind of spices it up a little bit without being too far from what kind of color scheme you're going with so this is a really pretty design feel free to take inspiration from it I do not mind at all but after you come to the fountain there's kind of this circle around and there's different ways for you to go so of course you'd go straight on first and this is the main barn so we've got some nice flowers leading up to kind of give some color and as you come down you'll see that the barn is actually a tea barn so this is the standard design I feel for most bandages because it's really sleek its elegant and it can fit quite a lot in without being too bulky so if you see my previous builds I do have a habit of sticking to this color palette it's just got the white concrete and the blue light blue concrete on the top and I just feel like it works really well it's just really cute looking it doesn't stand out too badly but at the same time it does add a pop of color which I really really like but something I forgot to mention I will actually be doing this as a series so I'll be building loads of different barns with loads of different pallets and loads of different kind of building styles so I might be doing a western barn and I'm doing a racing barn and I'll be doing kind of more homely barn that you might find on your you know average farm so you guys can get all the inspiration you need full when you decide to do your building on Minecraft whether that's on a single-player world or on a server I just want to give everyone as much inspiration as I possibly can so as we come through the barn here the first thing you kind of see is these grooming stations so again I was going with a really sleek design so we've got the glass panes kind of as a separator and then I've just got these functioning fences so you can kind of tie your horse up and you can kind of move around while you're tacking up and brushing up and everything like that so the actual floor is a is gray wool and it's kind of been retexture and i thought it looked more like a mat that you would find now you wouldn't usually maybe use this mat if you were outside for example you might prefer to use stone or something you might actually find it a barn but since this was an indoor thing I thought you might as well put down the mat to make it a bit more comfortable now this has probably caught your eye this is actually a saddle stand and I'm so sorry but I don't know which mod this is from I believe and don't quote me on this is from the placeable items mod but I could be wrong so it's just a simple saddle stand and it's usable so you can actually place if I go ahead and take that you can actually place a saddle on it which i think is really really cool just because it adds something extra to your build but again as I said before you don't necessarily need all of these things these chests are completely empty because I haven't gotten the chance to go through and put things in them but I probably will stock them up at a later date so this is just kind of flipped over here it's the exact same thing so then we move on to the stall design now you can play around so much with stores like there are so many ways that you can put them but I went for a more sleek modern and also airy look so I wanted to have these kind of gaps so you can see the horse and the horse can see over here and kind of look at those store mates if you will and I just wanted it to be not a massive store because I feel like massive stalls will end up looking a bit tacky and a bit you know too big so I went with this simple kind of smaller design that looked really well-kept and pretty in general so we've just got some layering here and I wanted to add some extra textures with this kind of stairs and this is just a simple book and the upturn stairs so these are just basic iron doors but these are retexture so they look more horsey and they look more like they fit the build but if you're using normal minecraft you may have to play around and say use trapdoors or maybe fences even to kind of make this look more sleek now inside the stall this is just retexture yellow terracotta so kind of look like flax and I'm really really liking it it just makes it look so much more realistic and slick as well now you can always use hay blocks dirt blocks or even planks to kind of fill up your barn but if you are using a texture pack feel free to retexture these to make it look like Flags now the back here we've got some well we've got a basic window as well because I wanted to let some natural light in because of the problem of shaders it makes dark areas look really really dark so I figured I might as well let some natural light in then at the back here we've kind of got our cauldron using as a water bucket I think I've seen this design literally everywhere it's probably the best thing to do rather than just putting a hole in the ground and putting in some water because it actually looks realistic and I really like the textures of the water as well so over here we've got a basic hay net now I once was on a server where you actually had to leave hay in the stalls or all the horses would basically go hungry so everyone kind of this thing where they took the hay and did like a little pile and then maybe put like firebox on the top so they couldn't get through but the thing with that is it takes up quite a lot of space and if you got loads of stalls that's just gonna take up so much space and not look very sleep so I came up with this kind of hay net design now you can as well use fences but personally I thought the fences looked a bit bulky for this design so I went down to put and rods and I'm not a hundred percent on them because of the fact the shaders make them look a bit glowy instead of bright light that would look more normal but it's completely up to you depending on what your build needs and want so down here is literally just copy paste it all of the stalls down the side and then I went and copy pasted the entire barn that way and that's why but then I was left with this kind of center bit here so I figured I might as well put some hay blocks here because if you're actually using a barn and you have people coming in and you're having to feed horses and things like that you would want to have easy access to this hay pile since is usable and it takes up so little space since it's right in the center of the barn but it's not protruding out and in everyone's way so I figured this was a nice way to put a pile of hay and these are retexture daylight sensors if you're wondering you can always use wooden slabs if you prefer just to kind of spice things up a bit more so there doesn't look so bland but personally I really like this idea of a hay pile right here now many people have hay lofts but I really like skylights so I don't tend to have hay lofts that much since they kind of obscure the light that's coming in but over here now this is again re textured yellow clay blocks or sorry yellow terracotta and I've just put some fence not fences sorry ladders up the side to kind of make them look like they were packaged just to kind of make them look more sort of realistic this again is debatable you might not want to put this in you can always replace these blocks with hay and make them kind of hay blocks but preferably I kind of liked how since I've got the hay over there I have the kind of flax bedding over here now I really like this one because this one looks like it's been opened and kind of used and the temptation for making a modern sleek barn look absolutely perfect is so strong but I always feel if you hints of kind of living and people actually using it it kind of adds something to the barn it adds a kind of sense of liveliness since it doesn't doesn't just look like you've just built it and then kind of walked away that people are actually in and out and using this place so over here I had some extra space so I decided to put in a tack room and a feed room now the tack room a lot of the designs you might have seen in my 10 minecraft tack room ideas and if you want to know how to make a lot of these designs you might want to check that out too so over here we've just got the simple bridle rack got some more kind of halter bridle hanger things and then over here we've got the kind of storage units I really like these because they're super super sleek they don't they're not super bulky like if you were to put a whole block here because the doors are kind of folded in and make it look really really sleek so once again I've been using these saddle stands again you don't have to use these but I did think that this adds a little something to the rest of the build so over here we've got some more halters just simple halters that you can actually come up and grab if you are actually in a survival world and you are using this legitimately then over here I thought I might add some little bit of decoration and I've got a table here with a usable hat stand so if you click this you can get the leather cap you can go off have your riding lesson and then when you come back you've got a little stand to put it on and this adds just a little something extra because I always feel like tack rooms can look at a little bit dull and just not very lively and I really think this this kind of hat stand makes it look so much like it's actually realistic so then over here we move on to the tack room so I've got some really nice feed boxes here again I haven't filled any of them now over here I had a little bench so I thought I might as well put some hay blocks on them this isn't modern so this is actually a custom head now if you don't know how to use a custom head you don't need mods but you do need a command block and I'll be linking the in the description how to use custom heads and everything like that so if you're on a server you'll probably have to have admin permission or if you're on the single-player world you can do /give and then put your name in command underscore the log Oh block and then it'll give you the command block you place that down put your command in and then power it with redstone so it's pretty simple just you can I have to know what you're doing but these over here are actually a mod so this is the placeable items mod so as you can see if I take the carrot here and the shift-click it it actually places the item so that's a vanilla item that you can actually place on the ground which I really really like because it just adds something extra without it being too intrusive like oh this is definitely a mod over here we've got our little crate with an apple in it and a hey block again these are all completely optional designs but I just really like them they add something to the whole barn and you may want to make a separate building for these kind of rooms and that is perfectly fine as well but you'll probably have to fill them up a bit more if you've got an entire building dedicated to a feed room and a tack room so that is basically it for the main barn so we're going to come out this side now both sides of the barn have an entrance and an exit so over here we come out to the paddocks pastures I never know what to call them I get them confused all the time I'm just gonna call it a pasture because it looks big so that's my logic here we've just got a simple design of a square pasture and I've just kind of nestled them in between the middle bit of the barn and the side bits just so it looks really sleek and it doesn't kind of stick out anywhere but I've got it kind of ringed with trees just to make it look a little bit more sheltered and also give a bit of life to the entire build now down here I've just got some grass just placed sporadically out over here even though you can't see it very well I've got some cold ruins sent down as in a water trough and over there we have some hay net hay block things now I've seen many designs put massive kind of piles of hay in the middle or put little feeders at the side that's perfectly great as well I just figured this looks more of a sleek design for what I was going for the entire barn now you can also spice up your paddock by using little trees in the middle and maybe even putting a little water ponds but I figured again since this is a sleek design I'm just gonna keep it super simplistic now one thing I would say is always keep your paddocks kind of different in there walling don't just use fences because I figure fences can sometimes look a bit boring so if you're using different designs like use a fence and the shrubbery below now if you're in survival this isn't actually super expensive to build because you know it's just wood and leaves all you need two shares and a big axe to cut down loads of trees for these but overall it just adds so much to the paddock since it isn't just a straight kind of set of fences and over here I've just got the same exact same thing a copy pasted them and I just really like how they look in general so back here I've actually got a mucking out pile so I figured this is more realistic since I know a lot of horse servers have kind of a plug-in where horses actually poop carpet and this is a really nice design since is usable so if you've got loads of carpets left over you can always warps I need total downfall and you can always just plop them down here and it'll end up looking kind of cool so again I've mixed it in with daylight sensors you can kind of use hay blocks as well just to kind of give it a more realistic feel and I've kind of put textured box down so it looks more realistic in general I went for a really thin design with the trapdoor standing up and on the outside I've actually got lavender so I figured if you did have a massive poop pile you'd want to put lavender down just because it would kind of cancel out the smell a little bit and if you're wondering where I got the lavender from it's a biomes of Plenty it is a kind of a difficult mod to run because of how much it adds to the game but what for what it does add it is definitely worth it if you can run it so other than that that is pretty much it for the main barn so we're going to move back over to our fountains so that's kind of the central point and a lot of these things kind of link together but I figured to make things non confusing I'll just come back to the center here so if you were to go straight on you go straight to the barn but if you take a right over here you come to the arena section so now these are just simple kind of lunge arenas you might be working a younger horse or breaking in a horse in here and I figured I put four of them in just because this is a quite large barn so probably lots of people would be working at once now over here is I don't know why this is one of my favourite arenas but this is the lesson arena I feel like this is a perfect size for a lesson arena because you can have so many people in here you can do jumping you can do dressage there's still enough room without it being so big that you're struggling to see the sides so I really like the size of this arena and I like the fact that there's lots of space and in the middle you can pull up jumps and stuff like that and especially if you're into role-playing you can put down say a chest here and put the equipment you need for a jump and kind of set jumps up as you're taking the lesson now over here we've got kind of a massive sort of lunge arena I suppose again I consider it more like a warm-up arena just because it's too small to say be a lunge arena maybe if you had two horses in here or you were learning to canter this would be the arena that you'd go to so as you come down the main path and then you take a left this is kind of the jumping section so over here I've just got some really really basic jump set up so if you were warming up or you were just kind of beginning to jump these would be the kind of jumps that you would take and over here we've got the competition arena so let's start off with just outside the arena so I've just got some simple simple seating setup so you can sit down on these if you've got a moderate plug in but they are kind of difficult to see because I've actually got the slabs on this height so you kind of need to stand to see what's going on over there but over here we've also got some way where you can kind of hit your horses up if they're waiting to go into the arena now the arena itself I adore I always see on the TV these really beautiful colorful jumps on the kind of show jumping arenas and I figured how can I do that without it looking really tacky so if you're wondering these are just colic colored concrete blocks and then here I've got the glass panes so I've got the color of the block here also mixing with the whites and kind of make it look like a realistic painted bar and then I've just topped it off with a quartz slab so I've done all sorts of colors in here and you can pick whatever palette you wish you might go for a more muted color say grays and blacks so make it look really sleek and cool but I went for some really colorful designs just to kind of spice up the entire build because we don't have that much coloration in it so if you're wondering how the course would go I'm not the best at building courses but I did try my best so you start off at this pink jump then you come to the blue kind of small water jump come across the purple come over the diagonal orange go over the double green then come back across to the blue diagonal come all the way around to this kind of pink double thing I'm not sure what this is called but it's difficult to do that's all I know and then you come around to the final double-height orange now you can mix these designs up so much I know if you use slabs you can actually make a kind of boxer but I think these are really cool-looking and I really like how the design looks even from the air and if you're on the ground as well so you can always play with your arenas and kind of see what you want to do but that's how I took mine so over here we have something that actually took me surprisingly a long time so this is the dressage section so over here we've just got a simple warm-up training dressage arena again you can kind of use this safe you're doing competitions you kind of put people in here to warm up and then take them over there for the actual competition this arena is so interesting because I actually put down the letters so I went and googled how to make the letters on banners and there are different commands that you can use to actually put them into your game without crafting them but I just did them by hand because that's simpler and I googled which letters go where to make it more realistic and if you're really into realistic stuff this is perfect for you because you can actually do real-life dressage moves and everything like that and it just makes it look so much more sleek it just adds so much to it and as you can see I change the design from this kind of quartz slab look to the kind of fences just because I'm not sure what kind of prompted that but I think it just spices it up a little bit more and I really like how it looks in general so that is it for the dressage arena now we go to the biggest part of the arena's so this is the cross country course and I'll kind of run you through it so here is kind of the starting gathering area and this is the start gate so as you come through you come over this section here go over kind of some simple jump so you're just sort of warming up then you come to this jump here again sort of simple and once again into a simple log jump now after you've done that you come across to this sort of hilt this is kind of a basic Hill so you come up from the water and over then you take this small kind of leap of faith thing down it's only two blocks so you won't take any damage then you come down over into this hedge jump again hedge jumps are really hard to do just because of the shapes in Minecraft and if you don't get the proportions right it can look really weird and wonky but I did try my best and I kind of like how this comes out with you might want to spice your head jump up with some oak or spruce logs just to kind of think make things a little bit more interesting then as you come round you come into the kind of forested section again this is very simple this is a small log jump you've got and then you've got a kind of simple diagonal here so overall this section is pretty easy to do then we've got the double leaf jump this is probably the hardest section of the course here and then you go back into the water now that section is definitely a kind of intermediate section so if you're only intermediate you'd probably go off and go back to the beginning or maybe do that a couple times but if you come over here this is the more difficult section so as you come down you come to this kind of fenced heylook area and I really like this design again if you're doing a cross-country course you'll want to add all sorts of jumps in you don't want to kind of do the same log and leaf kind of thing all the way through you want to spice things up a bit if you're wondering why these fences looks are weird it's because they're actually from mr. crayfishes furniture mod again you can make these with normal fences you can do whatever you want and you don't need more to do it I just decided to do it with the mods because it just adds a little something extra to it so you kind of got a double here now this section is really difficult so it's a jump but you've got a ditch in between now as you come over you're kind of coming at an angle so you have to get the timing absolutely perfect to not hit that and then fall into the ditch or not go in too early and only make that jump so that's kind of a difficult area then we come round here and you come to this jump so this is a more steep hill then you come up and you've got to time it right as soon as you hit this block so click over then this is kind of a more of a drop of faith so you kind of have to be going at the right speed so take that down to not taking any damage then if you come round here we come back into kind of a wooded area and this area is very tricky so because of how dense the leaves are it's really difficult to get over the jumps just because if you hate your head on leaves the horse will drop back down and you'll end up smacking into the jump but again this is a 1-up purple look so you'll end up just running over anyway if you didn't want to jump so it does get kind of dark in here so I just put some extra leaves to kind of guide people back over this way and we've got a simple one log jump because you can't really get much higher in this wooded area now as you come out this jump is definitely questionable have you ever seen those triangle jumps that people have to go over they're really difficult to make a Minecraft but I did try my best I kind of like how this turns out it's not the easiest to take but it also adds something to the course as a whole just because it's so different so you've come over this here and now normally in cross country there's some really kind of grand jump at the end and I figured I make this white horseshoe to kind of accentuate the fact that it's the last jump and it makes us some really cool shots if you've got a photographer here and people are coming through just there it makes it look really really cool so then you just come to the finish line and you can kind of cool off them and hit your horse up here and you're finished for the cross country so I really like that of course but that took me the longest and I was using world in it so I kind of entered in all these trees and the paths and everything and the water as well so if you're doing that by hands you may want to do kind of a smaller scale so that it's not too much work for you to do all in one so that is basically it for the arena's now we've got one more section to show you and this section is definitely a bit more abstract I don't see many people doing this just because it doesn't come straight to mind when you think of an equestrian build I watch a lot of different real-life equestrian youtubers so I've watched people who do racing or they're a training jockey or they do jump in cross country and also Liberty so I figured we might as well incorporate that in so that's that arena over here first though we've got our aqua therapy pool now there's loads of different designs you can take foreign aqua therapy pool but I kind of saw in an image on YouTube that I really liked the designer so I thought I might as well incorporate it in and it works really well you know you just pull the horses into the water by a lead and then you kind of lead them along here whoops and then go rounds and then you end up at that side and if you want to do multiples you just get back in and then go around again now this again is great for a roleplay world because if the horse oh gosh if a horse is injured or tired or anything like that you can take them for a swim so it's not quite so straining on their bodies over here we've got a really really simple aqua treadmill so in my previous designs I've usually made them so you can switch them on and off but because of space and I was going for a more sleek design I figured if we just leave the water running you can pull the horses in here and when you tie them up because of the fact that they're tied they will want to move towards the fence but the water will be pushing them back so they actually end up looking like they're walking forward and that's an actual aqua treadmill and it puts some trapdoors in to kind of make it look like it's draining at the back here to kind of make things look a bit more realistic so this actually works which is why I like this design so much then we come over here and you've got just got a simple hitching post if you wanted to say take multiple horses you can make them wait hook here or if you wanted to dry them off you can just pop them here in the Sun for a little bit now we move on to this is probably the most interesting arena so this is the desensitizing arena so this is an arena you take say younger horses or horses that more skittish or newer horses and this one is your typical blue top that you show horses to kind of get them used to the sounds and the feel and even the look of say a big scary plastic tarp and you I put this in the arena again this isn't usable but it just adds an extra pop of color and it looks really cool if I'm being honest over here we have this bunting this is again from the fairy lights mod and you can just kind of walk your horse in and out to make them use to the feeling of going past something papery and they don't have to be scared of the colors and such so this will desensitize them over here oh yeah by by the way these are ents don't mind them they won't come normally in your game but because I've got so many I can't punch it now because I've got so many trees around here they've spawned in from doctors Alex mo creatures mod so then I've got to bother us here we've got a little stand that they can kind of get used to standing on harder surfaces and kind of stepping down from that again something really simple but it makes it and kind of interesting if you've got a horse that you are imagining that your training or anything like that so over here we've got kind of the I have the desensitizing to sound area we've got a little stereo you can put a jukebox if you wanted to and I'm just using the doorbells if you're in 1.14 there is an actual Bell that you can use so I definitely recommend if you're trying to kind of desensitize your horses now this bit and how do I explain this have you ever seen those Oh pool floaties that are the foam ones that come in little noodles and they kind of stick them out from a pole at the side to walk their horses through to desensitize them from plasticky stuff that's moving against them and to kind of just get them used to walking through stuff without spooking this isn't really usable because it's a one block and if you make it too it looks kind of weird but if you're looking to make your arena look more realistic and this is kind of a Liberty desensitizing area this is a perfect design because it's really sleek these actually go sideways and at the end of the day it just adds something extra to your arena now don't really know what this is supposed to be but this is from the same mod whichever one that is the saddle stands came in and you just place a horse down and I figured this is cool if you are desensitizing a horse to being around objects and kind of getting them used to stuff so overall you can kind of play with whatever you want in this arena just because there's so much you can possibly do with this other than that that's kind of it for this area but if we come down here this barn is a copy-pasted version of the one over there but it's much smaller and it isn't in the tee design but this barn is the recovery barn so this is the barn that horses would go into if they're sick or injured and they need some time outs a quarantine from the rest of the horses so here we've got some kind of examination tables that horses would stand up on you can tie them here they can get little slit to look outside and then you get the vets to kind of come on the inside check them up give them shots and everything like that again this is the same design on this side but this one's just got a little crate so you can kind of put items in it I mean you can't actually but it does add a little extra you can decorate these so much better than I've done but again I was going a really simple design that is also pretty functional in my my opinion and so as you come down these are the exact same stores designs except for the fact that these walls are raised so instead of being one and a half blocks tall they're two blocks tall just so that you get a sense of more closure and the horses can't kind of spread diseases between themselves okay well I'm losing my voice for some reason probably been talking too much but as you come over here there's a kind of the barn doors I wanted to make this area look a bit more enclosed and kind of sheltered so I've got this door closed but this door is open so again these are kind of lined with hedges to make it look more sleek but also really functional since it kind of tunnels the horses down so they can't just run off here we've got a simple circular arena that you can use if you are say exercising a horse or getting a horse used to being worked again but you didn't want the describe the distraction of all the other arenas over there then down the sides they're exactly the same on both sides we've just got a different design for a quarantine paddock if you will so these are carpets that are stacked over each other and I just feel like they add this kind of they look like the wire fences like they're the electrical fences so I really like this design since they're sleek and they're not too bulky but they look so much more different and they look a bit more medical to be fair than the ones over there since they look I don't know how to explain it they just look more harsh on the eyes without being too bulky and in-your-face so these panics are all copy pasted and I just figured you don't want a massive paddock because that would be a waste of space but you don't want it being so small the horses can't move around so I feel like these are perfect sizes for individual horses to be in but still be outside now here we've got our basic watch trust and this is meant to be kind of a medical horse pool so they can have kind of has something to play with if they get bored now it's exactly the same on both sides and you can choose to do your kind of medical barn or just forget the medical barn as a whole if you're going for a smaller build I just added this to add an extra layer of kind of poshness and the fact that you've got your own Center where horses can go to kind of recoup and recover so that is basically it for the entirety of the barn if anything kind of inspire or gave you an idea for your bond feel free to take it and use it however you wish just let your imagination go absolutely wild and uh oh I almost forgot to mention so if you want to get your horses into my barn all you have to do is comment down below the name of your horse the breed of your horse the color of your horse and the personality of your horse so I will be picking about ten horses to go into my barn and they will each be named tagged and have their little personality traits and you'll be able to see them in the next episode of this I'm going to call this series equestrian world because of the fact that all I'll be building is equestrian based facilities if you have any suggestions of what my next build should be say if you wanted a Western barn or a racing barn or a farm type barn feel free to let me know in the comments below and I will definitely consider them so I hope you guys enjoy it stay positive and I'll see you in the next video

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    Horse name: Owen
    Breed: Grey dapple
    Personality: goofy, loving, affe

  2. Name: Dragon
    Color: Chessnut/completly brown
    Breed: Morgan
    Personality: energetic but friendly

    Now I got inspiration for my new barn! My last one was extremly small and didn't looked good why I want to do it again 😀

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    New forest pony
    Stubborn, friendly, can go speedy, naughty.
    He's Based on my new loan irl x

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    Theres no white on him and I'd love it if you did him.
    It's sad to say but… Oaky is dead…

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    Showname: Annilaun Sweet Jesse
    Age: About 24 Years Old
    Gender: Mare
    Breed: Connemara Pony
    Coat Color: White. All white.
    Personality: At the first look, my mare seems really energetic for such an old horse. But when you ride her, she's a little lazy, so you really gotta show her so that she moves… other than that, she's a really good, loving pony. Jessie really does rarely spook <3

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    Gypsy Vanner
    White and Brown markings
    A sweet mare willing to learn, but still very green under the saddle, will take anyone over jumps safely, as long as they tell her clearly what she's supposed to do

  8. I really enjoyed the video since there aren't many people who make these sorts of videos!😊 Also, here's my horse that i'd like to get replicated into your barn:
    Name: Smokey
    Breed: Black Forest Horse
    Color: Chestnut
    Personality: Lively, energetic, gentle, strong, caring, & funny
    🌟I think you should do a western styled barn next!🌟

  9. This is so nice and the textures are stunning ughh! Also i love your voice so much ik its kinda creepy but lol it's so nice!!

  10. Dakota-Arabian/Welsh Pony Cross-Dark Bay-Dakota is a sassy pony but it also very sweet she loves jumping but sometimes gets anxiety over the jumps, she is super easy to ride and loves cuddles

  11. Here's my HOSE
    Name: Legolas
    Show name: The Snow Prince
    Coat colour: Grey (white)
    Breed: Percheron
    Personality: used for sj, affectionate, loving, likes everyone

  12. Horse
    Name- Harlee
    Color- Palomino
    Breed- Quarter/Morab
    Personality- Sweet and gentle and a good listener but a little tough
    Show name- PoisionusHay
    Discipline- All

  13. I love your stable!
    Breed: Quater horse
    Gender: Gelding
    Name: Neon
    Coat: Brown and white pinto
    Traits: Calm, good lesson horse, brave and is a goofball

  14. Horse:Sky
    Show name:Wind Dancer
    Color:Dapple Grey
    Smart,unpredictable,kinda scitish,outgoing,always pleases her riders

    She is still in training and she is a filly and she is 3 so can I lease her there

  15. What command did you use and can you do a video on how to make those stall doors and fences please and how to get different horses please like no the original ones.Sorry if that is confusing.

  16. And my last one is Legend she is a American paint she is a mare her color is black and white and has rare brown and blue eyes and her personality is sweet, unpredictable, some times is in a bad mood and she is a cross country horse plz reply to me if you have any questions plz thank you

  17. Ranger is a bay thourgbred he is a gelding his personality is sweet, lovable still in training hard working and he loves sugar cubes

  18. Can I lease my 3 horses there please the breeds names and personality and color are Nova is a pitch black horse and she is a quarter horse and is a filly her personality is nice, outgoing, hard working, can be scitish

  19. is.. is this still open?

    Name: Duskpetal (known as dusk)
    breed: Icelandic Horse (male)
    color: dark grey, brown fade from face onto snout. the lower half of legs are also brown. mane and tail brown. hazel like eyes.
    personality: smart, fast, helpful, dislikes being alone, loves the attention. :^D

  20. A horse i ride irl :Name: CowGirl :Breed: i think she's a thoroughbred :personality: very funny and kinda stubborn :Color: Bay


    horse name: summer
    breed: lucy (i don't know how to spell it so i just put lucy)
    color: buckskin
    personality: loves water, funny loves to run around a meet other people and other horses.

  22. name: Tinkerbell
    Breed: Welsh
    color: Brown with white and a black front
    personality: love to go fast, hugely cuddly, but really mare behavior😂 she is also bred to jump, but is not the easiest one with that.

  23. My Horse is Zelda, She’s a white trackenher with light brown patches. She’s super goofy but also loves an adventure. She enjoys Show Jumping and Cross Country and can often throw herself to far into things and tends to end up in hospital but she is a very positive horsie and is never out for to long. She loves sugar cubes and polos and she loves being around with other horses x

  24. i love it!!!
    barn name: Navy
    show name: embertorch
    breed: Haflinger
    coat color: light brown body with off white mane and tail
    Personality: affectionate, loves adventurers, smart, strong, show-off, sassy and a show jumper and x country

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