hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome to another video I'm Stefanie rose and this video is a very long awaited very super requested video it's taken me about a couple months to get this video out and I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this and been asking for this so I am so excited to finally be filming this and this video is going to be my apartment tour so I moved into this apartment on April 12th and today is June 10th so it's been about two months since I have been living here and it's taken me a while to kind of get everything together and get all my furniture in because this is my first apartment I had no furniture coming in here so I ordered pretty much everything and all of it has come sparingly like here and they're kind of like spaced out over the last couple months so I finally received the last two pieces of furniture I was waiting for so I can finally do my apartment tour and I'm gonna mention where everything is from and if I don't mention anything or if I forgot to link something then leave a comment below and let me know what you have questions on and I will try to answer them and tell you where I got everything from like I said everything is mostly new and a lot of things I bought online so you can pretty much find everything that I have in here you can find it online let's just get into my apartment tour so if you're interested in seeing my apartment tour before we begin like subscribe and turn on vacations and let's get into my tour okay so we're gonna start off with my entryway this is my front door and this is my little like kind of nook area this is kind of where I just like throw all my shoes that I haven't put in the closet yet and then this Ottoman in here has a bunch of my sandals all of my like flip-flops so this Ottoman is from Target it is a scray ottoman and it's a really good size it was like $70 so a little bit on the pricier side but it was totally worth it because not only does it act as a like little kind of stool for me to like put my bags on when I come in it also acts as storage and I have so many shoes and not that much closet space this was a really great solution for storing my like smaller shoe than my sandals and flip-flops and such so yes that's from Target and I got that a couple months ago so hopefully it's still available and usually what I do over here I put my current purse that I'm using and I put my like work bag so that's my work backpack so I just have these two here because these are my most used bags and it's just easy to pick up and go and easy to drop off when I walk in and also this is a great little stool for what I need to put on shoes I can like sit on it while I like tie my shoes or whatever so and then over here I have this little decoration piece so this frame is from Target and the paper that's inside is actually a print from Etsy it was only like three dollars on Etsy and it was an instant download so I just paid for that and then I just printed it out right away so Etsy is a really nice place for if you want a little small wall decors or like you know little signs like this and this is just a quote it's from the Bible Romans 8:28 and then over here is my laundry this isn't anything exciting I have a stackable washer and dryer and then up here I just have my detergent and then my what do you call these like the fab or the like things that you put in to make it smell nice and the dryer I forgot what they're called and then over here I have my yoga mat and then I have my little Swiffer broom I don't really have a big closet to store stuff so this is kind of all I have and then on this side I have a little bag and I have all of my these are like my rags my like cleaning towels and dish rags and like other things I used to clean so that's all that's in here it's not a really a big space but it works for me and it is just fine so over here I had this little tiny section of a wall that I'd had no idea what to do with when I first moved in but then I decided to make it my little like key area take my keys and my jackets and stuff so this shelf right here is from Urban Outfitters it is just this plain white metal shelf and this was like 25 dollars so I just screwed it into the wall and I have you know I can hang hats here hey my jacket sometimes I hang my purse on there and then if you have keys you can hang them there but I actually have this little key case so I can't hang it so I just rest my keys up on here this fake plant is from TJ Maxx and this little tiny this one behind here this gray vase is from H&M and this was like three dollars it's so tiny and I really like pots like this that are really tiny and in this little pot is actually from giant the grocery store it came with this Acula but unfortunately the succulent died because I forgot that it was like sitting up there and then up here I have a clock this clock is from Target it is from that brand 69 something like that and then I'll go over here so this is my mirror is my full-length mirror and I got this from Bed Bath & Beyond and it was like $70 but I actually had a 20% off coupon you know how they gave out those coupons so I got this for like maybe $60 or $55 something like that I also has a little like stand here so if you want to make it stand you can do that but I just have it kind of leaning against the wall so yep that's it for this little corner and for this entryway so we'll continue on to my kitchen and it's like the first thing you see when you walk in so here's just an overview of the kitchen slash dining area I really wanted to keep my apartment very minimalistic that's kind of the look I was going for very clean minimalistic kind of modern looking was the theme that I was going for so over here I have my sink it's just a big really deep sink and then I have this little this little what do you call this like a little tray or something I keep my sponge here this is from Macy's it was like $4 but I wanted to get this because I don't want to like put anything I don't want anything to be like visible like this up there I just don't think that's a really nice look so I got this so that you know it's hidden from out there and so over here I have my soap and this is from these but are both from cb2 and I thought this would be really nice to you know add to like the look of my kitchen it's like really you know minimal and white and so I have my hand soap in one and my dish soap in one and I like wrote these I wrote this on paper and I just taped it on here so I would know which is which so I thought this was a really nice look if you go on the other side and look at it it just it just looks visually appealing I had my like dish soap up here for a while and then my hand soap and like their original bottles and I just didn't like that look I I don't know it just kind of clashed with the kitchen then over here I have my little hand towel or would it be called paper towel holder and this is from Target it's like a marble one so as you can kind of maybe tell my theme is like white and marbled that's just the look I was trying to go for and then I just have my little towel here to wipe when I like do my dishes and stuff and then over here I have my little mat this is from at home so I don't know how many locations there are in the country of that store but it's from at home okay so we're gonna move on to the fridge and on the fridge I don't have too much going on I tried to keep I don't I didn't really want too much on the fridge oh actually at first wanted it to be completely blank but I thought this was really cool this is from Urban Outfitters and it is this little magnetic shelf thing that you can stick on the fridge or anywhere that's magnetic and you can put like all your important papers so I put like receipts in here I put bills in here so up here on the counter top I have my fruit bowl right now I just have some bananas and this bowl is from Target and then over here I have my little vitamin tray so I keep all my vitamins on here and I'm actually doing a giveaway with how nutrition that video is I just posted it it's my what's it called oh my morning work routine so if you want to win this bottle in this bottle go check out that video and then this thing this little marble platter is from at home and then over here I have my blender and my toaster these are both Hamilton Beach and they're from Macy's and they were super cheap they're like 20 dollars each and they're actually really good oh I forgot to turn on the light my cabinets or my countertops have that under-under light which is amazing it's so great for cooking also it's just super helpful and super bright so over here I have my rice cooker this is from Macy's and I like how it's white and matches my theme and then over here I have my kitchen towels and these are from at home it's like this gray and white towel and I think it's really nice and it really matches my kitchen well and then up here I have my tea pot that is from Bed Bath & Beyond it was like 20 dollars and then over here I have some things I have a spoon holder for when I'm cooking and this is from Amazon for like $15 this is really nice it's super big and again it's marble trying to go along with my marble theme and then over here I my utensil holder and it says don't flip out I think that was so cute and it's a gray and white kind of my theme of gray and white and that is from home goods and then up here I have all my spoons I think all of these are actually from Macy's I got like a pack of these wooden spoons from Macy's for like $10 and then these came with some pots that I got so yeah I got a lot of my things from kitchen from Macy's Macy's is a really good place to buy things and then over here I have these little canisters these are all from at home and in here I have some tea I put all my teas in here I don't have that many and then in here this is empty but I used to have my coffee in here I had like these this coffee powder thing that I drank so that was in there but I ran out and then in here I just have some brown sugar so just my cooking stuff and then over here I have this olive oil or just like oil little container and that is from at home for like three dollars and then over here I have my little corner of cookbooks I have a couple cookbooks and these are both Chrissy Teigen cookbooks they are she has two of them so I have both of them and over here I have all of my hello Fred oh my god okay sorry guys a spider literally just flew and landed right here did you guys see that oh my god like a flying spider okay anyway I digress so like I was saying I have all of my hello fresh meals I keep all of the papers that it comes with because I just you know in case I want to cook them again one day and I want the recipe but I have so many I started using hellofresh and I loved it so much I really recommend it they don't sponsor me I wish they did but you know my honest opinion is that it's great it's a little bit expensive but I think it's worth it I have my trashcan we have Valley trash here so it's not nothing fancy this came with the apartment so that's just why I have that and then I have this little wall flower this is from Bath and Body Works and I really like it because it's marble you know my marble theme and I put these all over my apartment I try not to light candles too much because it's such a strong smell I do like candles but these are such a really delicate smell that's not too strong since my space is so small I wanted to not have such strong selling candles so I have those like scattered everywhere in my apartment and then over here is my little tiny seating area I have a couple of stools and then some placemats the barstools are from Amazon the both of them are $100 so that's actually a good price for stools because I was researching everywhere and bar stools are expensive so I like these because these are like a plastic white and it matches my theme and I like the legs they're like a natural wood so I really liked that look and they're pretty sturdy so I have no complaints I really like them and then up here I have these placemats and these are from H&M home and it's a really pretty like millennial pink color I have like splashes of these everywhere in my apartment as you can tell I'd like try to make that like my like pop color so five dollars for both of them I believe was five dollars for both so yeah I think that covers my kitchen so here's just another quick glance at it OOP someone's calling me so over here in between my kitchen in my living room I have my little dining / eating area I tried to make this into its own little section my couch is really big though so it was a little bit hard but I think it turned out pretty well so I'll start out with the paintings on the wall these are both from Macy's it came in a pack of two and the colors are my like kind of themed colors so it's white and gold and let me turn on the light so we can kind of see better there we go so yeah it is white gold and has some touches of pink I don't know if you can tell but it's kind of like a salmon pink color and then it also has some gray in it and then the frame is like a brass gold which was what I was going for for with my accents so I really like these I was looking for paintings like this where it looks like it's literally well painted obviously but yeah I was looking for a star like that so I'm happy with that and then over here in this corner is my bar cart so it's not complete yet but this is what I have so far this little flower is from at home I'm sorry it's from home goods this little peace sign is from at home it was like 10 dollars and I think it's super cute over here I have lists this little little tray this is actually like jewelry and stuff it's from Target but I thought this the stripes was a good contrast with the bar cart so I have that and then this is a little bottle stopper my friend gave to me but it's really cute so it's like you can put it in the wine or champagne or whatever and it's just a bottle stopper and then over here I have this little glass or nut glass brass Cup from Target this is actually a pencil holder which I used to have at my desk but I thought it matched really well in the bar cart so I just put it here and in it I have these little mixing sticks that are from Nordstrom Rack and it's like a little millennial pink and gold pineapple and again my theme I'm gonna say that a lot my theme like that's the two words I'm gonna say a lot in this video so I apologize and then over here I have my shaker and this is from Nordstrom Rack and I thought this was so cute because it's gonna be kind of hard to tell I'm gonna try to focus it but okay there we go on it it has the recipes of all sorts of drinks so you know what is this daiquiri that's what it says then cosmopolitan and then a mojito so it just has a ton of recipes all over the side I just love the way this looks and I thought that was really helpful that it has the recipes on there I haven't really used this that much but I want to start making some cocktails and such so I have that and then I just have some drinks back here I'm a huge wine drinker so yes that's what I have there and then on this shelf I just have not that much I don't really have much on the bottom too I'm kind of working on it still but I have these coasters that it says drink more wine that is from Macy's and then this here I have some peanuts in it just you know for a little snack and this is my mom's I'm not sure where it's from I'm pretty sure it's like 20 years old at least but that's my mom's yeah and then I just have a candle here from Bath and Body Works and then over here I have this little random fake like succulent thing I actually don't like that here at all I don't even like it at all I kind of want to get rid of it but I had nowhere to put it so I just put it on the bar cart and the bar cart is from Pier one Imports so yeah I kind of like how it looks so far I still want to fill the bottom in the middle shelf up a little bit more but I kind of like how the top looks so far so yes I just put that in the corner here and then next I have my little table and chairs so it took me a really long time to pick out a table and chairs because I didn't know what style I wanted I didn't know what look I was going for I was afraid of getting all white because I didn't want the whole place to be too too white so the table and chairs came separately and the table is from I believe it is from Wayfarer it might be Wayfarer or Joss and main I'm not sure but I'll definitely link it below and it's just this little circle table it's like I think it's 40 inches I can't remember the details but like I said I'll link it below but I really like this I wanted a circle one because you know it kind of saves space if I got a square when it would have been too boxy and it would have been like hard in my small space but circle tables are really good for small spaces and then the chairs are actually from Amazon and I was looking for a really modern design and I think I achieved that with these chairs it came assembled so it's just like a plastic material and it has like soft two things on the bottom so it won't scratch the floor but they're actually really comfortable the seat is like wide enough so anyone can sit there like all sizes of people can sit on this chair and yeah I'm really happy with it and then here I have a little vase and some roses this vase is from H&M home and I love the really retro look of it it kind of reminds me of the 80s I think it's a really classy look and I try to fill this with flowers every week so when they die I try to go get new ones from the grocery store and just you know always have flowers here I think it adds a really nice touch to the table and makes it look not plain so yep so here is my little eating area and again I'm very happy with it and so over here now we have my living area so here's just an overview so we'll start with the big things so my couch is from Value City but I'm pretty sure other like stores sell this exact model of a couch so I'll link it below but this couch is originally I thought it was super super big I was really nervous that wouldn't fit and that I wouldn't have enough space for my living area or my dining area but it actually is so perfect so I think this is a hundred and nineteen inches and it's a really good size it's super long you can fit like four or five people comfortably on this couch and it's like a gray a light gray color and then the pillows these two white pillows are from home goods and they are like Calvin Klein I think is the brand and then I have these two pairs of black pillows that are like from Walmart ten years ago when I was in college so super old and then I have like a little tiny gray for one that I actually got from Michael's a couple years ago so my pillows are like not nothing new except for the white ones those are the only thing that's new and then over here I have a throw blanket that I am absolutely obsessed with it is made by ugh and so if as you can imagine it's super super soft and this is from Bed Bath and Beyond and it is a little pink color so I have touches of pink here and there like I mentioned so I love that blanket right there and then my rug is from ruggable it is supposed to be model modeled after concrete so that's kind of the design of it and this is an 8 by 10 so it's pretty big but it's a perfect space for my entire living room and what's great about these rugs is that you can wash these these are machine washable like you can just throw it in your washing machine so if you have kids or if you have pets it's perfect for if you need to like give it a quick wash and so what's really cool about these also is that so this is just a cover this isn't the actual rug and then under here is the rug pad it's like a Velcro so you can just stick it on so you can buy the covers like the website has so many different covers that you can buy and you can like swap out any time you want so maybe I will you know buy another one and you know have it as an option to switch out but I don't I'm like really happy with this I love how it looks with my furniture I love how it looks with everything so I might just I might just keep it and I like how it looks you know contrasted with the wood floors moving on to some other things this little tiny accent rug is from TJ Maxx I bought this probably like four years ago but this is like a style you can find anywhere so I just put it here I originally had this in my closet but I thought this was like kind of a nice accent piece and kind of a nice like pop and my table is from Home Depot and it's like this is not real marble it's fake I think it's pretty I think it's wood but I like the look of it and I like the legs it's like a whi leg shape and it's a brass gold so my living room has touches of brass gold which I try to have a lot of and then over here is my little tray on my coffee table and I have these coasters it is I think it's marble or quartz I don't know what you would call this but these are from at home and these were like $10 for four of these at home has a lot of really good stuff they just open one near me so I have been going there like crazy and then this little decorative thing is also from at home and this little container is from H&M home and in here I put like some peanuts so when I'm like watching TV I can have something to snack on and this is like a little pink color that I like and then these candles are just decorative candles I'm not gonna light them but these are from home goods and then I just have my TV remotes here and then I have a random button that broke for my shirt so yeah oh and then the tray is from Macy's of it was like $25 so pretty good um what else oh so this mirror is from Amazon and I knew in my mind as soon as I moved in that I wanted a circle mirror right above my couch I literally had that envisioned for like months so I got this mirror and you know me these type of mirrors are so so expensive honestly I did not know how extensive mirrors or until I got my own apartment but they are expensive but this one was 150 dollars it's from Amazon and originally it was black so the rim of it I'm not sure if you can tell visually it was black and I kind of I didn't do the best job but I painted it gold I got this brass gold paint from Michael's and I just painted over it because I wanted the accents to be gold in my living room so and it's like a rubber rubber material and so it was a black rubber but I painted over it with no problem and I really like how it turned out so yeah that's from Amazon and then in the corner over here I have my lamp and my little plant the lamp is from Amazon and it is a floor lamp and it has a brass gold detailing and then this is my fake plant fig fiddle leaf plant from Ikea and this is actually expensive it was $50 and honestly like I'm not even that wowed by it I like my real plants a lot better so I'm not the biggest fan on this but it what it works and then here's my window I have a really tall window like I didn't even realize until I moved in and I bought curtains I didn't realize how tall my curtain my window is the curtains are 95 inches and it still is like a little bit above the floor so the current rod is a brass color if you can see and that is from um um I think it's from Amazon and the curtains just have these sheer white curtains and these are from Macy's and I think these are each like $9.99 so yep so that's my window and then I'm moving on to my console area here's my TV and then down here I have a little basket the basket is from Target it was twenty dollars and it's a gold little brass color and and here I just have a blanket and then a pillow this is the same pillow I have on my couch but I thought it looked really cute in the basket so I left one in the basket and then here's just an extra blanket I got this from home goods and then over here is my little console and the console is from Ikea and I really like this one because again it was a white and it's really sleek and really clean and very minimal looking so I really really wanted to get this one I had my eye on this one for a while so I'm super happy with it and then up here I have a little coffee table book it's Chanel and then this little cool thing is like I don't even know what this is like are these links but that's from home goods and then I have this little crystal rock this one is from home goods as well and I love this I like to like this like this up at night it's really relaxing and it's just good it gives off really good light surprisingly so I have that there and then this is just a little candle I have from Nordstrom Rack and then on this side I have this white pot that is from Nordstrom it's actually anthropology but I bought it from Nordstrom and then I have this little egg which everyone always makes fun of me when they come over they're like why do you have an egg up here but I think it's so cute it's like black speckled in beige and I think it's just a nice pop of a design and that's from cb2 and I bought this for three dollars and then I have this little Jack like you know the game Jack's it's like a baked jack and that one is from home goods as well so yep that's what I have there and then I have a couple of coffee table books down here I have Vogue and Bazaar got those books on Amazon so yep and then here's my TV this is a 55 inch I got this from Best Buy and then over here I have this little floor vase that is from at home and then these little little rose gold or brassy little twigs or whatever you call this it's from at home as well okay so we can move on to my balcony so I have a pretty big balcony it's a really really really nice size so we can start over here with my furniture so this set is from Joss and main it was like $230 and I really like the design of it it's you know kind of that California style it's I didn't want the black wired one or like the kind of basic ones I really wanted a really good quality like wood finish one so I love this and the chairs came with the cushions and I like the color of it as well and then the pillows the two pillows are from at home and then this little plant a plant is from at home as well and then moving on to the other side of the balcony I have all my plants over here so this little stool is from Nordstrom Rack I got this on clearance for like $30 so I thought this was a really nice decoration but I can also use it as a footstool and I'm sorry if it's really loud I think there's like construction out there and then this little succulent is from my friend she gave this to me when I moved in so I thought that was really sweet and it's really pretty so it's been growing a lot and then over here so I'm not like done with the section yet I have these two plants that are both from Lowe's and one of them I have it potted already in this little basket that I got from at home for like $12 so I like the look of that that one I have not potted yet I actually have that pot right there because I wanted to put that one in that pot but I think that pot is too small so I might return it and get a bigger one so that's why I'm kind of like not finished but these yeah the lights are from Target and I bought the black not even thinking about my balcony railing was black but it turned out so perfect and like blends in really well and I just love the look of it I'm so happy with my balcony it's just turned out so perfect like it just ties in really well together so yep so that's it for my balcony here is like another over view look of the inside from the balcony standpoint alright so now let us move on to my bedroom I have like a trio of doors this little corner over here so I really like that layout when I first moved in I like loved it so here's my closet it probably is not the best organize I have my laundry basket up there cuz I'm won't fit anywhere else have all my coats I have my light my ring light and then I have my vacuum and my tripod and just a ton of shoes so like I said this place didn't come with a lot of space so I try to cram everything in here and kind of organize it the best that I could so then here's my bedroom we'll start with the bathroom because the bathroom will lead into my bedroom the bathroom has two doors this is the one for the outside and then there's another door that will lead into my bedroom so we will start here and the bathroom is nothing exciting honestly like super basic but everything is white of course I love white the two mats are from Marshalls and then this little plant this little recall that orchid that one is from Amazon and I just got that it was like $15 and I have like random stuff here my shower is humongous the shower curtain is from Macy's and I liked how it had these like natural buttons on it and then this is like a waffle shower curtain and then inside honestly nothing that exciting there is that so then over here I have my sink and then I just have like my hand soap my toothbrush and toothpaste I have a little towel here it's for when I need a wipe and then over here I have all of my like okay so this is like hair stuff and then this is all facial stuff on my skincare stuff so this little container is like an acrylic tray and this is from home goods and I have another Wallflower here from Bath and Body Works and it's just the same marble one and then over here I have my towel rack and yeah nothing too crazy super basic so here's the other door and this is one that leads to my bedroom so here we go this is my bedroom here's just an overview it's actually such a really decent size it's pretty big I'm really happy with how big my bedroom is so we'll start over here this sign is like this neon light up sign that is from Urban Outfitters and that was on sale I forgot how much it was and I'm not sure if it's still available but I think I think it still is but it's so pretty it's so cute the color is like a white kind of light blue color so I thought it tied in really well with my room and moving over here we have my rug by my bed this is from overstock and this is a faux sheepskin rug it's not real I hope it's not real because I don't support that but it's super soft oh my god it is so so soft it's like the best thing to like walk on when you first wake up in the morning especially when it's cold so anyway over here I have my nightstand and I'll turn this light on for better lighting and the nightstand is from Value City as well and what's really cool about this nightstand is that it has these little USB plugs back here so there's one and there's another one so that's how I charge my phone so I thought that was really really cool but up here I have my lamp my lamp is at home no I'm sorry it's from home goods I get those two stores mixed up all the time and then I just have a little coaster from Nordstrom and then I have this little rock that is from at home not rock it's like a crystal but that's from at home and then this is like a little sleeping mist this is from Nordstrom and this smells so good it's not like lavender and vanilla and it's just oh my god it's so nice oh I swear that like around my bed area before I go to sleep and then I have this little picture frame that I'm pretty sure I got from like Marshalls or TJ Maxx years ago that's me and my boyfriend and then here I have my MacBook and then this little book it says pause on it it's like a little journal workbook I haven't actually written written in it yet but it's nice to put your thoughts down and then I have my glasses which everyone always asks where they're from they are from coastal calm coastal calm and then here I have this little macaroon candle is what they called it it literally is shaped like a macaroon and it smells so good I actually don't think I'm gonna even light it because of how cute it looks and I don't want to like ruin it but this is from Nordstrom this is like $13 so pretty good price so yep that is my nightstand and then I have my slippers literally like you know your Filipino when you have slippers just everywhere in every corner of your house so over here is my closet my walk-in closet it's a pretty good size and I'm really happy with it so it came with these shelves these shelves were built-in and that's super convenient so I bought these little wired baskets these wired baskets are from Target and this is like the biggest size it was like twenty dollars so over here I just have like my shorts I have leggings and then I have my thigh high boots down here and then up here I have some purses these are like my little mini going out purses and then up there is my work bag who would need to clean that but this is my Teddy Blake bag I actually made a video on this bag which I'll link if you haven't seen it it's a really good bag I love it and I use this for work so then up here I just have some like shoeboxes I have some of my like purse and wallet boxes I have this little black container that has all my hats like baseball hats and Beach hats and stuff I have that container that's all my sweaters that I'm not wearing right now because it's summer and then I have my luggage up there and then yeah so these are just my clothes and these hangers I have all of the like velvet like thin hangers like this because that really helps save space like as you can see I have so many hangers and I'm fitting so many clothes in here but you know the hangers really help save space so I got those from Amazon I also got them from Macy's they sell them everywhere and then I have matching like pants hangers as well I want to keep the hangers consistent because I think it just looks better and it's easier to like find clothes but the pants hangers are from Amazon so yep that is my closet oh yeah and then the shoe racks are from Amazon as well and these are stackable ones so this is actually two of them stacked on top of one another and I really like this one because it comes with a natural wood finish and then this is actually extendable so it can even extend further but this is just what I have right now to fit because my laundry basket is there too that's from Macy's so yeah I really like this shoe stand and then I have a third one that's in my hallway closet that I showed you guys and then oh and then on the back of my closet I have a coat hanger and I have like my bigger bags or might like backpacks and then my gym bag and then I have my belts hanging over here too so now let's go back to the bedroom and so this is my bed my bed frame is from Value City it is this like baby blue color or like sky-blue color I love it so much it's also like padded so you can like lean against and it's so comfy and then my comforter I have to talk about this for a minute this is from Buffy if you're not familiar with this company it's called Buffy bu ffy and this comforter is so soft like a really breathable comforter it's super lightweight but it also keeps you so warm so like if you're like me my legs get really hot when I sleep so this comforter is really great because it keeps you warm without making you feel too hot in bed and then I just have some pillows and then these two pink pillows are from home goods and then this is from like Target like probably 7 years ago have this since college so yeah there's the bed and then over here right across my bed I have my dresser and my TV area the dresser is matching with the nightstand and again it's from Value City and these are really cool I like the handles are like they're like kind of clear I won't go through them it's honestly super boring it's just my clothes and then over here is my oil diffuser this is from Bed Bath & Beyond and I really like this one because it like changes colors and it's not you know really pretty at night and then over here is my little TV it's a 33 inch and I got that as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas and then over here I have my little round mirror I actually hung this a little bit too high but the purpose of this is that I want it to like you know look at my jewelry and stuff I mean it's a good height honestly but it could have been a little bit lower I hung it myself so you know I could have done a better job or use someone to help me so this is from Bed Bath & Beyond it was $30 and over here I have my little jewelry area and then I this little stand is from Amazon and then I have like my watches here then I have earrings here some necklaces chokers bracelets and then my longer and necklaces in the back and then this little container I have like some earrings that I can't hang and like studs and stuff so this marble this is real marble this is from Crate and Barrel I believe either create and barrel or cb2 and then I just have my Apple watch here and then I have a couple headbands there so and then over here in this little corner this was like an awkward corner that I didn't know what to do or I didn't know what to put here so I ended up going with these floating shelves and these shelves came in a pack of three and they are from Amazon so I loved the white color again I was trying to do white for my room and I love how minimal it looks and how clean it looks so I hung these myself it was a little bit difficult but it wasn't too bad so I just have like some purses stored up here and then I have my perfumes up there have a couple shoes that I thought looked nice over here this is more for like design and not really for storage I mean it does have good storage because I need a place to put my perfumes but this is more for like decor and then down here I have some a shopping bag my Gucci and Louie Vuitton shopping bag and I might get a plant and put a plant here so I mean over here I have my curtains the rod is from Macy's it's just a white one and the curtains are the same as the ones in the living room and they are like the sheer ones and then over here is my vanity I do have a vanity tore up I filmed that separately so if you haven't seen that yet I will link that and you can see where everything is from in that video so I won't go into detail here just you can watch that video so I think that covers it oh yeah and then this namaste in bed the print is from FY it's like FY calm and the frame is from Michaels I'm not sure I can't remember the size it might be 24 by 18 but I just like that saying and I think it looks really nice above my bed so yes there we go that is my bedroom here's one more quick glance alright you guys so that is it for my apartment tour I know that was kind of long but I really wanted to talk about everything and tell you guys where everything is from I hope you enjoyed it I hope you like my apartment and if you guys have any questions on anything that I mentioned then leave a comment below and like I said I'm gonna try to link everything it is a lot of things so I'm gonna try to link it all I'll do my best but if I miss something then just let me know if you like this video don't forget to subscribe and to like the video and turn on notifications and thank you guys so much for watching I will see you all in my next video you

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