Mom Hacks For Surviving The Holidays – #MOMTRUTHS

Mom Hacks For Surviving The Holidays – #MOMTRUTHS

It is a MOMTRUTH Friday: Holiday Edition. And today you’re going to say thank you because we’re going to share all of the mom hacks for surviving the holidays. That freaking elf on the shelf, are you kidding? If you don’t have one, don’t get one. NO! If you have one here’s what you do. “Hey kids! Guess who’s flying to Tahiti for the holidays!” “You know the elf on the shelf needed a vacation. He’s been working really hard for us for the past seven years. He actually needed to move on to another family.” I swear, I just want to eat them all the time. I’ll eat the whole box nobody’s looking. A mimosa, the fancy people, is champagne and orange juice but what you need to do, because you need to last all day long, cheap Prosecco, the big one. Ok? That’s the hack. The bag one. Now you hold these glasses and this is how Cat & Nat make mimosas. Now it’s really important that you start with a little bit of colour. Now… Don’t do too much. And you’re gonna act like it’s so celebratory. It’s Christmas morning! Oh my gosh let’s pop the bubbly! I can do it. I’m better. Okay. Here we go! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. This way you get your alcohol first thing in the morning. Hack that one! This is the time you bring out your coffee mug. Get out like a nice holiday mug. Always put the Baileys in. Yummm it’s chocolate and Baileys. You know what? Screw coffee. Just screw it. There’s no judgment here. At nine o’clock you’ve been up for six hours so you need this. These bonbons are going to get you through. If you do happen to have to have to host it, there’s absolutely no reason that you have to cook. Go get some pre-packaged food, throw it in some ramekins… Some veggies. Scalloped potatoes. Good ol’ broccoli salad. Oh wow! Turkey dinner! They even have full turkeys! Done! Dinner is served. You are such a good cook! You know those gifts you have to get everyone? You know, you bake cookies and you drop them off at everyone’s house? Go buy a tin at the dollar store. Throw them in the oven for a minute and re-cook them so you give them that authentic feel. Look at all those cookies! They’ll serve everyone! Oh! You know those kids, how they all have these stockings in the pictures and in the books and they’re all so full of stuff? And you’re like “how can i get so many things to fill that up?” Here you go. You fill that stocking with so many tangerines that it looks heavy. And then you just stick a couple of dollar store gifts in the top. Little cars! That baby’s full! You know all those presents you stay up wrapping? You know what you do? Get a nice white bag. Put your present in it. Yeah! You ready? Tie it. Get a Sharpie. Write their name on it. And you stick that puppy on. Merry Christmas! You know all the dishes that you have to do if you do have people over for dinner? Designer paper plates. Paper! They’re prettier than my own plates at home. Here you go. Dinner’s served. And then throw it into that garbage bag that you had the present in earlier and you’re killing it. Advent calendar. What you’re going to do is when they start opening up the advent calendar you’re going to open the other one and put in another chocolate. And then you’re going to put another chocolate in there and close it back up. “No, no. We’re back on this day!” So they never know what day it is. Surprise! You wake them up. Not them getting you up at three in the morning. And you tell them it’s Christmas morning. And they’re like, “what?” You minus the tantrums the night before. You don’t have to wake up at 3am. And they won’t have to cry about it and be in timeout because they’re in such bad moods because they’re so tired. It is a win-win for everybody. Leading up to Christmas, you’re kids are always asking for these gifts that are so expensive and then when you say that costs too much money then they say “well, Santa is going to buy it for me.” When they come to you and the very first hint of them ever suspecting if this guy is real, you let them know… Nope! He’s a fake! I’m the one who has to buy all the presents and I don’t have the money for that. Now, let’s have a happy holiday and everyone goes to the dollar store. Santa is the idea of giving. NOT the idea of getting. That’s what we teach them. So guys, I hope those hacks help. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Best one yet. I forget to move our elf all the time. I'm always making a dash for it to toss behind the couch before the kids see.

  2. Elf works if you've got one kid… and if that one kid is two years old and doesn't give a flip about the Elf of the Shelf. Believe me, I know. Mommy gets more excited about where the elf has moved to! Also, cheers to your mimosa hack! I like to call that one a MOM-osa. Happy Holidays, ladies!

  3. omg fucking Hatchimal bullshit lol. I hate Santa. I told my daughter I can't get her one because they're too expensive "oh that's ok mom, Santa can"…. grrr

  4. Love how real you moms are and how your videos are always fun! The videos are like a little pick me up in my day. How I get through the day ..lots of coffee and catandnat. Lol

  5. LOVE!!!!!!!!! So many things to love!!!!!!!! My personal favorite is the champagne "hack" πŸ˜‰Β  I got that one figured out a few years ago <3 Love you ladies!!!

  6. I was 7 when I suspected Santa wasn't the real deal. I went home, told my mum, and she replied 'yeah, he's not real. I think of the presents, I buy the presents'. There was no sugar coating it, but I was actually fine with it because I really appreciated what she did!

  7. I just wanted to let y'all know I'm having a bad mom morning because of things relating to being a mom and wife. and instead of yelling at someone, im sitting outside watching yalls videos with my cup of coffee laughing my butt off! thank you for that! y'all are amazing! please don't ever stop making videos!

  8. Omg, lmaoooo, My daughter is nine now. We haven't had that talk but I'm pretty sure she knows Christmas is all on MOMMY! She's like "what's this budget?" πŸ˜›

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