On the Road Since 2005: The StoryCorps Mobile Tour

On the Road Since 2005: The StoryCorps Mobile Tour

Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected more
than 60,000 interviews of over a 100,000 participants from all
backgrounds. People come to StoryCorps to record an interview of someone they love
and those recordings are archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library
of Congress so that future generations can hear the stories and the voices of
today. StoryCorps is America's oral history project and what better way to
listen to America than from the road. In 2005 we converted an Airstream trailer
into our traveling recording studio, our MobileBooth, and launched our first
cross country tour. It's a road trip that's been going on
for more than ten years. Each year we visit places across the country to
record the stories of people who live there. We partner with local public radio
stations, cultural institutions, and community-based organizations to get the
word out and invite people to bring someone to the MobileBooth. Our trained
StoryCorps facilitators helped set the scene for 40 minutes of uninterrupted
meaningful conversation between friends and loved ones. Life on the road means
that we get to visit some extraordinary places and meet extraordinary people, and
when the visit is done we say goodbye, pack up the MobileBooth, get on the road,
and head to our next destination.

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  1. I wish I could have told the story of my great grandfather… He came into the US during WW2, now his last name is Maloch. It's Polish… no problem… it's also Austrian, and German. Latter my mother comes to find out that it's not necessarily associated with those countries, because it's Jewish. (that's what I was told anyway) My grandfather didn't tell a single soul who he was when he came over here. It drove my great grandmother (his wife) nuts, she'd be like, yesterday you said it was Polish, he'd be like, well, it could be Polish. She'd get mad, 'BUT TODAY YOUR TELLING ME ITS GERMAN!' He'd just sit there with that half smile and say, well, it could be German. I think he wanted to protect his family and not have them go through the same things he had to go through. Like, it's not your religion or where your family came from that should matter, its who you are on the inside, and really, that's the only thing that matters. =3

  2. Couldn't comment on your more recent video. So forced to comment here.

    Stop doing that. If you feel you have to ban comments on a more controversial topic, then just let those comments happen. It's still discourse. I cannot believe you would go against the very video's message of "Don't sneak" and then tip toe around the idea of letting people speak their views which you may find offensive.

  3. can you guys do a recording of Daniel, and popular youtuber that just recently past. he had a group channel called "cyndago". i think it would be awsome to make an animation with the last two voices of cyndago and their best friend markiplier. Daniel was passed on the 18th of this month from suicide. i think it would be an awsome way for everyone to say their last goodbyes and talk about suicide prevention . and this would be your first video on a youtuber

  4. Hey Story Corps. , I'd love it if you'd come to Butler county, Ohio. I have a lot of friends here that have lots of different backgrounds. Now that I'm in high school, I'm seeing the world as a more colorful place, and you guys seem to know how to paint really well with them. As a Lakota student, I think we'd love to have you as a guest here. Think about it when you pass by!

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