Oculus Rift: Star Trek Bridge Crew | The Completionist

Oculus Rift: Star Trek Bridge Crew | The Completionist

I’m so pumped that all of you guys liked my Rick and Morty BR video it really put a smile on my face to see all of you guys not only digging the gameplay but the reverence all the jokes and bits from that show at the end of that video I made a little bit of an announcement but I’m doing a video on Star Trek bridge crew well today’s the day I invited my friends lasercorn and so hinky from Smosh games to play with me this game requires multiple pals that each have their own oculus headsets now you don’t need to have an oculus land party like I had as the oculus has a built-in microphone so you can talk to your buddies in any game but we often for a more personal and literal Star Trek bridge crew experienced a huge thank you to the game company servos for letting us use their facilities to film this video without them this wouldn’t have been possible so with that we’re going to talk about Star Trek bridge crew ah miss oculus PR lady how’s it going hey what you want to give me even more money to talk about the oculus rift plus touch summer of rifts ale I don’t know I’m not sure I can fight about that hmm I’ll only do this if I can sell the oculus as if I’m a used car salesman what’s that you’re in well then hey there J Merce have you ever wanted to say to yourself get out of my room Brian I don’t want to go to Boy Scouts anymore I want to play video games this is why you’re not my real dad well don’t you worry hi my name is Brad Tocker ttyn and welcome to telecourses VR Emporium listen I’m all about breathing relaxing having a good ol time and getting that good job ro from that weird Greek guy down the street before when it’s summer time early boy do I got a deal for you introducing the oculus rift lost touch the latest in escaping your room from you and your stepdad tried to force you to go to Boy Scouts or cotillion if you had one of these bad boys you can play all kinds of awesome games like raw data Rick and Morty be our super hot VR and my favorite of all time Brian’s step-dad simulator from I understand again in personal space these games are fun these games are good these games are hot yeah they are so hot yeah you guessed it we’re slashing practice it’s summertime more specifically it’s the summer of rift which means the oculus rift will touch has a low low price of 399 whoa that price is so hot it’s making me sweat what do you do what are you doing what are you doing trying to get sweat down what sweat sound sweat sounds so what are you waiting for click that link in the description down below get rid of that number that’s not a real number I don’t want that on screen that’s not who put that there who put the can get it can be cut I don’t want like that link in the description box down below and buy one today the oculus rift lost touch get one and I’ll give you a sweaty hug and a gyro Oh Gerald your gyro gyro was you you’re offending the European people it’s zero I know I had one they’re delicious Star Trek bridge crew is made by Red Storm entertainment if you’ve had dreams of playing a Star Trek game that takes place on a ship like the enterprise well then you’re commanding dreams have come true the reason why you should have at least one person playing with you let alone maybe a full team of four is because each person controls one seat on the ship and assumes a responsibility together all four players must navigate through time and space to explore uncharted territories of the galaxy rescue other ships that may have run out of resources or under attack and sometimes be a bodyguard for another crew so let’s talk about the role the captain is the one who sits in the big chair overlooking the entire ship and galaxy in front of them the captain’s main role is to look straight ahead and tell people what the a’chicken currently is literally that is the role of the captain using the mini screen the cap you can highlight the current objective which they can then convey to the crew as to what to do next while it’s an important role I feel like it needed to be developed just a little bit more although I will say so he keep found out of there was a red alert button and that just led to us messing around quite a bit though I give you here here no no I’m here right right who’s the captain captain we’re not a pub we have a lot of problems anyone else heated ears I don’t have I would like a beer oh dear we don’t have this next down like a renovate the helm officer is the one who controls the ship where to go how fast what direction the height what type of movement the role may be the most important now as the helm officer you do not have the ability to go to warp speed at any given moment the captain must tell the engineer to set the ship into warp mode before the helm officer can come into that warp which when it comes to the warp let me tell you it’s super hard to not want to raise your hands in the air when traveling through space it really is like going on a roller coaster Hey get a plan yeah boys put your hands up I wish they had a little rollercoaster snapshot going to get a picture where oh yeah they’re flying in my experience as the helm officer it was a lot of fun to navigate the ship but it became stressful at times as you can’t always see the ship as well as you like luckily everyone comes with this like third-person ship perspective to observe the outside of the ship this is very helpful especially when you’re floating around through asteroid fields and there’s explosive mines everywhere if you get pretty dam intent as a minor note this ship is not designed for dogfighting so if you’re looking for a full-on space warship that’s fast you may want to think again hands down the most fun roll is the tactical officer the most important seaman tactical officer does comes down to two functions saving lives and murdering lives essentially this officer has to scan ships looking for life-forms scanning unidentified flying objects in space or atmospheric anomalies and inform the captain of what the next steps are while they discover new information it’s up to the tactical officer to either blow up the ship in front of them or start rescuing lives off of that ship unfortunately they’ll have to think exactly which one they want to do and commit to it because rescuing and shooting isn’t something you can do ultimately this role is the most diverse and fun with regards to space combat there’s two types of weapons you can shoot the phasers and the torpedoes torpedos are limited so you’ll have to use them sparingly but the phasers are on a recharge both of these weapons are capable of locking on and you’ll get good at spamming the weapons around what’s really sick is that everyone at every station has the ability to hack or mess with incoming ships so you can disable weapons and shields of nearby enemies that are causing you some problems if you and your team can balance that and you can kick a lot of ass then we have the engineer who has four primary functions decided the ship is either in warp mode or impulse mode repair the ship from heavy damage arm or disarm shields and decide where the power the ship is distributed this role in earlier missions unfortunately is a bit boring you’ll do a lot of sitting around and waiting diverting power accordingly yes they can control how capable the ship’s movement is what the damage output of the ship is set to and they can decide how much of the ship shields power is actually being used but honestly they’re the crisis manager their job only exists when a crisis takes place to give you an idea because it was only lasercorn sohinki and myself we often switched back and forth between the roles that needed to be taken over and that role was the one we left alone the most all the intricacies of working together as a team as well makes this game so fun everything is easy to use mit feels very much as it should using the touch controllers feels great you really feel like you’re on the enterprise which is the point of this game however I’ve got a few glaring problems that made it hard to truly enjoy everything this game has to offer first off there has to be a way to make every role exciting I know that may not be Star Trek in its lore but if you were a part of a ship and a crew you really want to feel like you matter if you get eaten the captain or the engineer role you kind of are useless while your friends get to be the true heroes unless you role play as much as you can which we did should we scan the coolest and be done with an objective or should we help the render we should help a civilian vessel yeah cool all right let’s scan the toys not sure you have to get the right all right boys calm down it’s okay other than another cooler and an S cool just keeps getting all the coolant it’s a little further ahead gas deborah give me a cup of coffee please these evoke democracy help capnography all in favor of coffee finger up great I like a coffee please Deborah get us the coffee please raah Deborah cheese as no fee cap it’s not noogie cap which brings me to my second point this game is only fun if you’re playing with friends teaming up with strange doesn’t seem like it would work that well from a streaming aspect this game would be incredibly awesome to play with a great group of friends maybe even role-playing as hard as we did but the fun doesn’t leave the realm unfortunately my third point is if the game’s gameplay is long and repetitive you and your team will have fun flying through space sure but you’ll get burned out real quick especially since these missions on average are 30 to 45 minutes long like I said your imagination will take you through a lot of this my fourth final and biggest gripe with this game is the price tag it’s 50 bucks that’s a lot to ask for for a game like this I feel like even the most rabbit of Star Trek fans would be disappointed with that price tag yes you could argue that the gameplay is there and that there is a single-player campaign as well so maybe there’s value in that but with a limited character creator a few rolls of don’t seem to matter and repetitive gameplay with a ribbon of this price tag it’s hard to justify wanting to play this game but I want to reiterate that the reason why this game ended up becoming such a blast is because I play with the right group of friends who wanted to really dig deep into the game we played for hours on end to the poor where we had that oculus red imprint on our foreheads overall Star Trek bridge crew shows off the potential for big oculus based team games but for that price tag I’m sure someone else out there is coming over the team game that we’ll learn and grow from this rough-around-the-edges experience so those are my thoughts on Star Trek bridge crew let me know what you think in the comments below and hey if you liked this video if you’re interested in an oculus hell if you buy an oculus because of our videos please let me know in the comments below tweet at me tweet it oculus and follow those guys for all their awesome support they’ve been an incredible team to work with and I’d love to make more videos with them like this once again a big THANK YOU to lasercorn sohinki and Amy for helping me get through this they truly made this video possible so with that said that’s it that’s all guys and I’ll see you guys next time you

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  1. VR is in the pre-NES stage. As soon as the big companies start developing for it, it's going to take video games to a whole new level.

  2. So you're saying that there are long stretches of boredom with unequal weight given to the various roles?

    Sounds spot-on for the source material!

  3. Honestly, this is the type of Star Trek game I've always wanted to see. Don't have any VR equipment right now, but this is one I'll keep an eye on.

  4. Red Storm developed this game?! The guys who made most of the Ghost Recon games made a VR Star Trek bridge simulator!

    Talk about changing things up…

  5. Could you play the Starcraft 2 campaign? It's challenging, but still completable, and now that the whole game is out and it just celebrated it's 7th anniversary, it would make a great video.

  6. Friendly reminder folks, all these games are on the Vive as well, and they don't have creepy business practices.

  7. Went to Best Buy and bought the Rift+Touch and an Acer Predator 17 laptop after watching this video. Been playing too much Robo Recall.

  8. who saw the last game "Brian stepdad simulator for not understanding to give me personal space"
    and noticed Bradley and realised your name is bradley, like this comment if you the viewer noticed this

  9. Hey Jirard, I was just running through older Completionist vids, and got to watching the Sonic ones and a realized something: It's a running gag throughout almost all gamers that Sonic games just aren't good anymore, but there's one you did not do yet that I have fond memories of, and that's Sonic Colors! I actually thought that game was pretty good for what it was, and maybe if you give it a try you'll show the community that not all Sonic games are that bad!

  10. My highest rated reccomendations for games you should do on the show:

    Any from EA Skate series (Skate 2 is the best and Skate 3 is a close second)

    Anything in the Fire Emblem Series (Best to look at from a completionist viewpoint would be FE Awakening on 3DS)

    And lastly Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013

    These are 3 of my top 10 games/series of all time that i have put hundreds of hours into and completed several times and never gotten bored (PGA Tour might though after 100 hours)

    But i think it would super totally awesome if you did one of these games in a future video.

    Hope you consider it!
    I am loving the show, discovered it a few weeks ago and have been listening through every video while im at work

  11. this is a lot like Artemis
    but i think the captain tells everybody what to do and makes the decisions like in Artemis

  12. The other issue is that the oculus requires a pretty hefty gaming rig, too. And each person has to have one. Works for dedicated gamer groups, but the casual player… little outside the realm of possibility right now. It's cool and immersive, but the price tag will probably keep most people away.

    A fun, much cheaper, much more accessible version of this is Artemis: Starship Bridge Simulator. My gaming group actually started around this game. A group of us wanted to play it, and we've been meeting every week since that fateful February day almost 5 years ago. We have branched out, but we still love Artemis. Many of the stations can play on some pretty low end laptops, too. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting this sort of experience, without wanting the price tag of a huge gaming rig and new, still experimental technology (Home VR is still pretty fresh).

  13. "low, low price of 399"? Is it just me or are a lot of youtubers losing their grip on reality? Dude, I enjoy your videos and the game looks great but to most people that's a huge price (plus the game and any other things you'd need to play it.) That's a once in a decade (or longer) kind of purchase. It's ridiculous to imagine just me having that kind of disposable money nevermind several of my friends also having it. That's why a lot of people watch oculus let's plays, it's the only way we'll get to see it and still keep food in the kitchen and power on in the house.

  14. I'm definetly interested but I'm gonna have to wait for a few more must buys and some overall platform crossing of games, I don't want to have to buy more than 1 VR set when they cost so much.

  15. I'm okay with these ads in videos… traditional ads suck and ruin YouTube … but this way I get entertained and you get paid.. good deal

  16. Its SO cheap it costs 3 months of car insurance… Or 2 and a half month's groceries… Or even 4 month's worth of your free money after required expenses…

    You know, the money that i dont spend on patreon because it's tight enough as is?

  17. vr simply isnt in a good enough place yet. in another 25 years im sure it will be great. right now its just like playing small mini games.

  18. I like that you went the extra mile and got a good group to help you on this, looks like you guys had a BLAST!

  19. I believe I heard the Captain role was given less to physically do in order to quell arguments for who gets to be the ship's 'Kirk/Picard'. Kind of like how Star Wars Tabletops, video games, and other interactive media needed to put the kibosh on Jedi populations, because 'lol who ISN'T going to be a Jedi'. While Captain is for sure the 'importance' role, its reduced gameplay provides incentive for people to play the 'supporting' roles over it, so bringing your friends to play isn't such a chore when more than one person gets the 'I'm not playing unless I'M Captain' mindset

  20. very cool . glad youre gettin paid again lol
    im super happy you made tis video
    this is a game i will likely never have a chance to play and it looks like a ton of fun
    have already recommeneded it based on this video
    wouldnt have minded seeing some more of the single plauer campaign, but thtas ok
    very good
    thanks so much for all the hard work and great new content

  21. If I can make a suggestion. Artimis spaceship simulator is pretty similar to this, with a much lower price tag (5-10$ last i checked) and it works pretty much the same. You can even have pvp matches against other people if you can get enough people to be free at the same time. For such a low price i think it's well worth checking out, as long as you have at least 3-4 people to play with. I believe VR support is in the works for it as well.

  22. I got to play this with my siblings during our trip to the Star Trek Exibition at Friedrichshafen 😀
    It was so fun.
    Halfway into it, we started singing "Yellow Submarine" whenever we went into Warp Speed xD

  23. I could imagine something like this not in vr, where you can switch between stations, in real-time, or turn-based form, with optional co-op control. Still, this looks awesome.

  24. I picked up Star Trek Bridge Crew when it was half off on Steam awhile back. The random people I ended up playing this with were quite decent folks, out of maybe 10 random users the only sub-optimal experience was a person or two who didn't seem to have full command of English. It was a fun game, but it is very short. I went through all the content (except didn't beat the very last mission) and have only played 3 hours. I haven't felt a compelling desire to jump back in.

    I do hope more games like this get made though. Ubisoft really shot this one in the foot by taking the effort to create a ton of framework and coding for this game — including a 2nd ship and bridge representing the Original Series Enterprise, complete with hilariously archaic and primitive buttons-and-dials interface — but they seemed to put relatively little money or effort into the actual content that you play. The content only consists of a (pretty effective) tutorial, five (meh) campaign missions, a repeatable "Kobayashi Maru" challenge, and an option for random non-plot missions that are reportedly pretty simple and don't have much variety.

    Only that last type, the random mission, lets you play as the original Enterprise. The tutorial and campaign missions have you crewing a more futuristic and stealthy exploration vessel that AFAIK (I haven't watched the recent movies) may only exist in the game. Ubisoft probably could have got a lot of the old gang back together, made a TNG or Deep Space Nine or, f**k, even Voyager mission pack and made an absolute mint, but Ubisoft just didn't have that much faith in the game. Had this not been an Ubisoft game I could easily imagine a mission designer and modding as being a launch or close-to-launch feature, but there's none to be had and likely never will be. I hope some other developers are inspired to make something this cool and really commit, whether or not it is in VR (though VR is in dire need of quality games for sure).

  25. I suggest diplomatic encounter for the capitain something mass effect like and the ability for the enginer to move around and repair the ship if damage

  26. I have to disagree

    The captain is crucial in hectic missions and poor decision making can rank even the easiest of missions

  27. I picked up the PS4 version of Bridge Commander for $1 in a bargain bin at Walmart. Totally worth it at that price.

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