New Romulus' ICONIAN Past | Star Trek Online Story Series E37

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  1. Will there be more from your Romulan crew anytime soon? I play out the Romulan story myself and enjoyed it immensely.

  2. It is quite impressive to see the accomplishments and progress made in so short an amount of time. As someone who has been visited New Romulus with multiple of my characters, it is quite the beautiful site.

  3. Mark is back! Woot woot. Wow I had no idea how detailed the Romulan story arc was. It really does feel like the next chapter in the star trek universe.

  4. When you eventually settle on the T6 Armiger will you be using a stock ship, or do you have a customized one in mind?

  5. Is Captain Hale going to be picking up the Space Ferrari–err, the T6 Risan Corvette to help out once he gets to T6? It seems to be exactly up his alley, and who could resist a militarized racer? Still, there is a bit of delightful irony yet to come with the various aspects of the Iconians, Mol'Rihan, and other bits and pieces to come. I look forward to seeing more.

  6. There is more in the Romulan campaign leading up to New Romulas. Those missions should be lookind into, especially the Romulan version of the missions on Nimbus 3.

  7. As a romulan character, that god damn first scene is arduous, as it’s an unskippable cutscene that replays every damn time you beam into the planet until your high enough to do the new Romulus missions….

  8. I like the "full circle" nature of settling on a planet that the Romulans used as a stepping stone on their original exodus.

  9. 18:17  please allow me to introduce my self I am a women of wealth and taste. I've being a round a long long time and laid many mans soul to waste

  10. It's just a shame Cryptic never got around to really developing the Reman levels (or serious Romulan development period…).

  11. I just noticed that the animations for people talking are extremely similar to the ones used in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

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