Northern Ontario Off Grid Hunt Camp : Canvas Tent Camping and Moose Hunting

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  1. Would have made initial( trips ) checking for moose and then look for camping spots ,not the other way around /just sayin . Looks like a nice camping trip !

  2. I'm thinking the lumber frame in the tent would be more efficient. Use the uprites for shelving and keepem from warping?
    Nice roomy tent. Beautiful area. Dig that wood stove too.

  3. Great Video. The scenery looks quite familiar to me. I'm from Geraldton and hunt and fish in 21a all the time. Am I correct assuming that this is in my neck of the woods?

  4. Too bag. No moose. I thought. Ontario was full of moose. There slim pickings here In Manitoba. Looks like you guys had a good time. Mice scenery. And good food

  5. Well I enjoyed that, I've never hunted moose, but if I did as old as I am I think I'd like to try it your way. Canvas Tent and Canoes, cooking on an open fire when possible, liked your tent stove. I liked the whole video, think I might investigate the Nova Craft Canoe, my canoe is heavy now need a lighter one.Thanks

  6. Hey great video and great channel! I just subbed you! Looking forward to watching your videos 👊

  7. Great video and the perch looked tasty. As a former Minnesota boy I have eaten plenty of fried perch although under warmer conditions. I 'liked' your video and subscribed to your channel.

  8. Those novas look like my old town canoe what's the prices on there's?? Just curious great video by the way

  9. Thanks , Nice to see what it looks like up there, from the ground. Liked you music also. Hope you can all do it again and took plenty of pictures for later.
    Later gets here quicker than you can imagine. ….A old hunter & fisherman that loved the woods. from South Central Illinois

  10. A lot of peeps thinking hunting moose is easy and not very "challenging" as you can see this video goes to show everyone that it's not as easy as many think it is. Been there and experienced this many times over the years and can truly appreciate the effort that these guys put into this hunt ! Good going, looks like you guys had a great time!!

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