you'll again they go welcome to my home so it took me some time to get it perfect it's still not a hundred percent there it's like 97% there so I thought I could still make this video so when you first walk into my house there is a bar cart because Alexa parties just kidding I have always alcohol that I actually don't drink I just think it looks really cool and I always see these little things in movies and I always wanted my own so I just created my own I got this little set from Amazon it wasn't too expensive I'll link it down below for you guys but I just think it looks so cute and cool and I absolutely love it I got this little champagne glasses and the cool thing about these champagne glasses is that they don't have like so when guests come they just have to hold it but I still think it's super cute I got this from Z Gallerie I have this little small dining room set so this table ended up being a little bit smaller than I thought I bought thought it would be a little bit bigger but this works for now and it's a four-seater I got these chairs from Amazon and this table I believe from either house or Wayfarer and here I have some roses they were alive at one point but I really like dried flowers and when you walk into my living room you find this couch so this couch is temporary for now I'm going to end up getting a bigger nicer couch but this is actually from Casa my old place I ended up taking the couch and I really liked how the white looks in here I just think that these cushions are not that comfortable I wouldn't recommend this couch so I'm not going to link it below for you guys my next one is going to be way more comfortable a lot of the stuff that you see here actually I think everything that you see here is from Amazon I'm obsessed with my rug when I got it and was super scrunched up and left little marks in the carpet that eventually goes away I don't know if you guys know what I'm talking about I tried getting an iron and ironing out the creases in the carpet that didn't really work out too well I don't recommend it it eventually goes away so it ended up looking exactly how I want it's just annoying in the beginning because for some reason they don't package it right and here I have my artwork this was actually the last piece that I got for my home I was stuck on what to get I couldn't find the perfect artwork and I'm one of those people what if I don't love something I want to buy it and when I bought it from Wayfarer this artwork is from Wade Barrett when I first bought it you guys will see if you guys go online the artwork looks a lot more white in the photo so I thought it was going to be more white but now that I look at it it's a little bit more like gray so I move on me when I first got oh my god this is amazing and you guys are probably wondering who this is this is my little pet so the story of him is that I've always wanted a little dog right but I don't want to take care of a dog right now so this is my little pretend dog that ponse got for me and I always wanted a brown Pomeranian named Yoshi so this is the closest thing I have so his name is Yoshi and he just lives in the living room these end tables both of them are from Amazon and then on top of this I just have candles and the little plate is from a store I want it from like a random store I don't remember right now I think it was west own but this is not something I ordered okay so here I have an end table I got these super cute candles that look like tree bark I thought it was just such a cool thing this is from home goods I also got that chess set from Amazon and I like these little sauces from West oh my god I'm at the same time I got a plate that I put on my table and here I have a light that actually like lights up the place pretty good I was impressed with it it's from Amazon and I definitely wanted something that doesn't attract too much attention like I don't want a big like lamp or anything that catches the eye I just wanted something just subtle then I could put in the corner that's the Flies delight and this was perfect for that here I have my second favorite thing in my house actually it's a tie with my day bed this is my 75 inch samsung tv complete with the Apple TV that gives me these cool screen savers right here change change change there we go it just changed oh this is the great wall that this TV literally changed my life because I'm so used to watching stuff on a big screen then now when I watch stuff on a like a small screen it literally like bothers me like I a big-screen TV if I watch a show or a movie like I need that so this is a good and bad thing you know my TV stand is from Ikea I actually have a vlog where I go and buy this like a couple months so those if you guys want to watch my Baba and I build this together I make my video up above everything else is from home goods so I got splatters the books my little candles and crystals all from home goods and now it's in my kitchen this kitchen is not too big it's perfect for me I mean I'm the only one that lives here so it just works out perfect I do really like that it has a little end type of island here because the apartment that I used to live in before there was a wall here too so it made a feel extra small and I think just having this area open just makes it feel a little bit more open it's still small don't get me wrong but it's just not as suffocating as my other apartment and in here I don't have a lot of crazy stuff a lot of the little small things that I bought is from home goods like this one I put little snacks and stuff in this is from home goods I thought that plate was super-gorgeous and it just looks very plain in my kitchen without these little knickknacks so I ended up getting that plate for home goods for like 10 bucks I think it was such a steal and I do have my little small hookah I do want to get like a really pretty big one but I just don't know where to put it so that's why I haven't yet and it's weird because I won't even smoke hookah a lot of the stuff that I have is for like decoration so then from my kitchen is this little hallway that goes to my glamour in my bedroom and here I just put a little end table this actually matches my dining room table that I've showed you guys earlier and I got this painting and these little candle holders all from home goods for like super cheap this was like 30 bucks and at first I was like if the about it I left it up with the tags and everything for like a week just to decide if I liked it or not these were also super cheap I think each of these was like $7.99 and these candles were like five bucks so this turned out perfect and then we go into the super little hallway first I have micro and room I already did a video on my glam room I'm just doing a super detailed home tour so I don't want this to be too long so I need a separate video for my glam room this is just a little bit of a sneak peek you guys want to see more gonna be up here and also down below so then I have my bedroom and I love my bedroom so when you come into my room the bathroom it is on this side and there's like a little hallway and then I have my painting of Marilyn Monroe there is a funny story about this painting so my neighbor had this beautiful artwork just chilling there and it looks like trash right and I kept passing it and it just was staying in front of her door so I was like is this woman really gonna get rid of this beautiful artwork that I could use in my house so never never before I knocked on her door and I'm like um yo this artwork you want it she's like no no I was gonna throw it away but I never got the chance to if you want it take it and I'm like yeah so I ended up putting her over here and it's just perfect and glamorous in it so the first thing in my room is my bathroom and here I just have again a whole bunch of stuff from home goods I got these little artworks from home goods and everything else on my sink is from home goods as well I absolutely love these purple flowers I think they look so good in here and just gives it a nice little splash of color everything else here is from home goods and again I love these mints and I like to keep them around in every bathroom because you never know when somebody you know just needs to freshen their mouths and the size of this bathroom is a little bit bigger than my guest bathroom but again I have the shower with the bathtub at the bottom so it's kind of like a dual shower I got this rug from Amazon actually thought it would collect a lot more hair than it does but it actually doesn't and it keeps the floor so warm in the morning when I'm like trying to wash my face and stuff so bathroom closet and so here is where the magic happens just kidding it's my bed and I look I'm one of those people where I love just like white everything like white really calms me down so I just try to incorporate white as much as I can especially for like where I sleep and where I'm wake up I want to make sure I'm relaxed so that's why everything is pretty much white honestly don't remember where I got this bed it was actually pretty affordable for what it looks like so if I find it I will link it down below and then here I have my nightstand I got two of these nightstands from it's called lamps plus I went to the physical store I don't know if they have an online store if it's still available I'm not sure I got it like maybe a year ago I got this little vase and the flowers from Michael's I believe a little humidifier from Amazon and this candle from home goods and over on this side I have my full length mirror this mirror is super old I brought this mirror from Ohio with me I actually moved from Ohio here about almost two years ago I want to say and I had this like for a couple years before that so this is just a really old mirror so I got this artwork from Z Gallerie I've seen him in a bunch of places but the place I got it from was Z Gallerie the bench I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think it's Amazon because when in doubt it's probably Amazon I will link it down below do find it and the blanket is from home good so here's where I store my bags I got this shelf from Amazon and yeah I just store my favorite bags here and I also got this lamp from Amazon so here we have my bed and just on the other side I just have my other nightstand and here I just have a bunch of wires I'm just kidding but this is just where my cell phone charger goes my laptop my lamp just in case I want to read one night but I always wake up with you guys I keep my youtube plaque over here so now I'm going to show you guys something that's like top secret okay like top secret you guys better not tell any want to pay right in there it's four right in there top secret bye you know what we condo I picked a shot that I looked up one more round for you

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