Once More With Feeling : A Star Trek Fan Film

Once More With Feeling : A Star Trek Fan Film

(peaceful music) (thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering) (fire crackling) (knocking on door) – (DONOVAN) May I help you?
– (ALICIA) I’m sorry to bother you. – You might as well come in. – Thanks. – You’re hurt. – Oh, I must have scraped
myself on a tree outside. – That’ll happen when you go walking through the scrub at night. Warm up by the fire. I’m sure I have a dermal
regenerator here somewhere. Now, where is it? There we are, good as new. – Thank you. – Have a seat. Would you like a drink? – Um, Earl Grey tea, please? (replicator beeping) – So what brings you to
the middle of Australia? – I’m researching
influential starship captains for my graduation essay at the academy. Thanks. – So, why are you here? – I told you, I’m writing– – Yes, yes, an essay on
influential captains in Starfleet. But why are you here? – I wanna write about more than
just the flagship captains. Because there are more
to influential battles and missions of peace than just Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. – I see, and you think
I’m one of these captains? – You’re Captain Donovan Lindsay? – [Donovan] Yes. – You’ve been on permanent leave from active duty for six months. Why is that? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to– – Today seems right to tell someone. – Do you mind if I take notes? – No. But, Promise me one thing. – Anything. – Please listen. – Sure. (tense music) – Captain’s log, stardate 52375.3. The Treaty of Bajor has been signed, this war is at an end, finally. After three long years on the front lines it’s time for the Sydney to return home. Before we get there, though, we’re investigating a coded message on a Starfleet emergency frequency. (soaring music) Anything more to report
on the message, Ensign? – (VIC CAWLEY) Yes sir, it’s definitely
Commander Ellis’ code, dated the day he went missing. – Where’s it coming from? – (WILL CLEMENT) A Federation merchant ship, dead ahead. – Helm, slow to impulse. – [Vic] Aye, sir. (warp engines humming) (HANLEY) Definitely a Federation merchant ship. – Isn’t this an odd place for them? – While the nearest trade route is five light years away, sir – there have been reports
of merchant ships using this sector to avoid the Typhus Expanse. – Helm, slow to one quarter impulse. I don’t want to get too close. Lieutenant, open a channel to that ship. (communicator beeping) Federation trading vessel,
this is Captain Donovan Lindsay on the U.S.S. Sydney, identify yourself. (tense music) Federation trading vessel,
this is Captain Lindsay on the Sydney, please identify yourself. Hanley, what do you think? – I’ve triple checked the code, sir – it could only have come from
Commander Ellis on that ship. – [TRANSPORT SHIP CAPTAIN] U.S.S. Sydney,
this is the Zalandin. How can we help? – We’re investigating an
anomalous message in this area. Please lower your shields
and prepare to be boarded. – [Man] Boarded? Boarded, yes, boarded. Please proceed. – Sir. – I know – but if there’s even a chance of rescuing Commander Ellis, we must try. Bring us into transporter range, Ensign. (tense music) (starship thrumming) (alarm beeping)
– [Hanley] Sir! – I see it. Helm – hard about, give
us some room to move. Battle stations! (red alert klaxon) (phasers thrumming) (explosion booming) Return fire! (dramatic music) (phasers thrumming)
(torpedoes whistling) (explosion booming) (alarm beeping) Damage report? – The shuttlebay’s been destroyed. (dramatic music) – The battle was
decisive, that’s for sure. We had no idea the Cardies had outfitted their older style ships
with these sort of weapons, let alone masking technology. At any rate, we were in
for the fight of our lives, and no one was going to save us. (dramatic music) (torpedoes whistling) (explosions booming) (phasers thrumming) (explosion booming) (alarm beeping) (explosion booming) – Direct hit to the starboard nacelle… We’re venting plasma. – Engineering, report! Engineering? (dramatic music) (phasers thrumming) (torpedoes whistling) (explosions booming) (alarm beeping) Will, can you give me one last volley? – Yes, sir. – Let’s see if we can even the odds. Target her engines! (torpedoes whistling) (explosions booming) (torpedoes whistling)
(phasers thrumming) Ramming speed! All hands, abandon ship. (alarm beeping) (dramatic music) (explosions booming) (thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering) A bulkhead landed on my head, when the Cardassian
ship exploded.. the next thing I know I’m in an escape pod
with Lieutenant Clement. – Did you ever find Commander Ellis? (fire crackling) – No. The Board of Inquiry determined
that Mike must have broken under the interrogation
and given them the code. – Is that what you believe? – Honestly, I don’t know what to believe. – My Dad would never have
given them the information. (soft music) – You are, aren’t you? I haven’t seen you
since you were this big. You’re not writing an essay, are you? – No. I’m trying to clear my dad’s name. (transporter beam humming) – What good am I? No one listened to me 12 months ago. – You always were a stick
in the mud, Donovan. – How? – He found me, actually. – How did you survive? And where the bloody hell
have you been for 12 months? – I was never on the ship. They kept a group of us on an asteroid somewhere deep within their territory. Since we were classified
KIA no one seemed to look. About a month ago I managed
to bribe a Ferengi merchant to smuggle a message out to Starfleet. Looks like you’ve made quite
a home for yourself here. – It’s served me well. – Okay, when you two are done reminiscing. – Oh, right. How can I help? – Donovan, they found the
Sydney and the Cardassian ship. They’re both dead hulks but the investigation has turned up some interesting findings. – They spent five months trying to pin the Sydney’s loss on me. Even the Cardassian Central Command tried to have me
extradited for war crimes, in their eyes the war was
over and I was guilty. As far as I was concerned,
the moment that damn ship fired first we were back at war. I did what I had to do to protect my crew. – Nobody blames you for that! – They certainly tried to. I should have retreated,
called for reinforcements, something other than trying
to rescue Starfleet POWs. What were they doing running
under a masking cloak? How did they get that technology? – Donovan, this is what I’ve
been trying to tell you. They found the evidence. Evidence you needed back
then to prove your claims. – We are hopeful that the history books are ready to record
this as a pyrrhic victory. You did what you had to do. Please, come back with us. (peaceful music) Captioned by REV.COM
Additional Edits by Spiral Media.

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  1. A unique story telling style, to say the least. The Visual Effects were very nice, and the story was good.

  2. It took me a moment to adjust to the "dramatic reading" presentation style, but soon got swept up in the story. The plot is strong and the actors all turn in compelling performances. You have delivered exactly what you promised, thanks Matt!

  3. Hey dude, the first space scene was awesome, just one little inprovement just add a filter to it and your good

  4. Wow that actress is great! I love how expressive her face is. Beautiful! Not really a fan of the "dramatic reading" style though. Doesn't really sell it. Just feels to me like no one could remember their lines so they needed the scripts. Suspension of disbelief was no where to be found.
    Edit: Okay after watching some of the other vids and getting some background and watching it a couple more times…I like it! I understand now and on the subsequent viewings, the acting by all is really very good! Also I really enjoyed the cgi, brings back memories of bridge commander seeing that galor in the view screen like that lol. One thing I can't fault Commander Cockins on is his attention to detail. His opinions on some things Trek I will continue to disagree with him though. I see what you were and are trying to do 🙂 Very nice story and the ties to the actual ship is a nice tie. Looking forward to see what you have planned next!

  5. interesting way to work within the fan film guidelines – shame axanar had to ruin it for everyone that wanted to pay tribute to a series they luv!

  6. Great acting, great Story, great ship sequences. I do not understand the low cost, behind the scenes approach.

  7. Ship sequences were great, good one Commander Cockings!
    The radio play style was a little different, I thought it may work better with pictures of the characters rather then seeing them read off scripts… Just my opinion though.
    Next time, maybe we could call the ship USS Hobart? That's where I live!

  8. I agree with comments below. I loved the reference to the HMAS Sydney 🇦🇺; brilliant link with the NCC code honouring the 645 souls on board and its 48 pennant number. Great drawings and graphics too! I bet you didn’t need to crowd fund thousands…
    You’ve got a lot of positive support and real Trekkie friends Matt. Looking forward to watching/hearing more. Congrats mate 🐨

  9. With your budget and considering the restraints placed by CBS, not a bad story. CGI and art work are well done. Congratulations!

  10. Lmao. So they have the budget to make cgi. But couldnt get cheap uniforms or remember their lines? 😂😂

  11. Heya.. i thought it was great.. the acting is spot on. .. I was thrown a bit by them reading from scripts.. but now that's explained that this would be a behind the scenes of a radio drama.. IT WORKS.. Again.. the acting was great.. CGI of the space scenes.. awesome. Music.. great.. We all have a visions, and this adds to the fabric of the fan film tapestry!

  12. My only nitpicks is that you had them saying the lines while clearly reading the scripts. That took me out of it. Plus, it would have been nice if thy were in costume.

    Other than that, this was a a very nice fan film.

  13. Loved it! The CGI was beautiful, the story was intense. I also enjoyed the dramatic reading style you went with here. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  14. that was pretty good especially the ship CGI….& that was the most jacked Starfleet officer at the end that I have ever seen! lol💪

  15. I've already commented on the film in the comment section of the explaining video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-idkAGt_w . I just wanted to say something to all the people who wrote here it wasn't a fan film. Well, in my opinion it IS a fan film… sort of. It is "a film done by fans" so it is by definition a "fan film". That being said, I think of it as only a test. A test for the cameras, the lighting, the greenscreening, the CGI, the script writers, the actors, the editing, the scoring and everything other process involved in film making. I'm sure Matt knows the weak points and is going to improve them in the future so I'm looking forward to see the next project (hopefully in uniforms, without scripts in the hands of the actors, with nice greenscreen backgrounds, etc.). I understand that some people are disappointed after the hyped announcement of the film, but "Puff is part of the trade". That's nothing you can blame Matt or any other film maker for. 😉 Keep on trekking!

  16. Thank you for the note about the historical event that inspired this story. Now I'm off to read about HMAS Sydney.

  17. I was hesitant approaching this – but enjoyed it immensely. It only took a moment to adapt to seeing scripts and to the other constraints. Acting is very natural and convincing – congratulations. The CGI work is absolutely great! One very tiny quibble; I thought the music, although well-chosen, was a trifle loud during some of the dialog. But a mere trifle. More please!

  18. my first impression is that the background music is a little too loud and that green key is pretty brutal (we can see the edges, hair getting cropped, and green spill on actor's face) There are one click keyers that will fix that for you.

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  20. This is so true to the Star Trek ethos. I love these kind of fan films, they are clearly made with passion and respect of what it means to love Star Trek. Thank you.

  21. I really liked the delivery of the lines, I actually stopped watching and just listened to it like a radio play. I then went back and watched it. I feel like you should have just done away with the relatively poor green screen background. And either read off the scripts or don't. The daughter doesn't look at her script and she's a lot more engaging. Great effort all round

  22. Presenting this as a script reading was very innovative and the ship sequences are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

  23. Unconventional approach to a fan film. Proof that an engrossing story well acted can more than make up for a lack of sets and costumes. The space scenes filled in just enough to make it all come together. Well done!

  24. Look sooo FAKE. Poor 'not-so' special effects.(The space scenes were okay but nothing to brag about anymore after other fan-made's videos had done. The actors were reading off from their script papers while 'acting' — Are you kidding me!! For God's sake,You got to try harder !!

  25. Solid acting despite the scripts and what looked like "to be replaced with fx" shots. I have absolutely no budget to make stories in my own trek-like universe, so I was beginning to ponder doing something a bit similar, in terms of putting scenes down to show audiences what sort of things it could be. Thanks for showing that such a thing might work.

  26. This was an interesting idea….. though you are sending seriously mixed signals with the "actors" reading a script rather than just having photoshopped stills mixed with CG and VO.The CG was amazing though, looked like the real deal,

  27. Great to have an Aussie Trek film. If ever we Aussie actors want to get in Star Trek we always have to go overseas. I can only hope you get to make more fun fan films in future.

  28. Why are fan films so much better in terms of story telling than the actual official series?! this is obviously a draft, however with great potential. Mr. trekyards did an excellent job with the VFX. I am craving for more.

  29. Interesting approach. At first I thought the Captain's character was allergic to Retinax 12, or whatever version of Retinax is in use in the late 24th century. The script rehearsal style was unique, and surprisingly didn't detract from the overall effect. Well done.

  30. I am very sure that this story was made by Australians, and I hope someone would create animations of the situiations on the Bridge of the USS Sydeny and that house.

  31. I like the way you got around some of CBS's draconian restrictions. It is good to see that their attempt at killing fan films has failed. Good work folks!

  32. Took a moment to adjust, but I got it.
    Excellent cast.
    Enjoyed the historical reference – very, very clever.
    Imagination over expensive production – Inspired.
    Very nicely done, Mr. Matt Miller.

  33. I believe the Romulans are involved in this, the Cardassiand must have received their new technology from them, we know that the Romulans have this type of masking technology in Star Trek Enterprise, which is over 200 years before this.

  34. Wow! Such a great story! Excellent and believable acting a little confusing jumping from really good CGI to no sets, costumes, and reading from scripts. I want more.

  35. I'll be honest, this probably would have worked better if you just stuck with the CGI ship views. If you played Star Trek Legacy game, that is all they did using outside ship views while captains and other characters talked. Using accents or distinguishable voice tones to better ID the many characters talking on a single ship would work perfectly while rotating the camera around the ship.

  36. Trek zone was the senyey an older excelsior class around the 2330 to 2350 excelsior build or even around the nx/ncc-2000 frirst refit from about 2287 to 2290time frame. excelsior because the bridge consoles and bridge looked captain sulu bridge on the excelsior in 2291.

  37. I thought that the only known excelsior shit to be able to fire quantom torpedeos was the uss lakota totally retrofitted by section 31 under the direct oders of admiral jack layton. Is there a back story as to why the seney excelsior class ship was able to fire quantom torpedeos and she had the older star trek 6 uss excelsior bridge style. consoles

  38. Maybe the older starfleet consoles of the older excelsior ambassador class era were less hack able or less suceptable to breen energy damping weapons and. A little more durable the the tng ds9

  39. Not allcaptains hero captian can be like kirk, pike arpril, sisko, picard kathernine janway henson but even starfleet ahios need a captian even the over worked and underpowered starfleet shipand even training vessel need a captain

  40. Oh wow, that was creative. I love the entendre. Cool special fx and multiple styles. Somehow you made it all work. I cringed at first but stayed and gave it a chance. I'm glad I did.

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