Notre ROAD TRIP au CAMBODGE – Siem Reap/Phnom Penh – KEEP CURIOOUS

Notre ROAD TRIP au CAMBODGE – Siem Reap/Phnom Penh – KEEP CURIOOUS

Hello Curioous ! Helllloooo ! Today we are going to share with you our Cambodian experience We stayed 3 weeks in Cambodia We arrived in Siem Reap the city of Angkor’s temples That was amazing, we won’t say much about it here Have a look at the Angkor’s video Siem Reap is a lovely city we arrived at Christy and Sok bungalows they were our Cambodian host, they were amazing With them it was so much fun and lots of beers They also took us in nice trips we took the tuk tuk, all of us to the floating market A place were people are still leaving on the water “Indeep”, indeed Indeep? Indeed ! So we went there with Christy and Sok and all their expat friends that’s was great And on the boat Greg had some snacks Yes, local snacks And there, it was the night fair It was a fair, funfair That’s funny because there was some « shot the balloons game » and the prizes were soda drinks, some oil… And don’t forget the music Christy and Sok are the one who introduced us to the cup massage I’ve never heard of that before So we went to that Cambodian family house we ate some insects and some snails and duck eggs Delicious those eggs because they had a duck farm and a crocodile farm also classic..a crocodile farm Greg had a lot of fun too And then we went… Wait! before that I got my special mark with ink I got a tattoo, a Sak Yant you’ll see the video soon A traditional Khmer tattoo Ok just a look No no no And then we went to Phnom Penh, the capital The big city Very very crowded We were lucky because we found a very peaceful and lovely place a small paradise in the city calm and peaceful And what we did over there? We’ve met a fighter a Kun Khmer fighter Each Saturday, in a stadium there is a free live boxing match With some nice dance shows Beautiful Oh yes I remember And it ended like that on a K.O. If you enjoyed this episode send a thumbs up, a comment and subscribe See you very soon and don’t forget keep curioous !

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