Olaf’s Frozen Adventure SECRETS & Easter Eggs

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure SECRETS & Easter Eggs

Disney’s animators have returned to Arendelle
for their second short film featuring the characters from their smash-hit Frozen! Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, it’s Jan here,
and today I’ll be revealing some cool secrets about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure as well as hidden
details and Disney easter eggs you may have missed in the new animated mini-movie! I’m also running a Disney Funko Pop giveaway
on this video. To enter, make sure you’re a subscriber and
leave a comment below about this short film or any of the Frozen movies. When it came to depicting Christmas celebrations
in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, the filmmakers looked to Scandinavian culture, especially
Norway, for inspiration, just like they did with Frozen. And that’s why you’ll find tons of goats dotted
around throughout the film, for example, on wrapping paper, as festive ornaments, and
even on Anna’s dress. You see, in Nordic countries, the Yule goat
is a Christmas tradition that goes back many, many centuries and, though its meaning has
changed over time, it’s still popular there today as a Christmas ornament. As well as all those pictures of goats in
the movie, originally there was also going to be a goat character called Mr Jingles,
who got his name because he swallowed a bell, which meant he made jingling noises all the
time. Mr Jingles would have been part of Olaf’s
journey around Arendelle and was going to eat all the items Olaf collected in his sleigh. However, in the end, the directors decided
to drop Mr Jingles from the final film as he was taking too much focus off Sven and
Olaf. Hidden among the many gifts that Olaf gathers
on his travels is a sweet little easter egg to Disney’s short film The Ballad of Nessie,
which was made by the same people who directed Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! Many thanks to all the eagle-eyed people who
pointed Nessie out to me on my video for the film’s trailer! The scene where Olaf gulps down an entire
fruitcake is a shout-out to another short film made by the directors of Olaf’s Frozen
Adventure. In the Disney holiday specials Prep & Landing,
which are about a high-tech team of elves, there are several jokes about fruitcake, so
the filmmakers decided to continue that tradition in Olaf’s new short film. Another festive tradition that Olaf discovers
during his adventure is the feast of Saint Lucia, which in a number of Nordic countries
is celebrated on 13th December, and includes a girl typically wearing a white gown and
red sash together with a wreath of candles on her head. As well as being a fun moment, the scene where
Olaf gets a candy cane actually includes a couple of cool Disney easter eggs. When Olaf replaces his carrot nose with the
candy cane and cries out, “Sugar Rush!”, it’s a call-back to the scene in the original Frozen
movie where Olaf got his first carrot nose from Anna. “We make candy canes together.” “Oooh! He he he!” “Sugar rush!” “Oh darn!” “Wooh!” “I’m sorry, I, I was just …”
“Head rush!” On top of that, the scene is also a clever
shout-out to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph film where Ralph enters a go-kart-racing candy-filled
game called Sugar Rush which features a Candy Cane Forest. Wreck-It-Ralph 2 is Disney’s next animated
movie, so it’s nice to see it get a nod here. There’s also a touch of adult humour in this
scene as Olaf’s spinning eyes remind me of the way characters in movies like Pinocchio
and The Good Dinosaur react when they get rather different rushes. As the star of the short film, Olaf gets some
fun new looks with a variety of festive accessories including a bowtie made from ice which mirrors
the design of Elsa’s signature snowflake and highlights the strong connection between Elsa
and her favourite little snowman. If you look carefully at Elsa and Anna’s dresses
in this film, you’ll notice lots of small but important details that are full of meaning. For example, the animators deliberately chose
similar colours for the sisters’ clothes to emphasise just how close they’ve become and
to reflect the fact that the sisters team up in this film in contrast to Frozen where
they had to spend so much time apart. Elsa’s gown is bluey-grey and has a jewelled
bodice which includes a design based on her snowflake. The animators spent a lot of time making sure
the snowflake and diamond-shaped gems on the dress reflected light in a realistic way so
they’d look clear and sparkly. But after all their hard work, the gems looked
so sparkly that they were actually a bit distracting, so they had to dial back the shine a bit! Also, if you look at the fur that tops Elsa’s
gown, scattered within it you’ll see little frosted holiday berries, which are a reminder
of Elsa’s icy powers; and you can also see them as accessories in both Elsa and Anna’s
hair, again emphasising the closeness of the Frozen sisters. As for Elsa’s snowflake, that also features
on her cape in a pattern that foreshadows the beautiful ice tree she makes in the film. As for Anna’s clothes, the dusty blue-violet
colour of her new outfit complements the dusty blue-grey colour of her sister’s gown. And little aspects of Anna’s costume also
point to the fact that she and Kristoff are now together, for example, take a look at
the sashes they wear in the film. If you listen closely to the film’s score,
for instance, when Elsa and Anna remember their childhood, you’ll hear the return of
some familiar themes from Arendelle, however, composer Christophe Beck has given those musical
themes a new twist, adding a warm and cosy feel so that they fit the new holiday setting. As for the new songs by Kate Anderson and
Elyssa Samsel, you won’t just hear them sung in the film, you’ll also hear their music
woven into the score. For example, the opening track kicks off with
a little bit of “When We’re Together” and that melody is used throughout the film, the
idea being that when you finally hear the characters sing the song towards the end,
it already feels comforting and familiar, like any good holiday song! Now, what was your favourite moment in Olaf’s
Frozen Adventure? And what do you want to see happen in the
Frozen sequel? Let me know in the comments below and don’t
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  1. Have you seen Olaf's Frozen Adventure yet and how excited are you for Frozen 2?
    Disney giveaway winner just announced on this video ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z46zEfNKN-Q

  2. I enjoy the Frozen franchise because reminds me so much of my Scandinavian heritage! It's an easy way to share it with my friends.

  3. In the frozen sequel, all I want to see is a two-hour movie with "Let it go" in 200 different languages. JK 😉 for the sequel I would really like to explore Elsa's romantic life.

  4. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was so cute!! I honestly loved it, & I’m super excited for Frozen 2. I’m an unapologetic Frozen fan 🙂

  5. I freakinggg loveee Disneyyy right now. I came to watch Coco last night just because of Olaf’s frozen adventure and bammm !!! I got 2 early gift for christmas, be ause both Coco and Olaf Frozen’s Adventure was wonderful. Its sad though that some people hate the lengthy duration of this Frozen short movie, but i think they hardly relate because they havent watch the original movie yet. Cant wait for Frozen 2 !!!!

  6. I saw coco and felt like I saw two films, that short was a lot longer then I expected. Anyways never been a fan of Frozen but the singing was nice. But Coco was amazing. A definite buy for me.

  7. I love Frozen and all the shorts and I think that Frozen could make a great new show for the new Disney streaming network.

  8. I LOVE Elsa’s dress! In Frozen 2 I’m hoping that they explore Kristoff’s past and how he ended up with the trolls as well as Elsa’s power and why she was born with it.

  9. Frozen was one of my favorite Disney movies. It is so culturally accurate! I loved Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Coco so much. They really showed the togetherness of Disney and Pixar. I love your videos. You are so fun to listen to! Please consider me for your giveaway. I love your channel and everything Disney. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  10. I've always been waiting for Olafs frozen adventure short movie. it's been truly awesome and relaxing watching them singing again​. Olaf he's funny when he say "Oh Hi I'm Olaf" like Dory from "Finding Dory" and "Finding Nemo" always use to say this words.

  11. My favorite part was when stfen was trying to tell kyrstoff that Olaf was lost and he didn’t get it, then Anna and Elsa were there and the totally knew what Stfen was saying.

    I would like to see more of the people of Areindale see more into there life’s

  12. My favorite part of the short was first
    We got to know more about Anna and Elsa’s past
    And that Olaf was actually the tradition!!! So cute!

  13. I loved the extra information about their clothes! When I watched it I had no idea that Anna and Kristoff's sashes matched, or how much time they put into animating Elsa's dress. It makes me thing of Finding Nemo (I believe) where Pixar had to dial back the detail on the water cause it looked too realistic.

  14. This short film melted my heart because of how hard olaf was trying but turns out he didnt need to try at all 😭 it was also nice to see a mix of disney and pixar with the short film and coco! my favorite part tho are the songs, cant stop listening to the soundtrack!!

  15. Love everything in the short movie, and all those Christmassy themes are really beautiful. My eyes teared up a little when Elsa made the Christmas tree in the ending because everything was so heartwarming. It was definitely a happy tear.

  16. People keep saying it's his bad but freaking amazing and I get why it's really long because it was supposed to be on NBC not before Coco

  17. Animators animate, they are not responsible for creating the characters (neither design nor 3D sculpt) just as well as texures, lighting and renders. This is the job of character designers, 3D artists (character modeler), lighting artists and many more.

  18. i hope Frozen 2 focuses on 2 things which weren't clearly showed in the first movie, the prophecy and the bond of the sisters.

    i also hope they use the outtakes from Frozen for the songs on Frozen 2, which implies the sisters' bond "We Know Better," the cat fight "Life's Too Short", forgiveness and regret "Life's Too Short Reprise."

    almost forgot, hope they put a backstory on how Elsa had ice magic. ._. that is one big plot hole. yet, this is my thought, don't attack me please. ;-;

  19. okay so remember from the first movie their memories were erased, so why did anna remember olaf. wth.

    in Frozen when anna met Olaf, anna was like:


    even when Elsa met Olaf:


    then why did in this mini movie, their flashback was they completely remembered olaf. again, wth.


  20. In the theme song (comb bi ah a (comb bi ahh)->in the Adams family- pugsly / Wednesday at camp – they sing ( comb bi ah my lord) get what I am saying.

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