Myanmar’s treasured temple, Shwedagon Pagoda [Battle Trip / 2017.06.09]

Myanmar’s treasured temple, Shwedagon Pagoda [Battle Trip / 2017.06.09]

Hello? Did you leave something at the studio? I have something to ask. Isn’t she a successful businesswoman? The look of a successful female CEO. Recommend me a good backpacking destination. We’ll go where you recommend. Go to Myanmar, Suyong. – Myanmar? / – Yes. Myanmar. Is it a newly rising destination these days? Yes, totally. It’s getting hotter by the day. – For backpacking? / – Yes, for backpacking. Myanmar is a great place. Myanmar is really clean. – That’s beautiful. / – The people are nice. They’re very friendly. There’s really nothing to be scared of over there. – The people are very pure-hearted. / – Pure. You’re right. It gave me a very warm feeling. So our opposing team is… – Who are they? / – Yoon Dujun and Son Dongwun. That’s a strong team. (It seems like everyone felt the same) So strong. You’re no match. They will employ their youth… They’ll probably do lots of activities. – You can feel their youth. / – Energetic. – So bright. / – So much activity. Really? Then I guess we’ll have to be on the move a lot. That’s right. And dress younger in brighter colors. Dress in youthful hues. We are dressed young. I think we’re dressed pretty young right now. – Travel earlier. / – Early in the morning? Yes, travel early in the morning. Make sure to have a concept in mind. – Okay. / – Thank you, Sook. Don’t fight amongst yourselves. – Okay. / – That won’t be happening. – Have a nice trip. / – Okay. – She recommended Myanmar. / – We need a concept. – It’s necessary. / – She gave you a good tip. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty exciting. I’m anticipating the trip. – Me too. / – The weather will be amazing. And I think the sky will be very blue. Then, let’s all meet again next week. Do we need a team chant? Let’s not make it superficial. Shouting, “Let’s go!” is too 1990s. Usually, you jump and land at the airport. (Boing) They’re dressed so colorful. We shouldn’t have done that. We’re at the airport. – We teleported. / – That’s right. We’re heading to Myanmar today. – Myanmar? / – That’s right. (However) What’s with his expression? (Myanmar’s aroma is blowing in from somewhere) Have you been there? It’s my first time. But you look like someone who just arrived. Don’t I look like a Myanmar local? It’s my first time but I’m so excited. Our key concept for this trip is “youth.” At times, we’ll go slow. – We’ll rejuvenate on the way. / – That’s right. When we have to be youthful, we’ll go with energy. Hence, we came prepared fashion-wise as well. – I tried dressing cute. / – The colors are so bright. He bought those shirts. – What’s going on? / – Hwisun bought them. – Like GD? / – Yes. (Bright shirts with checkered long sleeves) But I’ve seen this outfit a lot somewhere. My outfit? – Where? / – The public bath. That’s right. This is men’s public bath fashion. Men and women’s public bath fashion respectively. What are public baths like? They’re very comfortable. It’s warm. You want to lay down. Myanmar is like that too. So let’s go and enjoy ourselves. Sounds good. Suyong, couldn’t you lower the shirt? – It’s so high up. / – Really? (Korea to Myanmar takes 6 hours and 10 minutes) This is so exciting. – About 6 hours. / – Yes, 6 hours. – But you must get a visa. / – Is it mandatory? – There’s a visa? / – Yes, there is. It’s not hot. – Currently, it’s about 10:30pm. / – That’s right. “Youth” might be the concept… But we need to sleep. (He has aged rapidly) His expression is a lot wearier. – He looks tired. / – Let’s go to the hotel. – We’ll be heading to the hotel. / – Let’s go. – It’s night. / – Yes, it’s late. – Getting sleep is important. / – That’s right. The first day’s concept was to take it slow. Slow. – Myanmar is like that. / – They’re bare feet. That looks good. You have to take off your shoes for the temple. We go there bare feet. Now that we are going on an overseas trip, we should try their traditional costume. We should go to a market to experience their culture. – You should go to a market. / – And try food there. – Are you okay with that? / – Of course, I am. – It’s hot. / – It’s really hot here. They started the day early in the morning. Did you put on sunscreen? – Does my face look white? / – Yeah, a bit. His face doesn’t look white at all. Why would he say it looks white? Your face looks a little white but you still have dark skin. I should take good care of my skin. I didn’t know you care so much for your skin. We’re finally here. This is Bogyoke Aung San Market. We’re going indoors. It’s huge. This place looks like Namdaemun or Dongdaemun. – That’s right. / – The market looks very clean. There are a lot of tourists here. – Right. / – You can see a lot of them. This is Bogyoke Aung San Market. It’s very huge. I want to buy some souvenirs like that. – Is it jade? / – You can buy their specialties. It’s made with jade. Now that we are in Myanmar, why don’t we try their traditional costumes? – Let’s do that. / – I heard we have to wear… Their traditional costumes to enter the temples here. It’s called longyi. (Longyi is Myanmarese traditional costume) We needed them as we were wearing shorts. It looks like a skirt. Men wear that outfit which looks like a skirt. I can smell cloth. – They have pretty ones here. / – Right. – Is it longyi? / – Yes, longyi. – For men. / – For men? Okay. How much is it? – 5,000? / – 5,000 kyat. (It’s too expensive) It’s 10,000 kyat but she says she’ll give it to us for 9,000 kyat. 7,000. – 7,000 kyat. / – No. 8,000 kyat. Last price. I’m hungry. – I’m hungry. / – Yum, yum. He’s very poor. – He’s very poor? / – Very poor. – A poor man. / – I’m very hungry. Very poor. – Okay. / – Okay. Okay, wow. Color? – Purple. / – Is that $3.30? (They choose the colors for their longyi) (How do they put on the longyi?) – It’s long. / – It looks great. – I think it’s too long for you. / – It’s a long skirt. Is there a tailor here? – What? / – They make a knot in a special way. You can just tie the cloth and fold it in. Just like hanbok. – Like a sauna towel. / – Yes. She just twists it like that. – We couldn’t do it ourselves. / – Two twists and tuck. She tucks it in. That was around $3.80 each. Okay, okay. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Is this for women? They look like local residents. I see many people here are wearing something white… – On their faces. / – Right. I saw that too. – I heard it’s natural sunscreen. / – It was fascinating. – What is that? / – Sunscreen? – Is that it? / – It’s like sunscreen. – This is the sunscreen. / – Is this thanakha? Thanakha. – Is it a natural product? / – Yes, it is. They mix thanakha with water. Like grinding a millstone. This is fascinating. All the people in Myanmar wear it on their faces. – Everyone on the streets. / – Am I sweaty? Yes. (He sweats a lot) You need a lot of it since you have a big face. You can’t cover your face with a small amount of it. – You should buy two. / – My face is very big. This one, this one same. The color changes on the skin. This is ready-made. It’s very cool. I think this is the main street of Yangon. It’s the downtown of Yangon. – It’s quite urban. / – I know. This is the central part of the city. It’s the downtown. – It’s a Hongik bus. / – Oh, Hongik? You can find buses from Korea there. There are a lot of Korean buses. – I saw a bus to Ulsan earlier. / – Ulsan. There was a bus to Ulsan. That was amazing. That’s interesting. Let’s take a bus and feel the youth. – Any bus. / – It’d be fun. – Let’s go. The bus is coming. / – Already? The bus is here. Go! – The bus is here. / – Go! (It’s like he has a booster on his back) Suyong! Let’s go. Let’s just do that! Let’s just do that. Oh, wow… So many people. I don’t care. So many. So hot. He looks scary. That’s too scary. Weren’t Myanmarese people shocked to see you? He does look scary. Your head touches the roof because you’re tall? Yes. (Looks like he’s facing hell) (Looking around) There are too many people in here. This isn’t even rush hour. We have to pay. There’s a man who collects the fare in the bus. He collects the money. It’s about 20 cents. We used to have a bus attendant in the past. He’s like that. – He’s a young man. / – Right. Thank you. You should sit. – Sit here. / – Okay. Suyong sat on the bus. Because he’s in his 50s. – It’s cool. / – Yes, it is. We can appreciate the scenery on the bus. Yangon’s temples are so amazing. I’ve never heard much about Myanmar before. Look at this. It’s gold. – The entire temple is made of gold. / – Gold? Yes, it’s all gold. – The entire thing. / – It’s real gold? Yes. How did they do that? Does anyone try to steal it? – No? / – The people are kind. The nation is generally kind-hearted. That’s why they don’t steal the gold. (10-minute drive) It’s Shwedagon Pagoda. Are we here? – Shwedagon Pagoda? / – Yes. – Hwisun, let’s get out. / – Alright. (The young at heart friends keep taking the bus) – Get off. / – We’re finally here. – We’re here. / – Shall we go? Let’s go. There’s the crosswalk over there so let’s go there. – You’re so law-abiding. / – We must be. Let’s go. The sign says, “No socks.” You can’t wear shorts. – Well, then… / – No sleeveless tops either. – Starting here… / – That’s the temple? It’s the temple. – We have to take off our shoes. / – That’s right. Since we bought longyi. – We’re okay. / – We’re fine. – Is it the biggest temple? / – That’s right. It’s a famous temple? It’s the largest and most famous temple. It’s a must-see. – There’s an admission fee. / – Right. – That’s correct. / – It’s around 8,000 kyat. 8,000 kyat. – Seeing it up close… / – I’m so happy. Doesn’t it make you happy? – It’s gold? / – It’s all gold? – It’s all gold. / – Gold. How can the entire place be gold? At the very top, there’s a 76-carat diamond. – What? / – It’s enormous. It can be seen from a far distance in Yangon. That’s right. When you think of Yangon… – This place comes to mind. / – It’s unbelievable. It’s radiant. Just like Namsan is visible from Seoul. You can see the tower from anywhere in Yangon. – That’s right. / – Right? If you were to put a price on the gold in Shwedagon Pagoda, it could support all of the nation for 1 year. Isn’t that incredible? When the Shwedagon Pagoda requires repairing, the people of Myanmar donate their gold. In a way, it’s the heart of Myanmar. Everything goes through here. – It’s like a mental landlord. / – That’s right. I’m so happy. It looks even more amazing from here. At the very top, there’s a 73-carat diamond. It’s a 76-carat diamond. – It’s at the very top. / – Can we go up? – Is it sparkly? / – You can’t see it from down here. – It’s too far away. / – There’s a saying that… Swallows go there and steal 0.5 carats once in a while. It’s really huge. The tower? (Can he see it?) I can see it. I can see the diamond. Really? (They’re trying really hard) There’s a 76-carat diamond at the top. – It’s 76 carats? / – A diamond. That’s awesome. Is that gold sparkling over there? Even the body is made of gold, right? The entire thing is made out of gold. That’s fascinating. How much is 7 tons of gold worth? – Who knows? / – Who came up with this? They sell gold leaf paper here. You can apply it to a Buddha statue… – And pray. / – You can make a wish. On the Buddha… You apply the gold on it. – Gold on gold? / – Yes. – It’s 12,500? / – 12,500. 6,000 kyat. – For half. / – It’s half. It’s 12,500. How can half be 6,000? That means they take an extra 500 for 2 sheets. 6,000 multiplied by 2 is 12,000. That’s an extra 500. How can that be? – It’s more expensive? / – The calculation’s a bit… It’s better to buy two half sheets. Buy half then. – Hold this. / – Okay. – We’ll save 500 then. / – Right. I’m sure it’s bigger if you pay more, right? A full sheet should be 11,000. – Then it’d make sense. / – He’s like a businessman. It’s cheaper. It’s real gold. – Oh! / – Why? It’s gold. – Real gold? / – Yes, it’s real gold. Rich people used to mix this with soju. – So this is it. Amazing. / – Right. The gold is disappearing. I won’t be able to apply it. – Let’s hurry. / – It’s disappearing. Let’s go stick it on. – Where will you stick it? / – On the Buddha statue. – There? / – There’s a place next to it. This is where you apply it. There’s Buddha lying down too. It sticks just like that. – It just… / – It’s all layered together? – Layered together. / – Stick it on the Buddha. – Then you pray for what you want. / – You pray. With care… On an empty spot… Press the gold leaf paper. Stick it on. Then remove the backing. – Like a decal. / – Right. – Like this. / – The gold sticks? Looks like you took more from it. – It’s stuck to his cheek. / – Right. I prayed. For what? I prayed for you. To live a long life. I prayed for you to live a long life. (Please grant his prayer) If Buddhists go there, they would love it. It’s sacred for them. The entire country practices Buddhism. Many people with different nationalities were there. It’s all temples. (There are well-built temples everywhere) Let’s take a picture. (Take a photo at Shwedagon Pagoda)

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  1. i'm from myanmar!!!! but currently studying in singapore. you should go to Bagan too. It's really beautiful, and the view is amazing!!

  2. i'm a Vietnamese, i were angry because your chanel banded Vietnamese in vietnam watch full this program!

  3. when my sister was working in Myanmar, we always come and visited her. and when my sister went back to Malaysia she bought a ton of the yellow powder.

  4. I am Myanmar, studying in philippines and love korea so much……I feel kind of proud and happy seeing these videos.

  5. awe I was going through KBS's videos to find more The Return of Superman shows (LMAO) and I saw this
    I'm burmese but was born in the U.S.!

  6. 无论 你 是 撒旦 还是 佛教徒, 你 都是 异教徒, 伪君子, 异教徒, 恶魔, 老鼠, 猫, 还是 猫. 你 会 服侍 你们 的 恶灵.

  7. Thanks to KBS for coming and shooting documentary about Myanmar. I hope my favorite programs like 2D1N & The return of Superman will be filmed here in near future. 🙏

  8. I went Yangon 2~3month ago…with my girlfriend.

    We really had a happy time at there.
    Also i and My girlfriend want vist there again.

    Especially Myanmar people was so kind and honest even taxi drivers also 😁

    Beautiful Pagoda, kind people ~you guys must vist there someday only bad experience was at Myanmar Some of taxi drivers…they look likes indian or Pakistani for me…be careful of them..they was cheat the price for taxi 🙄

  9. I'm chinese but I'm born in myanmar and live in myammar.
    Myanmar people are really nice.
    There have many popular places.
    If you go there I'm sure you will be happy.

  10. တိုးတက္ခ်င္ရင္ တို႔ေတြယဥ္ေက်းရမယ္ ဝန္ေဆာင္မႈ့ေကာင္းရမယ္ ေၾကာ္ျငာေကာင္းရမယ္ အဓိက႐ိုးသားရမယ္ ျမန္မာ ေတြ႐ိုးသားၾကေဟ့ fighting

  11. Thanks for visiting myanmar. Although the country is developing country we are warmly welcome your guys.

  12. Please visit Myanmar. It is a very beautiful and peaceful country. People are very kind and friendly. It comes from their hearts. The United Nations has been unfairly treating Myanmar in a very heavy-handed way with regards to Rohingya issues. And the people in the world are getting the wrong impressions about Myanmar. The UN has relied mainly on the oral histories of the Rohingya people without concrete evidence, and labelled the event as “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide”. The UN’s accusation was very strong and harsh and it is far from reality. While the UN has investigated the Rohingya issue vigorously, they have swept away the other issue that had happened on the 29 September 2012 in Bangladesh. On the 29 September 2012, hundreds of Myanmar people who were living in Bangladesh for centuries were raped, killed, including babies, their houses burnt down, Buddhist monasteries were torched and were driven out of Bangladesh. Many Rohingya people from Rakhine went to Bangladesh and helped to kill as many Myanmar people as they can. It was in the Bangladesh newspapers. The event was planned systematically and some witnesses say that they have seen the local politicians amongst the many truckloads of people that came to destroy and killed Myanmar people. It was a premeditated and well organised event. More Myanmar people may have died in that event than the Rohingyas who had fled Myanmar recently. After that horrendous death of many Myanmar people in Bangladesh in 2012, the Myanmar government had accepted over 300,000 Myanmar refugees officially. Unofficially, hundreds and thousands of Myanmar people fled and crossed into Myanmar. Up until now, there is no voice from the UN about the 2012 event, but just silence. There were no known proper investigations by the UN and doesn’t seem to be interested in doing one. Why is it so? The UN has gone through the world-wide media campaigns against Myanmar and all sort of sanctions were imposed. Also, the world media and the UN is forcing Myanmar to accept the Rohingya people as an ethnic group of Myanmar. If you contemplate from the Myanmar side, it seems to be a very hard thing to accept them as one of their own ethnic group. The so called Rohingyas look the same as the people from Bangladesh. They speak the same Bengali language and have the same culture and religion. It is hard to believe that just by crossing a little dry river into Myanmar, one could turned into a Rohingya instantly from an original Bangladeshi. It is like a group of Myanmar people crossing into Bangladesh and calling themselves as “Mohinga” people, claimed to be one of the ethnic groups of Bangladesh, and demand an autonomous Buddhist region for all of the southern part of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh would never accept that. Similarly, the Myanmar people would not be able to accept the Rohingya as one of their own ethnicity. It is like calling a Ford a Mustang. Does that mean it is not a Ford anymore? If a DNA testings were carried out, the DNA of Rohingyas would match perfectly with that of the Bangladeshis. The UN has been pursuing the Muslim minority issue vigorously, accusing Myanmar of ethnic cleansing. But on the other side of the coin, it is not the same treatment for Myanmar people who had suffered atrocities and ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh in 2012. As far as UN is involved, so far, there isn’t any mention on the event of 2012 where many Myanmar people have died, let alone any criticism on Bangladesh. UN has never interviewed the local people in Rakhine, on how they have lived in fear of these so called Rohingya people for centuries, who were cruel, unkind, beheading locals and have no compassion towards non- Muslims. The UN’s attitude has been very unkind to Myanmar and it looks like it is so easy to bully a very poor country like Myanmar and yet turn a blind eye on what Bangladesh had done to the Myanmar people in 2012. It is so unfair and unkind. UN should also investigate on what Bangladesh has done to Myanmar people in 2012 – genocide and ethnic cleansing. The recent event of Rohingyas fleeing Myanmar started with the 5 Muslim men brutally raping a young Burmese girl and mutilated her body afterwards. The local people saw this and couldn't take it anymore. And then the Muslim ARSA terrorist group attacked the police outposts and hacked people brutally to kill them. Myanmar side couldn’t take the aggression anymore and that’s how all these things started. It’s a grass root level clashes. The reality in Rakhine state in Myanmar was that, at the grass root level, the local Myanmar people are being raped killed and had lived in fear of these people for centuries. The way these people kill the local people were always by beheading or slitting the throats. It reminds one of the similar tactics used by other terrorists groups. It also hints their sentimental links to extreme terrorists groups, although they wouldn’t admit it. However, setting aside all these things, in difficult times like these, we should be showing our love and kindness towards each other, instead of spreading hatred, as hatred will never cease through hatred, but only through love and understanding alone they will cease. Myanmar is ready to take back the Muslims who fled across, but they wouldn’t want to come back as most of them are those who crossed into Myanmar border illegally (the border is a dry river about 15 meters wide in summer). Please visit Myanmar and find out about the truth on how beautiful the country is and how kind the people are. There you will find a lot of mosques close to churches and pagodas, existing in harmony. In times of crises, the Buddhist monasteries are the places where the Muslims go for protection and food. The monks feed them and protect them. You will also see a lot of Muslims and Indians walking about in the streets and doing businesses. You will recognise them by the way they dress. You can see them living together in harmony. If you boycott Myanmar, the only people who will suffer are the innocent people who rely on tourism. Please visit Myanmar and you’ll find a very beautiful country with kind and friendly people.

  13. I hate the government of Myanmar and what it has to many people and the genocide that they just won’t stop!!!

  14. Hello Korean guy welcome to Myanmar
    You guys will be very confused to go in downtown
    But our Myanmar people are very hospitality

  15. ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံကိုကိုးရီးယားေတြေရာက္ရင္အံေအာစရာေတြေတြ႔မယ္ကိုးရီးယားကိုျမန္မာေတြကေရာက္ရင္အံေအာမယ္

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