NJ TRANSIT Delays Continue Through Evening After Rush Hour Suspension

NJ TRANSIT Delays Continue Through Evening After Rush Hour Suspension

we were fire on a track near Trenton this afternoon brought most of NJ transit service to a halt for the entire evening rush creating a commute so crazy the National Guard was needed to contain the crowds hours later it is still experiencing delays of up to 30 minutes CBS 2's Lisa Rosner at Penn Station out with the latest a lot of frustration here at Penn Station as people waited hours for their trains to be called tonight just another Manic Monday for New Jersey Transit riders trying to catch trains they didn't know we're not coming the National Guard and police had to block people from entering the tracks and later kick people out due to overcrowding on the few trains that did arrive I got here and there were like ten thousand people it looks unsafe there's no message no real information I didn't even know there's a delay New Jersey Transit says an Amtrak maintenance car caught fire around 3:00 this afternoon near Trenton no one was injured but all trains both Amtrak and NJ T headed to and from that direction were held for about two hours that caused residual delays of up to 90 minutes well into the evening so tough some people posted on social media they had to spend hundreds of dollars on rideshare services to get home in time to pick up their children and it's not the first time last week it was like 45 minutes Alize frustrating just this past Thursday New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy boasted about a slight increase in on-time service and pumping fifty million dollars into New Jersey Transit next year to hire more train engineers and improve communication with customers so it's it fair to say by December riders can expect to see less cancellations less delays thanks to the new plan they're already singing you have to look at the data it's already happening you'll see a quantum increase I think by the fourth quarter of this year and it is not clear if this fire will impact morning rush hour service in Penn Station Lisa Rosner CBS 2 News

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