Official Trailer: Dwight in Shining Armor, New Adventure Comedy Series | Coming Spring 2019

Official Trailer: Dwight in Shining Armor, New Adventure Comedy Series | Coming Spring 2019

♪♪ [scream] [kiss noise] [scream] No, no, no! Mortal enemy or
harmless peasant? Hold Your Highness! This is him, it was his kiss that woke you. Total accident, no, I – I fell on my face
and you were under it. This is the champion
we’ve been waiting for. [scream] [roar] Someone with the skills
to defeat the princess’s hordes
of enemies. [roar] Hey, who’s your friend? Her Royal Highness,
Princess Gretta. [chickens] Uh, the Renaissance Faire is
setting up right over there. Oh! No, no, no! Harmless peasant. Every guy you see is
not trying to kill you. [crash] Okay, that guys trying
to kill you. [Celtic music] [applause] I am from the lineage
of King Ulsrick the Grim. You know, that’s nothing
to worry about, just kind of a drama queen. [music] Everybody, smile. Ahhh! You are not the
champion I expected. And you are? I’m Dwight. Dwight. Dwight. Sir Dwight. The activities chair. ♪♪

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  1. Ugh, looks cringe. Getting that "Youtube Red/Youtube origional series" vibe. Cant belive everone in the comment section is wetting themselves over this trailer talking about how "Epic" it is..


  3. I clicked this ad bc from the Ad picture still I was thinking this looks awful might as well watch the Ad and laugh HOWEVER I gave it a chance and after watching the Ad; it looks like its going to be a pretty good show. I'm too old to watch it but it looks like a promising show. Good luck

  4. Soooo we got Hermione Granger in armor, Hagrid, and a better looking American, Mormon Harry Potter. This looks…. childish. Though having lived in Provo I know the target audience is Young Adults who will treat it like a legitimate tv show. It will be lacking any semblance of modern romance (No skirts! No touching! Passionate kiss is a no no! Don’t lie on top of or next to each other!) but they will watch this crud because highly sheltered Mormon children will either not be allowed to watch anything else or they’ll feel too guilty watching the utter depravity of a TVMA rated movie play out on screen as they sit atop their thrones of gold awaiting godhood.

  5. i thought the day when Dwight Schrute has gotten his own spin-off show has finally come, but noooo, we get this wannabe instead. their can only be one Dwight.

  6. Is that bagpipe jig playing in the background part of the soundtrack or is it from somewhere else? Cuz I want it

  7. I think this would have been better if instead the knights and warrior princess were a band of Crusaders who journeyed to North America, they struck some kind of a deal with a Native American tribe, that's where Dwight, a Native American teenager and descendant of said tribe who awakens the band in the same manner as here, have it take place in New England, and the same shenanigans take place.

    But hey, this might be a good show, maybe. Lastly, what's a Medieval princess doing in the States?

  8. She kinda has this Joan of Arc thing going on, also King Arthur if anyone saw Avalon High and..several other media that had women in knights…armor, yea it doesn't seem like a big deal when its been done several times

  9. It's ridiculously funny how many people automatically assumed this was about Dwight Schrute. Did it ever occur to you that other characters named Dwight exist outside of The Office? Because they certainly do 😂 But seriously, this show is sooo good! I highly recommend

  10. I was a little appalled at the comments so just thought I'd write this for any future people passing through: don't condemn this before you give it a chance! It's a goofy funny show that doesn't shove any agendas at you, has great characters and good special effects and sets! Of course it has nothing to do with actual historical accuracy but I really enjoyed it anyway and if you like comedy/pseudo medieval fantasy then I recommend it for sure.

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