NEO CLASH NIGHTMARE LUFFY! Stage Breakdown! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)

NEO CLASH NIGHTMARE LUFFY! Stage Breakdown! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)

what is going on my bird sees my name is Todd Sookie back again here to bring you guys yet another one piece Tricia Cruz video and in today's video we're gonna be going through the brand new neo raid Luffy nightmare Luffy has arrived on as a global first in the air raid mind you and in this video today we're gonna go through three different teams that I have for you guys today that all work reasonably well one of the teams is a little bit iffy but the other two are super duper good but anyways before we get into breaking down the dungeon itself I want to go ahead and talk about the actual unit nightmare Luffy now they have actually changed him up significantly from his original form he is so much better than his original form so this guy right here you can see his max stats unfortunately does not have a limit break but his statistics are still pretty good 3,300 HP nearly 1600 attack he has negative recovery but that really isn't a big deal considering what kind of teams you would normally put him on he is Captain ability we'll go ahead and reduce special charge time by one turn at the start of the quest and then boost powerhouse characters attacked by 3.5 times and then every single turn you will get a slight attack and HP production I believe it is point one of your multiplier is reduced so turn one your three point five next turn you'll be three point four times then three point three times etc etc etc and I believe you lose like five or 10% of your health every single turn when you have him as a captain nowadays it's not really a great captain when the original nightmare Luffy first came out you could actually run him on certain fortnight's because you could just beat them like pretty quickly but the good thing about this guy is is that compared to his original form he actually reduced his special charge time by one turn the original nightmare Luffy didn't actually do that so that's us that's a slight buff with his captain ability but even still you're not really going to be using him as a captain his special ability though is where the the big change comes in so it does heavy random quick damage to random enemies 17 times this is a huge upgrade he's likely going to be doing more damage I don't know the exact amount of damage that he can possibly do but I would assume that it's gonna be pretty substantial and the fact that it does 17 times is so good especially if you are up against an enemy that has a combo hit barrier you can you this special ability to immediately reduce 17 hits of the combo barrier this is gonna break down nearly every single combo berry in the game which is gonna help out so so much he also reduces all enemies damage threshold by three turns another really nice piece of utility right here and on top of that to finish up his special ability gives powerhouse characters a 1.75 x attack boost for a single turn so all in all I am a massive fan of this character I think they've done a fantastic job with upgrading the original read Luffy would have been nice to have him have a limit break so you could get some potential abilities like whether it be recovery bind or critical hit or just some other abilities would have been nice and even just a sailor ability would have been really nice as well but unfortunately that is not the case either way I do highly suggest you guys to farm this up because he will be a trusty character in the next month's treasure map and I think that having this guy available to your in your arsenal to build teams with is gonna be very very useful so that just about does it for the opening of this video guys let's go ahead now and start breaking down the brand new near raid Luffy so now we can get to talking about the actual dungeon of the 50 stamina Nero clash nightmare Luffy it's actually kind of annoying though because when they fully announce nightmare Luffy that was coming out and we saw the banner it gave us a fair idea as to what to expect in this dungeon but it literally did not tell us a single thing about stage 4 of this dungeon which is where a lot of people might struggle so what happens is is that Luffy he has 1.2 million health he's surrounded by some mob characters they have a 10 turns of defense up and they also go ahead and special bind your crew for two turns and you get four turns of bind on both of your captain's so you need to have a character that can remove the bind and the special bind and you can actually get around the defense naturally the defense that they apply isn't that high but it's just enough where it's like kind of annoying but it's not really a big issue that that blue defense shield is actually there one thing to note though is that if you do not kill the mob that is on the right hand side after turn 1 he's going to apply 9 turns of percent damage reduction so with defense up and percent damage reduction that is going to be annoying to get through also at the end of the first turn if Luffy is not killed he'll actually go ahead and give you a full board of block logs which again is gonna be quite annoying to get around so now talking about the final stage of nightmare Luffy on stage 5 he has give or take 3 million HP it's a little bit hard to determine how much he has right now but I believe it's about 3 million health so it's really not that much but he has 99 turns of delay immunity he has an attack up on his side of the field for nine turns for the first turn you can only use three specials per turn and it gives you a full board of block orbs and when you end up killing nightmare Luffy he fully recovers give you a full board of badly matching orbs and changes his typing into in so he does change color now even if you do kill him on turn one or even if you just wait one turn he'll still activate all of the effects you can see on screen there so after the first turn he's going to boost your attack boost your orbs boosts your color infinity lock your chain at one point one and then limit your specials to two per turn after that first turn of attacks so what you want to be doing is is activating a special on turn one that has multiple different boosts so multiple turns of all burst multiple terms of attack so that when he gives you those buffs on turn one you don't get given really small buffs by nightmare Luffy because they are very very minor buffs and it means that you can't apply your own ones so either having ways to remove beneficial effects or having ways to have specials that are boosting for multiple turns is gonna be your best bet against this nightmare Luffy so you guys just saw the team that I had with cutter curry which utilized the Sengoku special for three turns of old boosts and then with other special abilities around it was easy to take down the nightmare Luffy raid now moving on right now this is another team that I would highly suggest which is a gear four team which utilizes predominantly free spirit characters but the key unit here is actually the world clash ace or the ace that we were given as a reward for the world clash and as well as that Sabo as well they work very well together because with with both of those special abilities you're able to get the full board of matching orbs the two turns of one-point-seven-five attack and one point seven-five orbs and with the other character with shanks on the crew you're able to shuffle your orbs around when they get given badly matching on the next turn and just with these characters you're able to clear it very very easily you can honestly clear it with a friend Luffy or a comfy Luffy friend captain and your own world clash ace as a captain and run a predominantly free free-to-play team and that is actually able to clear it reasonably well there are actually lots of different teams that can clear this I've seen six plus and regular six star judge both clear it I've seen cheeky clear it I've seen come for Luffy captain's clear there are lots of different teams available here that are able to clear it obviously I'm only just showing three different teams in this video that I personally found and all of them were reasonably good I would highly suggest if you have the gear for Luffy lying around or cut a career lying around to run the teams you guys see in this video that were just so so easy and they didn't really take that long to clear either like they were like two to three minute clears which is pretty reasonable for an air raid as for the final team it's going to be a version to do flamingo team which is able to clear it but it's definitely the weakest in my personal opinion to the other two teams you guys saw in this video today now it is able to clear it but the main problem is on stage four with all those different debuffs that you get given with the fine the special bind it's just really annoying for dopey to get around it as well as the fact that doflamingo special ability literally does nothing in this raid because his special ability really doesn't damage the neo Luffy on any of the stages on stage four or Stage five just because of the fact that they have barriers and you know doflamingo special is unable to go through barriers there are other teams that I have seen where they use like a V to Durfee sub with a v1 law sub and you're able to use both of those special abilities to use the don't flamingo special through the barrier which is kind of a good idea so if you're able to build that that is actually a pretty pretty solid idea as well but just monitor flamingo I would highly steer clear of this one but I just wanted to show you guys that it was able to clear it as well our treasure map Cavendish is just super key after the rebuy because he gives you the full board of matching orbs and he gives you all those different buffs after the first turn and with Cavendish you're able to just remove those buffs and give yourself a really strong attack in or burst and he changes badly matching orbs in to matching so treasure map Cavendish is like a perfect for after the revive against the neo nightmare Luffy which is why I wanted to aim to use a driven team just to see how well it could do I mean this team could probably upgraded in certain aspects I mean the only good character I could see that could kind of work against stage for the nightmare Luffy was this Coliseum Gladius to remove the bind on the captain's as well as providing some sort of minor boost but I suppose if I had some more matching wolves you know moving into stage 4 this team would work a little bit better but anyways I'm gonna leave you guys with this and I thank you so much for watching this video today if you guys did enjoy it make sure you go ahead and leave a like and if you want to stay up to date with all the content I post on my channel including more one piece Tricia Cruz content make sure to hit the subscribe button down below and also hit the bell notification so you can be notified whenever I upload a brand new YouTube video on the YouTube channel but without further ado guys I will see you guys with in the next video

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  1. I had a double luffy/ace team, TM shanks, V1 Sabo, V1 Law and dex rayliegh (200k lock chain one) just barely cleared it. Time to look for a unit that clears all buffs

  2. im gonna be running a TM zoro/sanji team just because i wanna. kek.
    also the fact that it helps on stage 5 revive and colour change.

  3. i mean characters like this who have these sort of captain abilities are AMAZING for ranking missions if you dont have good enough units.

  4. Since he has negative RCV, I'm going to feed him some RCV CC. I have so much of it laying around, and I may as well use it on a unit that needs it

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