My new favorite Fuji travel lens – Fuji 16-80mm F4

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  1. Hello.
    Happy New year.
    And thanks you very much for this test.
    You're very good. 😉

  2. Had mine for 2 months now . Absolutely love it . Sold my 18-55mm as I couldn’t see me using it anymore . I found they were similar IQ and with the xtra reach the 16-80 was the one for me .

  3. You took 5 kids to Hawaii at Christmas time? God damn, there goes all the money you've made from YouTube videos over the past two years.

  4. Thank you for the review! Would love to see side by side comparison photos between the 18-55 and the 16-80. Would make a fantastic "part 2" video. I've seen a bunch of negative comments on the 16-80, but as far as I can tell it's more than good enough for travel and doing reasonably sized prints. I haven't seen anyone show off print quality when using the two lenses at their extremes.

  5. Great review. I've been using the 18-135 as my "vacation" lens for when photography isn't the main focus, travel and family are. It's worked quite well for that purpose but I've been intrigued by the newer 16-80. I like the constant aperture, but wonder if I'll miss the extra reach at the telephoto end. Think I'll rent one for a weekend and give it a try.

  6. I fully agree with your review. Even if I don’t shoot video, so the wobbling is no issue for me. The conclusion in my own review is the same: Best Fuji lens for travel so far because of its versatility, size and IQ. By the way: I also like it for portraits, if my 56 1.2 is not around. 😉
    Keep up your great work! Always a pleasure.

  7. YAY! So much fun in Hawaii, eh 'bra? Sure wish you could have seen Maui…so incredibly different than Honolulu or O'ahu…anyway, wow surprised you still went for it with the focus quirk since video is as much as stills for you!…for now, I'm going to keep my 18-55f/2.8-4, it's a pretty darn good lens but find myself using my 16/1.4 and my 55-200 more often. By the way, I rented the 40-150 to see what I was missing…and no, the $1K more wasn't justified. Just the weight and size difference was a deal-breaker for me.

  8. Defo need this, coming from Canon where I used to own the 15-85. Just beautifully versatile and provides sufficient wide angle. Not digging Fuji's 18-55 that I bought used, unfortunately.

  9. I've been using the 16-55mm as my travel lens. Its only flaw, for me, is the lack of OIS. I don't think the 16-80mm stacks up well against the 16-55mm for me personally.

  10. Lovely family photography. Kindness before cameras, it is said. I'm hanging on to my 16-55 f/2.8, sharp across the range, weather resistant, the total workhorse. Fits best on the slightly larger X-H1. Thanks!

  11. I recently picked up the 18-135 (new, since I heard quality control was poor in some of the old copies) for around $615 AUD after Fuji cashback (~$430 USD). It's also weather resistant with good OIS, but has an unmarked aperture ring. Weighs 50g more than the 16-80, but looks to be a similar size. At 80mm the min aperture is around f/5.3 (worse), but at the wide end f/3.5 (slightly better). Yet to really go travelling with it so hope it works out well…

    Great video as usual, keep it up 🙂

  12. Thanks for a good review with lots of examples. I have been looking at the 18-135mm lens for a travel lens but I might have to take a closer look at this one. Isn't it great when all the kids get potty trained and big enough to take a long trip? Your children are all beautiful and good sports around the camera.

  13. One point I feel is important for people like myself (who haven't shot on anything but smartphones), is that, I don't know which focal lengths I prefer. I'm saving up to buy into the fuji system, and fully intend on getting the 16, 56, and 90 mm lenses, but in which order is beyond me. So something like this sounds wonderful to be able to discover what my preferences are, and buy accordingly.

  14. Been using this lens for over a month on my day hikes and am very happy to have it. I especially plan to use it on long backpacking trips. It’s been an excellent compromise for my need, despite its shortcomings.

  15. Well done review, Andrew. Nicely comprehensive. Looks like you guys had a great time in Hawaii. Glad you’re back safely.

  16. I love your reviews so much, Andrew. Really a big fan of your style, the way you talk and present information. Thank you for your hard work, I really appreciate it!

  17. Wonderful review. Your comments were relevant and clear. But the footage of your family really was the icing on this lens review cake! Sweetness.

  18. FUJI is sooooo unprofessional in this zoom issues and the Aperture/ exposure changing thingy really disturb video creation. Where's the constant aperture??

  19. I don't know, I love the look the 18-55 gives, it's really good for video, very "cinematic", not too sharp, not too contrasty, just perfectly balanced. And 18mm @ 2.8 can be used as a fast prime with OIS, now that is really unique (Fuji has no other lens that is as wide as 18mm, opens up to 2.8 and is stabilized). Plus, it's super compact, very well built and is dirt cheap on ebay. Those are pretty strong reasons over the 16-80 f4.

  20. Thanks for the review, Andrew. I love the black and white images you guys took – particularly at 13:38. Beautiful image!

  21. Have you updated to the latest firmware? Supposedly it improves the focus “tracking” during zooms. I’ve seen one review where it seemed to be much better, albeit not fully eradicated. BTW, big kudos to you for correctly identifying the “wobble” root cause as varifocal design, with firmware and motors trying their best to mimic parfocal “by wire”. I think it is akin to barrel distortion and vignetting corrections in firmware. These are all compromises to allow optimization of other design aspects. I’ve watched just about every YouTube video on the 16-80, and I think you’re the first one to understand/explain it correctly. Also, happy new year to you and your family!

  22. Have had it over a month, I think it's the ultimate getter of shots. Zoom range, close-up, low light, portraits, bokeh, inclement weather, video. I'm honestly thinking about selling all my other lens and keeping this plus the Samyang 12mm f2 and maybe the 50-230.

  23. I'll test it from tomorrow on a five days holiday in Helsinki. I'm still deciding whether it will be on the X-Pro3 or the X-T3…

  24. I'm not a pro photographer but I do enjoy pro results just to flex on my mates…so I'm finding it hard to decide between this and the 2.8 zoom…I shoot alot of video…so I don't know I the ois will be worth more than the glass on the 2.8…for the 200$ price difference….help!!! Also you should plan a travel to Kenya!!

  25. Do you wish to know what focal length prime to buy? Use some crazy zoom, go for a photo walk or take a trip to some photographically versatile place (so not 'only panoramas', 'only close-ups') import that to lightroom and check the metadata statistics 🙂 That's how I discovered that my fav. focal lengths are (FF) 24,50,85 🙂

  26. Bleh. I thought this lens was a stinker. Very soft focused at infinity/distant objects at all focal lengths, which means it is terrible for travel, at least for me. And I found the issue with shutter shock was enough to be a real problem, even with the firmware update. I returned it.

  27. As always I need to say it, CUTE KIDS! 💕

    And this lens seems to be perfect for travels and for those hobbyists that just need one lens. This and the 18-135mm seem to be the most versatile.

  28. You think 16-80mm has focussing problems? Try to put 18-135mm on any given Fuji camera and then try either shoot burst while zooming in or out all the way while using continuous auto focus OR try the same while shooting video. Each time any combo I've been using lost focus completely; sometimes I even needed to restart the camera. Those issues on the other hand never appeared while using my 16-55mm f2,8…

  29. It's an eye-opening review, thanks a lot. I can see now this lens is not going to replace any of my fuji zooms for video. It's hideous!!!! Maybe the worst zoom for video work I've ever seen. Even the humble XC16-50 does a better job. By the way, your studio cam has some serious issues with face focusing. It may help shooting without a cap or closer, shouldn't it? My conclusion is Fuji XT3 is a very capable video cam (which I use) but the lens range is completely inappropriate for handheld video work; primes are not stabilized at all and zooms are only suitable for stills, what a bummer! Yes I know they make beautiful cinema zooms but they are not stabilized and cost an arm and a leg so I'm afraid I'll jump ship eventually.

  30. I think it's important to note that if you're comparing to a full frame equivalent lens then it's an f5.6 not f4 equivalent. Both in terms of signal to noise and depth of field due to physics.

  31. Good focal range. If it were only as sharp as Fuji little prime lenses like 35-2, I would gladly buy it. But the reports are that it is not the case… It is even worse than 16-55-2.8, which I dumped in favor of little primes. No regrets.

  32. 16-80 is the sweet spot focal length of zoom lens that can handle sharpness and color acquisition end to end. I’m a Nikon guy but I respect other brand camera products. I’m just wondering why Fuji used f4 instead of 2.8 for more low light capability.

  33. Very nice review as always Andrew. This lens hits the sweet spot for me. I used to own 1655 but found it to be too bulky for traveling and not suitable for handheld travel documentary video. Nevertheless my travel combo was 1655 and couple fast primes. With the 1655 i always had to focus on keeping the footages steady with the means I have. With this lens getting stable footage even at 80mm is so easy.

    My recommendation for people who are considering this lens.

    if you have couple primes to pair it with 1680 definitely go 1680

    If don’t care about video and dont own any other fuji lens and want to have all in one best zoom for photo choose 1655

    If you are a hybrid shooter
    No question 1680.

  34. Love mine and it doesn’t leave my camera… fantastic all rounder. Agree with your review. Great channel .. subbed from uk . Happy new year to you and yours 🙂

  35. I’m a complete hobbyist and don’t use my camera enough (XT20). Have the 23 F2 and 18-55 2.8-4. So torn on whether or not to buy this; was thinking of getting something a little longer but I dunno. Appreciate the video, I’m still way undecided though!

  36. Nice travel video! You inspired me to make my own travel videos! Thats why I recently also started making travel videos, here is the link if you are interested!

  37. The faster f2.8, 18-55mm would be my first choice, especially for night shots. Having used the x100-f and s before hand, I've no idea why I'd need 80mm. Instead I always attempt to walk closer to my subject as the fixed lens system taught me. But I understand there will be reasons why this is not always possible. Nonetheless, the f2.8 takes some lovely portraits.

  38. Thanks a lot for your review. Reviews on this lens are a bit of a mixed bag, but I think I will buy it and thus replace my 18-135 travelling lens and possibly also my 18-55. The 16 is more useful for me than the 135 reach. Also like the improved IBIS.

  39. As you said in your comments Fuji does have and make Lens especially for video so that’s not the problem. You can shoot video with a Len Designed primarily for still photography which is capable of Shooting video but it’s not the same as a len pacifically design for video. If Fuji 16-80mm Len is good as a video camera Len then users would be complaining about the cost. But I am enjoying your video.

  40. Nice, thanks man. I've been watching your videos for quite some time (helped me decide to get X-E3) and I've been checking your channel frequently to see if you've posted a review of the 16-80mm f/4! I trust your opinion and endorsement as I tend to agree with your views 99.99% of the time… so this is great to hear that you've settled on this as your travel lens (as I've been investigating heavily to find which one to get in advance of an upcoming trip)!! Cheers and keep on shooting! 🙂

  41. Anyone using this lens on X-E3 ? I'm very used to the 23mm f/2 WR kit lens and unsure how much larger/heavier the 16-80mm will feel. Of course I can go to a shop and try it, but in advance of making the trip, curious to hear any anecdotes from users with my prospective config! I can actually fit the X-E3 + lens in my vehicle's armrest, it's so compact! Not sure that would be possible with the 16-80 lol

  42. Love the reach of this lens but hate the size – I even find the 18-55 too big since I don't shoot much on the longer end anyway. I wish Fuji made a solid compact zoom like the RX100 or LX100 so I could keep my kit light with a dedicated prime XT shooter and a second small camera for travel/stabilised video in the Fuji ecosystem.

  43. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. The man in the wheelchair is a very powerful image, "worth a thousand words".

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