My Favorite Marcus Aurelius Quote | Ryan Holiday | Stoic Thoughts #7

My Favorite Marcus Aurelius Quote | Ryan Holiday | Stoic Thoughts #7

I mean my favorite quote from Marcus Aurelius he says Objective judgment now at this very moment Unselfish action now at this very moment Willing acceptance now at this very moment of all external events. I mean, that’s basically Stoicism in a nutshell if you don’t have to read meditations, you have to read Seneca. You don’t have to read Epictetus you don’t think in a degree from Harvard in ancient philosophy to To get any more out of stoicism than that, right? It’s like look see the world as it is for what it is. Don’t put judgments on top of stuff Be a good person you have to take action. That’s unlike be a good teammate be a good citizen be Generous be caring don’t be all about yourself and then willing acceptance I know people that sounds like resignation but what it’s really about is like instead of complaining about how things are instead of feeling persecuted instead of feeling like shit is unfair or instead of feeling like you can go back and change the past which you can’t Accept it and then move forward. That’s not that willing acceptance. Now at this very moment of all external events. He’s not saying just accept everything as it is he’s saying like accept the facts and then Turn them into something he’s saying you can still change the world But you can’t change what’s happened in the past. You can’t change other people You can only focus on what you’re going to do with the facts that are in front of you And so I mean that quote is the essence of what I write about in my books it’s the essence of what stoicism is and like I would defy someone to live by that quote and and Not see things radically improve for themselves Thanks for watching, please click subscribe below for more content from us the daily stone

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  1. One of then guess along the line of asto how an emerald doesn't loose its character even of it is placed in dirt. Therefore, my duty is to become emerald. My character undiminished.

  2. Thank you Ryan for recommending the following 3 books:
    1. Meditations by Marcus aurelius
    2. Letters from a stoic by senecca

  3. What are some practical ways to be able to see reality in an objective manner from such a subjective perspective as ones ego?

  4. He suffers more than necessary who suffers before it is necessary – Seneca. By the way Ryan, I really hope you are considering starting a video podcast. I think that would be incredibly valuable for the world at large.

  5. " You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength"  – Marcus Aurelius

  6. Its also very usefull for modern times to limit stoicism to that because the historic stoics believed in determinism, wich is something that isnt usefull for the self-optimising crowd that uses neo-stoicism today. (Stoics had a fetish for causal chains and believed that all causal chains of the world are connected and also all causal chains go back to the birth of the universe woch is just gibberish for: everything that happens was set up when the world started and it has to come like this and it cant be changed.

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