Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continents (Screenshot of Travelers and More)

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  1. Are these new characters officially announced by Square Enix ? I did not saw any screenshots of them on official websites, where did you found them ?

  2. Makes me curious who these 8 are…. heck one of them could be Primrose's Mum for all I know and that would set up Prim's story in regular Octo.

  3. Como si está en japonés el juego me lo paso por lis cojones el japonés yo lo que quiero es un octopath en mi vida YA!

  4. I have my hopes up that this octopath gacha game will be as F2P as Azur lane,etc… because that the devs of the this game chose not to include DLC,microtransactions in the original switch octopath game(and I know that because the mobile game is free so it will have microtransactions unlike the switch game which is pay once get it all)so I am hoping that this game is going to be F2P friendly even if its a Gacha game

  5. Huh I never heard of this before? Octopath traveler is a great game even though I can't beat the final boss this looks cool.

  6. As much as I enjoyed Octopath, I'd rather have Bravely Third than a gatcha mobile game. Don't get me wrong, I realize multiple projects can be in the works at the same time but yeah, as good as Octopath was, Bravely is so much better…

  7. Ok, when does this come out for America, I need this now please. I love how this looks and I really like all the new character designs.

  8. I’m still working my way through octopath traveler on the switch but the game really stole my heart so I’m excited to see it continue as a sort of series

  9. I wonder if it'll be possible to do that rune blade + merchant combo… If not I'd still rock that rune blade, what type of game is this? Mutliplayer?

  10. I should get back to this game, stopped when I got anew game and haven't gone back but I know it's such a good game already (going through olberics first chapter, my 5th character that I'm getting)

  11. Square enix is shit, this game wasn't even good enough to warrant a mobile cash grab what the fuck is wrong with this piece of shit company

  12. Fuck all of you supporting this mobile cash grab and mobile games in general. fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. FUCK YOU

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