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Before we go to dinner my 2 sisters just all of a sudden said that they wanted to get some fries So now they are lining up for their fries at IKEA We’re about to go eat dinner anyways why would you want to something first? We have to go eat anyways why are you eating fries? I’m hungry too After dinner we are going to come back to IKEA because I have to buy something for my mom And the most important thing is that I want my sisters to take some pictures for me in IKEA Do you remember that time when taking pictures in IKEA was a thing? And I never had a moment like that And I’m with my sisters today so I want them to take some pictures of me sitting in the middle of one of the section surrounded by boxes We are going to make that happen once we get dinner Come on What are we eating again? Shaba shabu right? My hair are getting chopped off!! I can’t It look so ugly My hair are getting chopped off Now that there is direct light shinning on my hair it’s so visible This is so embaressing Okay so today we are going to eat Shabu Shabu I am about to walk in Lets eat! Lets eat! This is going to be great I constantly keep eating I can’t even stop Are we sitting here? Do I have to take off my shoes? We are finally here at the restaurant We are going to start eating AGAIN Chonnasorn eating trip in Bangkok I might name this vlog ‘Chonnasorn Nonstop Eating Trip in Bangkok’ If I wasn’t sick I would have been more energetic right now But right now I’m just so sick Can I show off something for you all? Today is my first time putting earcuff on Isn’t it so pretty though? I just bought it here and it’s so cheap Wonderful! I actually have an actual piercing on this side And on this side now that I have an earcuff on it’s just another whole new level I also just bought a new earring Isn’t it so cute too? It’s a shape of a heart And it’s so shinny It’s so cute And as usual my mom’s necklace and my Chanel necklace I also just got some new rings Isn’t it so pretty? I’m really obsessed with rings Whenever I’m in Bangkok I always have to go get new rings I’m so hungry I really want to eat now Right now the time is… 7pm Time to eat dinner Chonnasorn is so hungry, like really hungry Can I have hot green tea please She’s so pretty So pretty So pretty, so pretty Right now my hair is so damaged My hair is getting chopped off at the top It’s getting chopped off I can’t I’m having a hair crisis I thought I took care of my hair really well But now it’s starting I went to my usual hair salon yesterday to get my root fixed Right when I got to Bangkok I went straight to the salon And my hair dresser told me that my hair are starting to get chopped off I thought I took a really good care of my hair though It’s been like what? Almost half a year I think? My hair just started to get chopped off now Which means that I think I have to start taking better care of my own hair For the sake of my next album because I don’t want to go bald (One of my sister was just telling us a funny story about her husband xD) This is so good! This is so good! Sawadee kaa~ Why does that side look better than this side? Can I have my moment then? That side is way more prettier This is Minnie Can you introduce yourself? I feel so awkward seeing you here in Thailand Isn’t this our first time meeting each other here in Thailand? Yes This is Nung There are 2 Nung today They are twins And I’m the 3rd twin Can you please stay out of this!? You have nothing to do with their family I just ate thought 🙁 You already ate? That is why I was late because I had to go eat with my parents I couldn’t cancel the plan with them today because my dad would get mad You can eat more I want to order Nom-Yen though Order it then I want to eat Nom-Yen I haven’t vlog myself yet This side has a silhouette Okay then Both my hair and face are bright Right now I am having lunch with my friends Minnie and Sitala, also known as Nung And Thanaerng is also coming But I don’t know where she is right now She was the one who told everyone to meet up and she’s late The original plan was to meet up at 1:30pm But everyone showed up at 2pm Everyone is so late We are at a place called GREYHOUND Everytime I come back to Thailand, I will always come here to eat Wonderful! Why is the lightning so dark here I can’t Your hair just stands out That’s right because just now while I was walking by I couldn’t find you guys but after I saw your hair I was like FOUND THEM What if that person wasn’t me? It could have been someone else No it was YOU Because you are the only blonde here You look so funny right now Minnie Look at yourself in the camera I want to show off my earrings But I really cannot breath with this on But it’s better than getting the virus But I think this has like a very good protection Start eating I’m the latest person She came late today guys I got caught at the disease control OH REALLY!? I’ll believe you That is so cute Isn’t it so cute? I meant THAT one is cute Why is Thanaerng’s one cuter than mine.. Oh? Oh?! But I regret not buying the white one One color is yours? Mine is white Is this one white? Mine is black Didn’t you say you wanted the hologram one? Yes I wanted to but it saw it and it wasn’t my style And the earbuds… What is it called again? Buzz? Bose? Oh! Buzz!! Samsung right? Yes Buzz Yes the black one, if you put it on… You can’t hear anything? Yeah you will not hear anything What did you say? It’s good! It’s good! No no, you can’t hear I meant it’s that good that you won’t be able to hear anything else It will block all noises Your advertising for them Like if Thanaerng is sitting right next to me and is calling me, I won’t be able to hear a thing Because it blocks all noises from outside Yes! It blocks out the other noises really well! And like when you have it on, it’s just like having an in-ear earbud on stage It’s exactly the same feeling!! Really!!?? It also comes in black! She’s really selling it, I really want it now Can you get one for me? No way, what if I’m hanging out with friends and they’re calling me and I can’t hear and they just left?! You will hear the music like… I really want to change it too I always wanted to change my earbuds Because I heard that Buzz is waaay better Some of my members are using it too Is it similar to the airpods? Yes it is very similar to airpods But it seriously doesn’t fall of your ears at all Wow your advertising it again I really want it now If you have small ears right? If you wear these it hurts but THIS ONE doesn’t hurt at all Are you their model or something? Tell me who payed you to say this!? I feel so awkward seeing Sorn in Thailand What are you talking about xD I’ve also never seen you in Thailand Well you guys already met up with each other yesterday right? Yeah me and her we met up OH! Yes! Oh you meant it’s awkward to see me in Thailand? Yes! Awkward to see you in Thailand I don’t usual see anyone in Thailand I don’t have friends Are you filming it? I don’t have any friends at all 🙁 No one wants to hangout with me 🙁 See see! You guys are all born in 1996! Except me~ Who do you think you are! Who gave you permission to come!? Who told you to come?! Hello I am a 1996 born in 1997~ 1996 in a 1997? Today I’m going to pretend that I’m a 1996 Okay~ But your face looks like a kid born in the 2000 Yes your face is 2000! Your face is 2000 Little sister~ Are you here with your mom? That’s your mom!! MOM!! MOMMM! Mom! Mom! Mom! And we even have the same hairstyle Mother and daughter! Mother and daughter!!! Couple bang~ Mommy Nung~ It’s time to watch Nung eat My friend is the owner of GREYHOUND Everytime I come back to Bangkok I will always eat here I know who she is Hello everyone Right now I am currently editing for this episode of Produsorn in Thailand While editing I just found out that I haven’t really filmed anything at all for the whole week I went home for almost… Almost a week? But… I was able to vlog for only 2 days and that’s because I wasn’t able leave the house at all after that 2 days Because that week was the week that people were getting effected by the Corona virus in Bangkok It was spreading so fast during that week that I was in Bangkok So I ended out not really going anywhere except staying at home I also went out to meet some of my friends like what most of you guys saw on my instagram I only left the house to meet only my really close friends And also… That was basically all I did and I stayed home most of the time I was actually sick myself when I went back home this time And because I was sick, I was really scared to leave the house The week before that CLC actually went to China for work So for safety purposes my mom told me that it might be better to just stay in While I was editing I looked back at all the footages that I took and I was like… ‘I actually didn’t vlog anything. There wasn’t a proper intro and also no outtro too.’ For those of you who are still watching my vlog until now might be confused about how the video just ended just like that?! So that is why I am making this outtro to say that I completely did nothing excited at all I spent most of my time with my family, my friends, and also I had to help take care of my new born niece at home For those of you are living in Thailand or wherever you are in the world Don’t forget to take care of your health because the Corona virus is spreading rapidly at the moment For those who get sick easily or has a weak health condition, please make sure you take an even better care of yourself at this time Whenever you leave the house don’t forget to wear a face mask that will help decrease the chances of you getting the virus Don’t forget to wash your hands often too! I heard that if you carry around an alcohol that you can use to wipe your hands with, that can also help Wash your hands often with it to make sure that it can kill all the bacteria on your hands And most importantly don’t forget to drink a lot water I also heard that drinking water will also help decrese the risk too I am not so sure about it but Drinking a lot of water is always a good habit to have Drinking loads of water, take care of your body, wash your hands often, wear a mask when you are outside And… To be honest, the reason that I am making this outtro is because I was afraid that my viewers were going to get confused about what is happening in my vlog And while I was editing I just realized that I would get confused too if the video just ended that easily And I was in Thailand for so long but this was I had? Yes, because I was literally just home with no makeup everyday So I was afraid to vlog my own face and I was spending my personal time with my family Some didn’t even want to be in my vlog because they were too embaressed Some of my friends were also very shy so I wasn’t able to film them too I hope you guys had fun watching this episode of Produsorn with my short trip back to Thailand Which this trip consisted of me meeting my friends, eating, eating, and eating! All my vlogs these days are all about me eating I still hope that all of you had enjoy it For those of you who has any questions or comments don’t forget to leave it down in the comment box down below Because as you all know I REALLY REALLY read ALL the comments that you guys write Don’t forget to click on the like button for this video For those of you who are kind enough please share this video to your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s Thank you so much for showing your support to Produsorn I will see you again in another episode of Produsorn next time Lets see what I will be doing again in the next episode Will she eat again? Or will she eat again? Or will she eat again?? Or will she eat again??? I think I’ll probably end up eating again for sure I will see you all next time Everyone!! Don’t forget to take care of your body! Thank you for watching! I’m going to go now Goodbye everyone~ I love you all!

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