Oasis of the Seas - 7 night cruise in 3.5 minutes

Oasis of the Seas – 7 night cruise in 3.5 minutes

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  1. This is reckless making a ship looking like another mall and charge 10k for attendance. soon they'll make ships from which you are not gonna be able to see the very ocean and there still gon be buyers. oh man

  2. refreshing to see a cruise video that is short but packed with lots of action.  Thanks for sticking to basic rules of what makes a great video!

  3. i  worked on tha ship  , i tell everybody  who  wants to go on there  , there is no  fun there , too many  rules for  guest that is a  ashole pain   for  exmaple  u cant  drink in whirpool  , u cant  not  fuck in pools , walk after 1 am for teens , may  things  more better  for  u guys be on  land   , if  u really thing  that  on shit  u can do  anythins  u WRONG  there is always a  crewmember stopping  ur    fun    , so thing  before 

  4. In this video/cruise we did not go to Passion Island (unfortunately). We "discovered" Passion Island on our next cruise and I agree with you….GREAT excursion!!
    You can see Passion Island in our Celebrity Solstice video and our Allure of the Seas video.

  5. he was our cruise director on freedom in may…and he was the best…the sock thing was funny…we are set up to go in april for my graduation present….can't wait

  6. Richard Spacey was our cruise director. He has definitely worked on the Freedom class ships so there is a good chance he might have been your cruise director before. He is the best (by far) I've come across in 9 years of cruising.

  7. Looks like fun!! Makes me want to go on another one. Who was your cruise director? Looks like the one we had on Freedom earlier this summer. He was the best!

  8. I've never been on a cruise over Halloween…..I'm sure Oasis will do something fun. Have a great cruise!

  9. We have always gone during Spring Break and the weather has always been great. Never had a day of rain in 9 years/cruises. Have fun!

  10. I know I shouldn't, but I keep on watching these vids. Thank you very much for giving my once again the butterflies in my belly to go on another cruise…
    Great video, thanks 😉

  11. Thanks for the nice feedback! Have a great time on your cruise and let us know if you post a video of your own! Who knows, maybe we will run in to each other on a cruise in the future and I can include you in one of our videos! 🙂

  12. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your fantastic video. We are going to be cruising on the Oasis quite soon, and your video has heightened the anticipation.

    P.S. You and your wife are just adorable, and I wish you could come with us to make such a great reel for our family, too! 😀

  13. When you are on the greatest cruise ship in the world…….there are no "bad" decks. There may be better decks or levels to be on….but I can't think of anything negative about deck 3. I would be happy to be sailing on any deck of that ship.

  14. I did that tour it was so cool and so much fun I had a great time our captain was captain patrik with a k and I loved our cruse director Amy and the only show we did not see was the ice skating on and my faveriot show was the dive show at the aqua theater

  15. I haven't been on Oasis, but I was on the Liberty last week, as the bridge tour goes, you can do a tour called the "All Access Tour" you have to ask at guest services, it isn't on the website. It runs only once during the cruise and it costs $150 a person (donation to Make A Wish). It's 3.5 hours long and it not only includes the bridge but almost every crew area of the ship.

  16. great video! I went on this cruise 3 years ago for my graduation gift and it was by far the best vacation I have ever went on. Your video captures it all and it takes me back every time I watch it. Thank you!

  17. The excursion was called: Chukka Beach Break and Lunch (you can get it without lunch but I would advise against it due to lack of other options). Youtube won't allow me to put the link here but you can find it on the R.C. site under Falmouth excursions. Have a great cruise!

  18. Your room is a good one and you will be happy with it. Having said that, my favorite cabins are the ones with a balcony with an ocean view. I've been to St. Marten a couple of times and went to a beach…..but not the one you are talking about. I'm not sure about the bridge tour. Have a great cruise!

  19. I have a couple questions for you! Im leaving sat.to go on this ship and im freaked out.. My first question is our rooms are on 9th deck looking at the garden thing is it nice? Can you ask for a bridge tour? and did you go to st. marten cause we are going their and I was wonder what beach it was to see the planes fly in and out?

  20. long time since i got goosebumps from a youtube video but this was so f*kn awesome. I got truly happy from watching it, really a dream of a lifetime to do such thing! Lucky americans accsess those ships easily. Diffrent from me :p Some day some day 😀 Never stop believing 😀 I love the video!

  21. your fucking lucky I been on explorer of the seas but the ship looks so much better but I think my director was the best

  22. Have a great cruise! When are you going? You and your classmates should make you own video! We are going on Allure this April!

  23. Great video! My wife and I had a wonderful experience on the Oasis in December 2012 to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Can't wait to go back.

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