Nitro Tour Grand Prix!  - Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled LIVE STREAM (Grand Prix Opens at 8pm EST)

Nitro Tour Grand Prix! – Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled LIVE STREAM (Grand Prix Opens at 8pm EST)

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  1. You played for like.. six hours straight? Dude take it easy seriously..didnt your head hurts a little bit at least after that much time?

  2. Anyone down to play and do the Grand Prix challenges together? Hit me up or add me in PlayStation: AngrySpider_121


    It would be incredible that when they fix the online, add a mode that is called: "Seasonal online racing". And that they were online races that were only enabled by season, and that in such a mode of career was at random: the circuit, the laps of the circuit and whether it will be in mirror or not. Now, these are the important points in this way:
    1-In this mode there should be a world ranking of the players of the console. And the position will depend on the number of special trophies that X player has. And the Matching would have to be with respect to the number of special trophies of the players.

    Next the system of special trophies at the end of the online race:
    2-The first place will win 30 special trophies. The second place 20 special trophies, the third 10 such, the fourth 5, the fifth 1 and all the others -10, that is; that they will take away such trophies that they have achieved in another race, and if they did not have any special trophies, then nothing will happen (although it would be exciting if it were in the negative).
    3-At the end of the season, the 100 players with the most number of special trophies, will receive a reward from the game. And in the next season the world ranking will be restarted.

    What do you think of this mode, it would be incredible if Beenox added it? And if they agree, share this comment, so that it becomes popular and reaches the eyes of Beenox.

  4. Anyone else totally sick of full lobbies with nothing but green haired bandicoots and green everything else?

  5. Idk how to contact beenox, the reverse speeding grand prix challenge doesn't register for me, I did it like 3 times. You have to win a race doing the whole last lap backwards

  6. i ve massaged beenox, my data was totally errased even after patch … data corruption is still a thing, so do not do time trial just yet! like so everyone can see

  7. Was entertained by this whole video. Very very exceptional work on your videos! 👍 👍 👍 👍

  8. CGE Playing with Liz on Deep Sea Driving tho 😂😂

    CGE: I'm having trouble playing with Crunch and here I am with a Handling character.

    3 seconds later


  9. Oxide still has uka uka

    Honestly though this is crazy enough, give them time and everything will sort itself out. I am super happy with this Grand Prix

    Also is it just me or are the Wumpa coins making less sense now?

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