Octopath Traveler - Episode 1『Therion, the Thief』

Octopath Traveler – Episode 1『Therion, the Thief』

hello everyone I'm KZ and welcome to octo path traveller my newest lutsk life here for the channel and of course as this is launch day it's gonna be completely blind with the exception of some of that demo that they released I believe last year I had done some of the oberek scenario of that but it's been a while so I'm sure I've forgotten quite a bit of it as well as how this gameplay works this was a game that absolutely enchanted many of us back when it was revealed in 2017 in January at the Nintendo switch event that showed off some of their exciting exclusive games and you know how that system worked this is a 16-bit JRPG done in the modern day and that looks really novel and beautiful lend I'm very interested to jump in so let's get started and I hope to those who are also playing the game who will play along with me though it may be a bit difficult in this game because we have to make a choice here there are various different characters that you can start as their eight main characters given via no octo so they're all very distinct now going through this I had I was kind of undecided on which character I would start playing the game as and I believe that we're gonna use the one that's being used as the thumbnail art for my LP which would be this guy very odd path action Steele talent pick lock your name is Spherion and you are a thief while your past is a guarded secret your exploits are known foreign one near whispers of your extravagant heist strike fear into the hearts of the wealthy drifting into the cliff limbs one day you hear a rumor of great riches to be had you set your sights on a mansion said to be impregnable only to find when you never expected let's get started I did not expect the music to sink like that ads dope the usual as you like it I heard that thieves added again really what's he done this time lifted everything off about you leave the girls Smitty guess he didn't read his bill that that fantasy matter the other time still can't believe he made it past all those guards I'm sure the move the better for him they were more like decorations than actual guards ain't no point swooning over someone else's work someday we'll make it as big as that thief and then we'll be the talk of the town yeah you said it partners in crime huh its theory invoice by Chris neo see I think it might be sounds very similar this 10 years ago our paths crossed in a particularly dingy gaol remember that meeting well after all had quite the influence on my career I'll meet you huh impudent brat you'll learn your mat is the hard way just like the rest I see you get the same warm welcome I did and who are you a no-good Tea Leaf who got caught in the act just like yourself oh really just like me huh well you look a lot worse now we'll get used to seeing this ugly boat you I ain't getting prettier any time soon these guards think they can beat the attitude out of us and they don't go easy on no one here least of all teapots like us sounds about right so ready to be good little boy and play nice with the guards are you nope and I don't plan on staying here till they change me mind see I got me a pin here to unlock the door hey what do you think you're a little busy right now try using this instead the key where'd you get this snatched it from the guard once he was all riled up look at the Cobblers on this one now let's get out of here the name's Darius mate theory on partner well theory on looks like you and I are officially partners in crime sweet memories fill it up there you go beg pardon would you happen to be after them Ravens treasure if you are I suggest you think again heard another would be fortunately was tossed into dungeons yesterday so what's the count now the school maybe more but house Ravus ain't known to be kind to those you covet their wealth still for these can't help but flock to that matter like moths to a flame suppose it's all those rumors you know Richard some say it's enough to buy up the whole town and then some just one town what about the neighbors can't say for sure no one's ever seen the treasure even that master thief they keep talking about would have more than his hands for a perfect tail for the tavern look when you've been in the business long enough you can tell things at a glance you're a smart and skilled young man probably have a long career ahead that's why I'll say it once more stay away from that Manor thanks for the advice next time I'll have a tail of my own they say that Ravus manners up on the top of the mountain we're only the richest of the rich lives use the radar on the bottom right to check the area and find your heading the green thing is the story the orange one is the side story the feathers the save and hidden items are marked making them not actually hidden press hard to turn that off though okay stop so I'm totally in the mood my my new controller for the switch came in one of those 8-bit dough or 8-bit do SNES controllers with analog sticks on it to truly put me in the classic mood let's go ahead and mess around with some stuff here if we can of course we want English because this dub seems fine and I totally at the last second there was a deal we'll search it and yes I was right Chris neo C is totally voicing Syria which a pretty done deal alright so the voices are adjusted HD Rumble I don't I don't I don't actually care will keep the battle cursor like that alright I'm glad that everything's preset properly all the menus here just look really really nice presentation is key and it's very good very very good kind of feels and looks like a pop-up book in a way don't say well you want something from me good folk on the middle level a reasonable lot at least they don't look down their noses at us like those snooty Nobles doesn't mean they all think highly of each other though we do have a – feels good it's always fun when you start a new blind l feel like that's especially a game that you're really anticipating because you kind of start assessing it like mmm yes of course because I remember basically none of the demo so I'll just assume this is a nice improvement here in Boulder fall the four types live below the wealthy up top us yes we're somewhere in the middle the cliffside stairs will take you down to the commoners district it can get rough down there so watch yourself and here's a save slot I was told that you can totally like do all of the stories on once a file which is good but I was also told that this game is very much nonlinear in how you play it there's there are some talk about how these stories may not actually connect at all which is interesting we'll see how this all plays out it seems to be doing different things found ourselves a stinging dagger have a have a look here here we go we could switch it out for this right here what is this this is physical all right so that bumps it up easy down there it ups my evasion by 12 and increases my physical attack by 19 when they give you a nice little rumble can I say that I'm a big guy about presentation and menus and all of this just feels if I was to say a good way to describe the game so far immersive comfy a lot of stuff like that hello to you welcome to Boulder fall the largest settlement here in the cliff Glen's all right how things where I should be going all right it's uh keep moving and not every NPC is uh you can talk to which i think is all right ooh there's a there's a nice level of Rumble when you go through doors still really um really helps the make it a bit immersive god this is such a treat for the eyes with staircase to the efj leads to ray versus manor the truth is it's the most well-guarded place in town and they turn almost everyone away the gate I'm just gonna say I maybe fellating this game for the first couple episodes it's just something that's probably gonna happen I want that treasure though man what do we got what do we have here if I didn't know better I'd say they were overcompensating for something all right change posts you there yes yes sir listen up stop dragging your feet walk with purpose we're getting paid a fortune for this job dude with pride well I'll be damned it's like an army just what kind of place is this I'm the head for those of like Rottweilers not even now if I said the right breed of dog we're good mmm I don't like that hmm those guard dogs look at vicious and that's not all the walls are lined with wire one false move and it'll sound aniline no doubt yep trying to scale the walls will be more trouble than it's worth what's this now listen what part of no visitors allowed do you not understand exactly the Ravus a–'s have more important matters to attend to than entertaining riffraff like yourself it will take long a swear hun merely immersion looking to immersion you say prove it prove what I came to show the lady of the house some of the finest fabrics in the realm and we're supposed to take you at your word if you can't show us proof you can show yourself out but hi fine I'll leave I swear the nerve of these hoity-toity types oh ho never thought the front door will be the easiest way in time to get my hands on some proof so are we going pull on lock for this posing is different different characters they did say that you know aspects of this would be a bit reminiscent to Final Fantasy 6 so I do believe it's kind of like in the way that they said bravely default was an evolution of the combat of FF 5 and this is kind of like that as well for FF 6 which wouldn't be too surprising let's go ahead and equip the iron helm that's all hot more physical defense like 25% more basically we reap those rewards see if we can find ourselves a way in and what do we have here well if it is an armed merchant friend no those bloody rave is's don't they know some of us have to work for a living turned away at the gate join the club you too but why they're doing it to everyone rumor has it they're guarding some very treasure inside but I'm not after their treasure I just wanted to show the lady of the house my wares then they told me I needed proof as if the sack of silk dresses is it proof enough right indeed you'll need a letter of introduction to get inside a letter what house Ravus only does business with the most esteemed merchants and traders so how can I get one of those letters it's not easy that's for sure first you have to make a name for yourself here in town once you've proven yourself a reliable trading partner then and only then will the rave is's write you a letter I said you could count the number of people who've earned one on one hand well that sounds like an awful lot of worker you sure there's no other way I can think of at least one I'll do what thieves do best lifting it from the pocket of someone who's done the work for me utilize each character's unique action to overcome any obstacle path actions can be done with the Y button theory on can steal things oh wait let me sick Steele success rate a hundred percent to get an enlightening earring sure huh I trust you won't be missing this oh this is this is so cool whoo-hoo you have a lot of things shadows bunch of different soul stones I'll take the shadow one oh can I just steal everything hi sure she won't be missing these powerful items I'm assuming those are battle items that I can just use on the fly I guess we could check yeah and it does oh it does it to all foes guess I should just steal from everyone get all the things Hey look we got some big uns to the right just out of curiosity how long do you plan on following me huh so you've noticed for thieves you aren't very discreet need a keener than most friend as we are we could tell you've come for the Ravus fortune if the armies surrounding the manor is any indication it's more than worth the trouble and have you actually seen this treasure we don't need to see it just look at what they've got Guardian guards dogs traps you name it they got it and and you came all this way to warn me how thoughtful I suppose so look we've got a proposal for you no thanks and I've got an answer no listen just hear us out mate we can help each other yeah my partner here has been inside he's seen the traps they've set up closed hell's he walked straight into one and set off an alarm shut up he said you were gonna tell me what about that anyway I got out just fine and we're here now so what do you say it won't be easy carry all that treasure on your own give you a helping hand nope I've already got two hands that's enough for me see you think you're too good for us is that it I'm a thief not a nanny Wow ungrateful bastard that's what you are are we done here listen I don't have time to entertain you clowns I have places to be you're not going anywhere by now get out of my sight yikes he with mate aw geez mate boy thieves you won't get away they're onto us partner Darius this way Oh got it we lost them find them they can't have gone far let's check the back alley all right they're gone we should be safe for now that one better and expected I wish they could have seen the looks on their faces they deserved it for treating us like teapots we might be small but we're smarter than they'll ever be you can say that again we put our loaves together no one can stop us take a butcher's at all the loot we got it is a shame and it's quite the haul show a little more enthusiasm me this is all ours now right we knew what we wanted and we took it with our own hands that's the spirit all the world's treasures are ours for the taking and if you say so partner that's why I do mock my words we're going to be the greatest he leaves the world's ever seen but we didn't even need combat that's how much of a difference there is between Tyrion and those two thugs Darius but this is no time for nostalgia I need to get myself one of those letters I also need to give people a Fivefinger discount who needs the shop when you can just do this energizing pomegranate you guys know how much I love pomegranates it's only talkable NPCs to us I like that this is the early the beginning area for him so no one no one is able to stop me there's not even a not even a hope if if the people making the game are smart there will be like nothing for me to get down here I'm willing to bet that I'm not gonna find much in the lower areas here nope nope they totally have stuff now I should just probably feel even worse right spear of Justice hello I'm just I'm just finding like weapon stuff when you've been in the business as long as I have the rave is's will be begging you for a visit it's all about experience I love money work lucky for me your experience hasn't taught you when to keep your mouth shut alright so we found ourselves a person of interest someone who could potentially get us into that manner so with that I will bring our first episode of octo path traveller to a close so far this game feels incredible incredibly engaging intriguing and I hope you will stick with me for future videos I'll see you guys tomorrow because they're of course episodes of this going up same time every single day until next time everyone

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  1. I bought this game when I first bought my Switch I wasn't expecting anything at all I just grab it and I'm like whatever something different instead of Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon. Oh man this game is amazing story wise and gameplay. I started with a Therion and he so cool.

  2. Hey Brother from another mother, Sista from another Mista, broski from another Hoe-ski? lol jesus they were terribly bad made up on the spot insults, i think i need to work on them lol. Quick question, im a subscriber, love your channel and LOVING this game, do you think or even know of any plans for it to come out on any other systems? And also, are they making some kind of sequel that you know of? Thanks man

  3. It's weird that the good characters if you play as them agree to help Therion steal something.

    Even weirder considering that Olberic, Cyrus, and Alvyn left Tressa, who I'm pretty sure is in her teens, unattended in a tavern for me.

  4. I started my playthrough with Therion, and it was the best decision I made. I made him almost untouchable to physical attacks with an evasion of almost 900, and giving him the warrior subclass (And also giving Olberic the thief class), I have two powerhouse damage dealers that can heal themselves and restore their own SP with Steal Health/Steal SP. And I can get every chest and steal from everyone (Save for the Forbidden items, which I need Tressa for)

  5. The next person i hear say "Classic" or "Retro" or "Oldschool RPG" or "Of all time" is getting shived.

  6. YES Therion! That was my first character as well. I picked up the game yesterday not expecting much but so far its great!

  7. I can't get this game yet because I don't have an overabundance of money.
    I think the best character to start with is Cyrus.

  8. So excited to watch this LP! I'm playing too, I started as Cyrus. Liking basically being a detective with him so far, and analysis skills are always useful.

  9. I ended up starting with Cyrus, will definitely come back to watch this once I get to Therion though! 🙂

  10. Nice. I went with H'annit and have joined up with Therion and Tressa. Lovin both the game and this lp so far!

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