My Favorite Shrine in Japan with NO TOURISTS!

My Favorite Shrine in Japan with NO TOURISTS!

– Feels unreal here. (inspirational music) (techno music) – Bye car. That’s right, this is happening. We have the entire family and rather than going to
a beach for spring break, we are going on a special
trip for the next eight days. We’re going to Tokyo, Japan. This is the beginning,
it’s early in the morning and we’re gonna be traveling for the next like 24 hours or something. Here we go, it’s a travel day. Starts here in Salt Lake. It’s gonna end in beautiful Narita, Japan. (techno music) – Hi. – [Daniel] Ready to go to Japan? What’s your favorite part
about the Portland airport? – Its carpet. – [Daniel] The carpet. It’s pretty good looking. – Fantastic. (techno music) – [Daniel] What did you bring with you? – Ellie. – [Daniel] Ellie the Elephant
has to come to Japan. Oh and your phone to take pictures. Let me see what’s on your phone. Oh look, it’s Lady Gaga
jumping off of the building. (techno music) I can’t believe is happening right now. We are getting on the
plane to go to Tokyo. Just our family to Tokyo for a week. This is so cool. Look at them all getting on there. There’s Leslie. Are you ready to go to Tokyo? – I am so ready. – [Daniel] You ever been to Tokyo? – No, never. – Don’t know what we’re
getting ourselves into. We don’t speak Japanese or
anything, but here we go. (techno music) Welcome to Japan, we made it. It’s two in the afternoon
which is like four, but look. Welcome to Japan. London, you survive? You okay? No? We are trying to figure out
how to get to our hotel. We were going to take the train, but the line is too long to get tickets and London’s really tired. So we are going to take a taxi, but then the taxi line was
only for people going to Tokyo. So they sent us to the Narita Taxi line, but they only had little cars and they said that we had to take the van. But then the van is a time schedule thing and we don’t wanna wait for that. So we’re going with Uber. We’re waiting for Uber right now. Lincoln’s got a cool backpack setup. He’s got his Beam Pennyboard underneath it and then he can lay down and roll. Claire’s still got Teddy
the teddy bear over here. How are you feeling Claire? – Tired. – [Daniel] First thoughts about Tokyo. – It’s hot here. – [Daniel] It’s hot. What are your thoughts about Tokyo? – I’m glad it’s not humid. Really glad about that. – [Daniel] Yeah, doesn’t feel very humid. – And people are super nice. – People are really nice
and there’s cherry blossoms. We already saw some at the airport. So heading to the hotel. Hopefully we can make it there. We’ll see what else happens today. (techno music) So apparently today’s
probably one of the last days the cherry blossoms will be going and then they’ll be
coming off pretty soon. So we just barely made it. So that’s good, even
though we’re jet lagged. – [Driver] You guys are lucky. (techno music) – [Daniel] This is our hotel beds. This is our pajamas they gave us. There’s the view out the window. A bunch of construction
guys right down there. I don’t know why but my
nose is bleeding on the end. I’m sorry if this entire vlog
I’ve had a red dot on my nose kinda like Rudolph. But the plan is we’re gonna go go sleep. I kinda messed up on the rooms. I wanted a place that’s close to the airport that we could sleep and just get some good rest in. I didn’t realize I booked a smoking room. Who does smoking these days? In America there aren’t very many hotels that have smoking rooms. Good morning. It’s not really morning, I guess it is. It’s like three, four in the morning. How’d you sleep Claire. She’s happier. Look outside, totally dark. But in the distance there’s a Mcdonalds. You guys ready? – Different. – [Daniel] Oh look how nice you look. Look at Mama, Easter Sunday looking fancy. – Thought I’d wear pink,
little bit of pink. – It’s Saturday. – [Daniel] It is not Saturday, it’s Saturday in America. It’s Easter Sunday here. Nobody’s here. Hope we can get out. Oh there’s somebody out there. Okay, we’re going, we’re
getting outta here. (upbeat music) There’s nobody out here. Let’s go this way, come on. Cross the street, let’s go. It’s so quiet in Japan. Do you hear how quiet it is? The first thing of the day
is to go find breakfast. So we found a Mcdonalds
at the train station that’s open 24 hours a day. This is pretty cool, there’s
not very many people out at this late at night. There’s the police driving
by checking in on us. (oriental music) There should be enough seats
for us, there’s 111 of them. – How are we gonna talk
to the people in there? – [Daniel] Just say
everything in Japanese. (oriental music) One curious thing about Mcdonalds, people are just here sleeping. Is this what you do? Do you go to Mcdonalds to sleep
in the middle of the night if you don’t have an apartment? Check it out. (oriental music) These are the pancakes. Do you see how tiny these are? Leslie got a big water for breakfast. – I did, it’s ginormous. – [Daniel] It’s like a shot of water. I got a double cheeseburger and fries. Oh you’re eating my fries? How are they Lincoln? – They’re good, the fries. – Oh you’re eating my fries? Alright, food is gone. I still don’t understand why there’s so many people that are asleep in here. It’s kinda weird. (oriental music) I don’t really get it. It’s kinda strange. So the sun comes up in about 30 minutes, so we’re gonna go somewhere
and watch the sunrise. (upbeat music) We’re walking around the city right now. – We’re jumping. – London’s jumping, she’s so happy. Then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to the temple place and check it out. The city is very quiet. This town’s quiet even
when there’s people out. It’s pretty quiet during the daytime. (oriental music) Oh there’s 7 Eleven. Do we need anything at 7 Eleven? Do they have Slurpies? Let’s just go see if they have Slurpies. (rock music) There she goes. She has been wanting, for some
reason wanting to do this. (drum roll) Wow London, that was cool. – That guy is freaky. (upbeat music) – I can confirm, there are no
Slurpies at 7 Eleven Japan. – [London] Dad. – [Daniel] What? Oh wow. – Why’s there a monkey? – [Daniel] This monkey is
for if you rub his head three times, two, three,
then you have good health. Yeah, rub it. Then you’re the one that’s sick. Did you rub it London? – Nope. – [Daniel] Oh no, you need good health. – I did. – [Daniel] Oh good. – Pocari Sweat. – [Daniel] It’s our favorite drink. – That is so bizarre. – [Daniel] It’s like Gatorade. This is my favorite street in Japan that I’ve ever been to. It’s not that far from the
airport if you ever had a layover you can take the Narita
Express Train here. It takes 10 minutes and you just walk down this street. We’re getting close to
the temple right now. You can kinda see the top of it over here. It’s a Buddhist temple. Everybody’s asleep so we’re
trying to be respectful and quiet. ‘Cause Japan it is all
about the respect here. What do you think so
far about Japan Leslie? – I love that we’re up so early because I’m sure it feels
peaceful during the day but it feels just so pretty and unique. I think it’s a great place to visit. (calming music) – We’re at the temple right now. There are some people that
had been praying and bowing so I turned the camera off. But we’re trying to be respectful. It’s so peaceful and beautiful here. I love that people come here on Sunday at five in the morning. This big balloon thing. – It’s like it’s dragons. – I can’t believe all these trees like that’s able to stay like that. – [Daniel] Yeah, how
long have they been here? There’s hurricanes and typhoons
that come through here. – It feels unreal here. (upbeat music) – Wow, we just went to
the Buddhist Temple, the shrine and there were monks in there and they were making their chants and they had fire and smoke and everybody was dressed up and kneeling. It was pretty amazing and definitely it’s not something that I wanted to film. You could feel the
spiritual side of things and that people were
putting out their calls in the morning. It’s something special to be here. If you’re ever in Japan,
come to one of these temples early in the morning and I guarantee you’ll feel peace and happiness. The souls of all those
that have passed on. It’s a very respectful place. Right here, these are cherry trees, but we
just missed it by a few days. All of these were probably
blossoming right here. It is so beautiful here. That’s just the roots right? Look how deep they are. Go stand by it Lincoln so we
can see how tall these are. (coughing) Didn’t you rub the
monkey’s head three times? – Yes. (calming music) – [Daniel] What? This is unreal. Oh my gosh, this is like fake. Guys, I’ve never been
anywhere more beautiful. – What if the cherry
blossoms were up on this? – [Daniel] The sun’s rising right now. You can see the sun coming up. (calming music) – I named two cats. One is named Dandelion
and one is named Oreo. The black and white is Oreo. – [Daniel] I would think
the black and white one would be Oreo. – [London] The yellow and
white one is Dandelion. (calming music) – So we’ve pretty much
finished up our trip here. We wandered all through the forest, through a few different temples. There’s a giant pagoda
behind us right now. This was cool. Alright thoughts. How’d you guys like it here? – I thought pretty. – I thought it was one
of the most peaceful and beautiful places I’ve ever been to. – [Daniel] Nice, I agree with you. Good, that’s what I was hoping. That’s why I wanted to come on this trip. – It really was. – [Daniel] This was the main
place I wanted to take you the whole time I was
like let’s go to Japan. – It doesn’t really feel real. – [Daniel] You’re supposed
to drink this water. I’m not sure why it says hot dog. So yes, I’ve seen this, I’ve
seen this at temples before where people drink out
of the mountain spring and it brings them health
and long life or something. (calming music) We’ll leave Lincoln out the drinking, the community drinking
well since he’s sick. But yeah, either we all are
gonna be totally blessed with fortune and health or we’re all gonna have diarrhea all night. It’s one or the other. And this concludes our trip to the temple. Alright, we have a good idea; we went to the 7 Eleven earlier and they had a bunch of treats. So we decided we don’t have much to do for the next four or
five hours til we check out of our hotel other than
get donuts at 10 o’clock, but we are gonna go to the 7 Eleven and buy a bunch of unique Japanese treats and I think we’ll just
make a full on video of us taste testing it. But for the rest of
today we are gonna go to our new hotel which is
much different than here. It’s at Disneyland. I’m just gonna conclude this video from all of the travel from Utah to here ’cause it’s basically been a full day even though we slept because we got here and we were tired and
we went and did stuff. I hope you like day one. We’ve got Disneyland coming up, we have some really fun things going on. But we’re gonna show you
all the things we can about Tokyo. ♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪ ♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪ ♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪ ♪ I have a bad case of diarrhea ♪

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  1. One question…. Do your daughters get jealous of ur son?.. not offending …. Cause it's common between siblings

  2. If you miss the last train home and don't or can't afford a hotel, you wait it out at McD's till the first morning train to go home

  3. In Japan, it's not unusual to see people sleeping in a public setting due to people being over-worked. That is why Japan is probably around 10 years ahead of us in technology.

  4. Mc dondals is gros cause I saw one of the workers sneeze on his hand then wipe it on my food and so we left them foever but got our money back

  5. You should do more research and learn some basic language skills before your next trip to Japan especially with the kids. Good video tho.

  6. Awesome! I just came back from Japan myself, about a week ago. I already miss the place so much. I feel like I left a part of my there. Next time I go, I hope that I would have learned Japanese so I can travel alone.

    *An important note, when you enter temples and shrines, there with be places for purifying yourselves. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! You are supposed to pour water into your left hand, rinse, then repeat for right hand, and then pour water into your left hand while cupped and rinse your mouth then spit out the water! Make sure to wash the handle of the ladle with the remaining water.*

    (Temples are buddhist and shrines are shinto, you can tell which is which by the gate they have!)

  7. Go to scotland it has big shopping centres and Edinburgh the capital city , Glasgow is really busy , Stirling has the thistles centre 😉 comment if ur from uk.

  8. thats not how you do it in water 12:11, you take a water then put in your hand then sip then spit out, no drinking. yuck

  9. Thank you for being so respectful in Japan. I know it should be common courtesy but with how people are nowadays, it's rare.

  10. The fountains you are not meant to drink it but wash your mouth and hands with it before entering the temple to clean yourself from impurities etc

  11. That water is for purification of your body. You are meant to rinse your left hand and right hand, and then your mouth.
    It is drinkable water though.

  12. You are wrong about how to drink water.
    Do not touch the mouth directly.
    You are unsanitary.
    Please think about other users.


  13. Hahahaha
    12:18 その水は、飲み水ではありません。!! 

  14. Welcome to Japan.🔴
    It’s the best holiday a father can give to his family to see different world and explore together!

  15. The water is used for purify yourself, you pour water to your left hand and right and then u drink it a little and if ur going to pray you throw into a box of donations 5 yens that means good/fate luck and then you bow twice clap twice and bow once, And what you do when u pray well you make wishes. So there lol

  16. Did that exact walk in Dec 2013 at 5:30 am. Actually stopped at the same hotel to ask for directions to the temple and MacDonalds for a snack for my son who was 10 at the time! The temple was beautiful. Amazing experience! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Unfortunately you are mistaken regarding the use of the water. You use the water to wash you hands and then pour water in your hand and wash your mouth out with that water. You should never put the cup directly to your and if there were a japanese person around, they proberbly would have scourned you for doing that. Unfortunely it is generally seen as uncultured to that but you weren't to know and you were lucky that noone else was around to see you do it.

  18. Actually, This isn't a Shrine.
    This is Narita-shinshoji temple.

    Take a look, There isn't torii(=鳥居).


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