My NYC Room Tour

My NYC Room Tour

[Applause] hello and welcome to my rhythm finally doing a room tour and my official in New York room because I'm actually like sign of these here and this is my nice space this dresser I got from Target and they actually like Miss shifted or something went wrong or they don't know pre-funding me but I got hit the dresser which was the plus so pop this for free and then I got this our genera which I love from off rap which is basically a similar to Craigslist but easier to use which I highly recommend for a minute fifty dollars is usually very expensive I keep some of my favorite products right here over here I got my jewelry you know a candle and this is the biggest closet I've had in years the closet which you've already seen if you've seen my closet cleaning video but actual space singing clothing like what a concept and I'm sure storage it's it's a plus I'm very very glad to have a closet debated I was like you know I don't get awards often I'm gonna put up a hundred thousand plaque so thank you guys for that this was gifted by my friend Carlene Thank You Kearney and she's doing great got it my other points are a little little iffy but she's she's thriving and then this finale fig over here is not doing is hot if there's any botanist out there let me know because she's she's really sad I think she needs to be repotted I'm trying to save her life this mirror is also from Target pre-pasted this is my bed my favorite place in the whole room I got my frame from Amazon for like $150 if I thought it was a great deal it is but after like two times of using it it's extremely squeegee so keep that in mind my art prints are from society6 I picked just like a random assortment of things that I thought to gather and then my pillows are from kind of just over urban urban borough just like a nice a nice mix this desk is from ikea moment this little lamp is and then i always like to keep a notepad by my bed as well as whatever book I'm reading most recently so if I want to lay it out like my to-do list right when I wake up or I don't get my thoughts out I keep this nearby there's a lot of rain of things from my grocery list so like what I need to do two notes on the book I'm reading so it depends and I'm finishing becoming initials on the end it's a great book I recommend so got this chair for free on the side of the road which was you know plus cuz I felt like it then match to the decor but it's like pretty broken like every time I try to sit in it I'm just I'm sliding all over the place but you know but I didn't cost me anything so good enough for me for now I keep some of my favorite cassette over here even though my cassette player broke it's just kind of nostalgic and I like to see my favorite artist right here has lasted and she's doing pretty good she beats me a lot of joy and fresh air and so this plant was a gift I got it as I spoke on a WWD panel I was the first-ever panelist oh god I'm nervous it turned out really good and they gave me my all like that's the best gift ever so fond memories I'm obsessed with this space it's this little woman's booty love having a base to support my little dead plants I got this recently from urban and it's just it's a favorite and then these pieces over here this is from Oman it's like my little souvenir that I brought back and it's actually a freaking Suns burner I don't have any frankincense at the moment but if I want to bring some frankincense I'm set this art print here also from society6 is inspired by piece of art by Matisse it's like very similar but like a little bit different so this shall is where I keep all my rings I know you're not supposed to pick up shells from the beach so I'm very sorry but Fletcher and I were on like one of our earlier dates and you're like gave me the show I'm like a romantic rock at the beach so it's sentimental and it holds my rings very low I just love it this little guy is my little souvenir from India just this little elephant that I got Jaipur my slowly growing library I obviously didn't have any books when I moved here because I moved here with like two suitcases and so I'm slowly picking them up from my first store isn't restrained and I want to have to it because I love reading and hopefully this gets really tall of times what I go for when I decorate my spaces is just trying to keep it as like airy and is open as possible while still being cozy and like putting in little touches of art I think adding small little pieces of cinema value always and I takes it up a notch they're like little photo they're little souvenirs from past experiences it just makes a new space little cozy and also lots of plants I love lots of plants I like to find things on the cheaper side so a lot of my pieces are trip dude or her on sale yeah I just wanted to keep it kind of like an open space that feels nice and fresh and clean but I can come back to out for like a crazy day in New York I'm just gonna I can breathe and just relax and this is definitely become that space which I'm really thankful for so I moved in here back in you where we give or take so if anyone out three or four months and it's taken a while to decorate and I still don't feel like it's done for a little bit of information because I know people are probably gonna be wondering I live in a Manhattan specifically lower Manhattan now instead of Brooklyn if you're looking for a place to live in New York I just recommend having like Zillow Trulia apartments comm tabs open on your computer at all times and basically just check it every 30 minutes cuz that's what I did for like two and a half weeks straight and saw so many apartments so it took a lot of like shifting and looking at different areas until eventually you were like let's just look at a 3-bedroom this was literally the first three-bedroom apartment we looked at and we found a third roommate who was the best friend her name is Natalie and literally Sammy's like the next morning I was quite a quick turnaround from like the mom boys all the apartments the moment we signed the lease and I moved in a few days later and so now we're here also going to disclose this because I know people will be wondering and I feel like every YouTube video on apartments in New York basically usually lists the rent right because it's kind of hard to have an idea of like what you can find in New York without really knowing the cost the entire apartment is five thousand and the AIA specifically pay 1800s for my room which is so much money yes I fully pay on my own I have been paying my own rent and bills for quite some time I don't have like rich parents funding me not that there's anything wrong with that I just you know I've had to work fair where I'm at so this is my space welcome I hope you enjoy finding somewhere in New York has been such a journey because I lived here in my own almost nine months ago and then I sublet it for four months which was not the best experience but now I feel like I finally found a place that's truly I get they call like home which is so sweet and special and that's why I just I'm very thankful for this room and the way it's kind of turned out and I'm excited to keep adding to it but it's definitely my life but I'll sing Cherie and the chaos of New York

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  1. Could you do a book recommendation video? Or yours favorites at the moment or all time, anything like that!!!!

  2. Fiddle leaf fig owner here! I just successfully nursed mine back to health from droopiness and brown spots. If you just got yours recently, I would say give it about a month and a half before it begins to acclimate to the environment of your room. Definitely re-pot it so you can check out the roots (mine was super wet); these guys like to be dry between watering and the brown spots might indicate over-watering. I stick my fingers in about 3 inches in different parts of the soil and if I feel any moisture, I don't water. Mine only gets indirect sunlight which seems to be fine. Don't give up on it! I was ready to call it on mine but gave it some more time and now it's perky and beautiful. One last thing – water with warm water because that won't shock the plant like cool water will and mist the leaves every other day or so if your room is low on humidity. Good luck!

  3. This might sound weird ..but does anyone know what size she got her bed frame in? I’m looking into investing in a nice mattress later this year and her mattress size is exactly what I would want. Lol. Please let me know

  4. you should look into getting an invisible bookshelf tower when your library grows! it gives you that stacked look but without all the instability

  5. Elena it looks like you're overwatering your little fig plant! Try repotting it and you can cut off the dry bits which helps it look a little healthier 🙂

  6. For your fiddle leaf buy a self watering container! My been thriving for 3 years now! I just fill the water container when its empty and that's it! And repot it in spring

  7. Congrats on finding your home in NYC! It is not cheap (especially Manhattan) but you have convenience and the city is so rewarding to young entrepreneurs like yourself 😄 I hope you keep making great memories and share some with your viewers ☺️

  8. I'm not botanic ;D but for my experience with fiddle leaf fig, from how yours fig leafs look like, i would say it is because its not get enough humidity, or soil was dry to long, but i bet on humidity. If you have posibility, tray water it ander the shower, and let it stey ther for10-20 minutes. Also a little of misting and puting some vase with water next to the plant can help. I hope this will help her ;*

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