My Journey To Waist Length Natural Hair | My Hair Isn't Growing Fast Enough Sooo...

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  1. i did a big chop 3 years ago from my relaxer and it looked like i was bald almsoot but then now my hair is straightened and its past my shoulders, thought the thing is, i have dandruff and thin hair now. It looks like im balding around my edges but idk i need help

  2. I use sunny isle jbco on my scalp after spritzing my hair with water + tea tree oil. Then I deal with blue magic grease. My hair went from below my ears to my armpits in a year. I wear it in a fonky bun everyday to keep the ends safe.

  3. Does anyone know about collagen peptides ? I wanna use but I’m 17 and I’ve read that people only start losing collagen at 25 so Idk if it’s healthy to start or if it’d be effective

  4. Am a lazy natural, braided my hair so that I can grow it and wash it easily, incorporating rice water and oils ,2 weeks in and boy does the braids look like a hot mess, 2 more weeks to go

  5. Omg!!! I decided to do this last month ( bring oils back into my regimen) & I’ve already seen a huge difference. Mind you I’m low porosity & I Will be doing a hot oil treatment today..

  6. Awesome video! ❤
    My tips 🤗

    Proper diet and some form of physical activity.
    Get to know the behavior of your hair and scalp.
    Trim when needed.

    The scalp and ends are the most important to take care of.

  7. It’s been 2 years of growing out but I’ve finally just got the longest bits of my hair to touch waist length 😭 I’m not there yet but 2 more inches of overall growth and I think I’ll finally make it. My scalp is forever dry so maybe I’ll try incorporating oil

  8. Hey Jaylin, do you think you should always use the same products or Can you switch up? Should you always use the same shampoo and conditioner? What do you think?

  9. The back of my hair is bra strap length. The front' s catching up slowly but surely. My goal is waist length

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