NEW Capital One Venture Card vs Chase Sapphire Preferred

NEW Capital One Venture Card vs Chase Sapphire Preferred

what's going on everybody David here today we're talking Travel Awards credit cards today's cards are the capital one venture card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred card first off if you know the channel please hit the subscribe button don't forget the little bell icon Z and give future updates on my videos okay so I've been wanting to do this comparison and because the chase are because the capital one venture card just announced that they're revamping their card I wanted to put them head-to-head and see which card should you get at this point and this is I should say which card would I get at this point I don't want to say because we all have different needs we all have different things that we like to do with with travel rewards credit cards so this card might be good for me but it might not be good for you let's look at both the cards in my point of view what I think about each one so the first thing I look at is the annual fee so the annual fee for both cards is $95 and they waive it for the first year so that's pretty much a tie you can't you can't beat that right they're the same price let's look at the bonus the bonus structure here so and we're looking on the left side here it's kind of distracting you have two here but we're gonna look at the one on the left so this is a venture rewards card now the bonus structure here is 75,000 bonus miles after spending five thousand dollars within the first three months so that's pretty good for the venture card and then you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred and you will be getting what is it fifty thousand bonus points that's after spending four thousand dollars within the first three months so the minimum spend on both these cards is pretty high you have four thousand for the Chase Sapphire Preferred you have five thousand for the venture card so you have to make sure that you can you can hit that minimum spin because if you can't hit the minimum spin it's not worth it to get the card so that's just my whole take on that so if you can't get that minimum spin don't even get the card you're wasting your time so I would I would have to give it to the venture card now not all points are created equal and the way that I use points is I transfer the different transfer partners so now that venture has transfer partners I can transfer these different airlines and then I work my points that way so I don't I never use their portal to to book travel I never cash out and try to get cash back I never do any of that stuff and the reason that capital one wasn't desirable to me in the past is because the cash back option or the eraser option that they have where you can just book your travel and they'll credit your account that's not something that was that was worth it for me and the reason that I say that as I like to fly business class or first class if I can transfer those partners to the transfer those points to different travel partners for 50,000 points I might be able to fly business class somewhere or for 75 thousand points I might be able to fly first class somewhere so that's what I like to do because those tickets for business class in first-class those tickets are three four thousand dollars whereas booking it using like a venture card if you have all those points and you try to just use the eraser tool and get credit back you spend four you need four hundred thousand four hundred thousand points in order to have four thousand four thousand dollars so that's my take on that so no all points are not created equal but in this situation you are getting seventy five thousand points compared to fifty thousand points and if you work it right you should be able to to get some really good value out of those points okay so that's where we go with that next thing we look at is the Earned possibilities and earned possibilities with this card the Chase Sapphire Preferred you're getting two times back on travel and restaurants worldwide so that's good but all other purchases you're only gonna get one point per dollar so that's important to note now with the venture card you're getting two times points on everything so all categories so that right there is better than the Chase Sapphire Preferred but not only do you get 2 times points on everything you also get 10 times points if you're booking with so now we're going from just getting 2 times points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred to get just getting 2 times points on two categories to getting 2 times points on all the different categories and then getting 10 times points on so just I mean they're earned possibility on this card on the on the venture card is just is really really good so that's my take on this the venture card wins it wins out right now when you do transfer your points with the venture card with the new transfer partners you're going to transfer two points you're only going to get one point five points back so you do have to understand that you're not getting the full value when it comes to points but when you when you look at it you can still do a lot with those points now for instance if I'm transferring with the Chase Sapphire Preferred if I'm transferring two points or from transferring one point I'm gonna get one point when I transfer so it's one to one you're not getting one to one with the venture cart so you are losing a little when it comes to that but you have to be creative in how you use those points so if I'm transferring it I really have to have a game plan so I can fly business class or first class but you are able to earn more points so it's kind of a trade off so if I go to a grocery store with a venture card I'm getting two points back for every dollar spent or if I go to a grocery store with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card I'm getting one point for every dollar spent you see you see kind of the difference so you could earn faster with the venture card and then transfer to your transfer partners whereas it'll take a little bit longer if you're earning with the with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card all right so venture wins that category and let's look at specialty benefits now this one was a little this was pretty hard because chase just offers so much more when it comes to benefits specialty benefits the only real thing that ventured the venture card offers is the TSA PreCheck and that's every five years so when we look at it just looking at that specialty benefits I would definitely have to say that the Chase Sapphire Preferred wins once in that category okay now the last category that I want to look at is the just the look and feel of the cards and I do this only because I don't know for me it is I like metal cards I like cards that are a little flashy ER so looking at at both cards I have to say I mean Chase Sapphire Preferred just it's just a better card it's it's metal metal on the inside plastic on the outside it's heavier it's just more impressive so I would definitely go with the chase card now if we look at the different categories that I just did five different categories so we have two and two and then we have one was a tie so there are pretty much comparable cards that's that's what I wanted to kind of figure out when I when I looked at when I looked at the new benefits at the venture card has now what card would I get right now now I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred already but let's say I didn't have the Chase Sapphire Preferred and I was looking at both cards let's say I'm not linked in to any any network or any group like let's say I have right now have chase cards okay so I'm in that Chase ecosystem but let's say I'm not in any ecosystem I'm getting a card maybe it's the first card that I get first travel rewards credit cards that I get I would probably go with the venture card at this point because it just offers more it's easier to earn you have the eraser tool you still have that eraser tool so you still have the credit so if you want to just use that as for your travel you can do that now you're gonna lose out on a lot of benefits by doing that but you still can so I just I like it for travel I think it's a really good card and now it's a really good card prior to this it wasn't a card that I would really look at but now I think it's it's definitely a good card to to look at so if I were looking at both cards right now it would probably be the venture card I'd love to know you guys think so please post some comments below if you like this video please give me a thumbs up please subscribe for more and I'll talk to you in the next one bye

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  1. venture if you convert to travel goes from 2 to 1.5 travel, csp goes to 1.8x .. soo tech csp is higher with travel protection

  2. The bad thing about capitol one is that visa is more widely accepted while capitol one isn’t 😭

  3. The Capital One Venture card is definitely a more beefy heavier card than the CSP. I've handled both in person.

  4. I'm a waiter and I'm into travel hacking I feel all the cards the chase card is part metal the venture card is full metal now they upgraded it recently a guest handed it to me it was impossible to bend while the chase card can still be bend I still think the chase is better bc you can transfer your freedom points over at 5x value if you max out the freedom categories you can grab yourself a nice flight once a year

  5. Just got my venture card and it’s a heavier metal type card. 50k bonus points once I spend 3k in 3 months. 824 credit score approved online in 3 mins. Thank you sir for the video

  6. I understand some credit card companies wont allow you to buy gift cards or things of the sort to reach the minimum spend for the bonus miles. Does capital one allow this?

  7. Thanks for the video. Question for you… how does the Chase Sapphire Reserve stack up to these two cards in your opinion?

  8. I have both cards. The Chase Sapphire Preferred is the best for renting cars because the card covers your rental insurance as primary coverage.

  9. When I Travel I Mostly Visit Family .. Rarely use Hotel's & Even if I Did im CSP all DAY!! The Only good thing about CapitalOne card is Hotel Category witch is not a Reason to get this card for lots of People. The People that get this Card Are people Credit that are not good Enough for Chase or they book lots of Hotels! 😀

  10. So it’s 2% back but a 95 dollar annual fee? Would just getting a 2% cash back card with no annual fee be better and save money that way

  11. When are we going to see a comparassion of the Capitol1 Venture card against the Citi Thank you premiere? Not citi double cash but Thank you premiere ? since Capitol1 likes to call there card an airline credit card which we know it's not but how about Capitol1 going against Delta sky miles either gold or platinum card or against Chase United or south west or even cit American airlines credit card a tier 3 card have you thought about doing any videos?

  12. You can transfer cash back from savor cap1 to venture card travel points , but the question here is how much is worth 1 cash back to travel reward? This can be like Chase trifecta but only two cards used. You get tons of cash back with the savor card.

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  14. 5:17 if you get the freedom unlimited paired with the Sapphire preferred, you're effectively gonna get the same 1.5x transfer rate on all categories as the Venture. Plus an extra at least 15k points for the FU SUB. 75k Venture miles comes out to like 56.5k UR points assuming in either case the points will be sent to transfer partners. So the 65k chase points from Sapphire and Freedom Unlimited SUBs will give you more on the bonus. Not to mention Chase will give you 1cpp as a statement credit without requiring it to be tied to a travel purchase.

    But hey as a single card i can see an argument for venture. Although Hyatt is a pretty awesome hotel partner for chase.

  15. I think venture is also heavy chunky metal card. my question is which one is easier to get approved ?🤔 great video thanks man.!

  16. CSP is the winner!

    All points are not equal. Capital One Venture (COV) transfers 2:1.5 ratio. Whereas CSP transfers to 1:1 ratio. Also CSP has 3 direct USA airlines to transfer points to. COV has none directly. Add on better travel insurance from the CSP and you have a clear winner.

  17. so with the first category annual fees a tie Venture 1 Sapphire 1 no no There are 2 public Offers Capiitol1 has the same spend 3,000 in 3 months you get 50,000 miles same as the Chase but you save 1,000 dollars.

    third category earning points and Miles I see that went to Capitol1 right now it's 2 with a tie with Capitol1 and a tie with Chase

    What do you mean by the special category I didn't understand what you said and what you mean?

    how about another category called downgrading which card is better Capitol1 Venture 1 or the basic Chase Sapphire both travel cards Not the Freedom unlimited which is a cash back card? you forgot about that category? ability to down grade to a no annual fee travel card which card is better?

    The weight of the card shouldn't matter. I think in all fairness Capitol1 won ? how about comparing the Venture card to Citi bank Thank you Premier or even Barclays Arrival and Both American Express cards Every day Blue Preferred , Green and the Gold?

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