Oprah’s Competitive Vacation with Bradley Cooper & Katy Perry

Oprah’s Competitive Vacation with Bradley Cooper & Katy Perry

So much love, thank you. Yeah, people love you. And they didn’t know you were
here, so you can imagine. They’re very excited. But Lil Nas is here. I just met him. Isn’t he the greatest? I just love that song. Every time I get up to
pee, it’s in my head. So you associate it to peeing? No! Not– but somehow, it
gets stuck in your head. Yeah. And you can’t get it out. I understand. And when I told him that I
am sure that you admire him, he was like, she
doesn’t know who I am. And I said– Of course I do. Yeah. He’s– 19 weeks he was on
top of the charts. Yeah. Amazing. He’s amazing. Yeah. I’m so excited that he’s here. It’s a good show. He was thrilled that you’re
here on the show that he’s on. He’s very excited. I know. We just met in the hallway. I’m excited. Actually, he wasn’t dressed. And I went in the room. And he was like, let
me get my clothes on. Oh. Yeah, yeah. What was he wearing
when you walked in? Like, naked? A little. Not quite naked, but somewhat. Somewhat naked? Somewhat. Isn’t he cute? He’s so cute. Yeah, he’s really cute. So cute. You’re going to see in a minute. Yeah, he’s– But I haven’t seen
you in so long. I know it. I know. We– I don’t know why. We see each other here, and
yet we live in the same town, and we never see each other. Yes, and this is the thing. Ellen was my neighbor
for such a long time. It was my claim to fame. And so when I’d walk
in the back yard, literally, she was
over the fence. And so– Just waiting for her
to come out, just– Yes. And I’d go– and we’d go, OK,
I’m going to walk out now. And she’d go, Portia
and I are biking. OK! Where are you? And now she’s not there anymore. But I still, when I walk
back there, I always– I have a little longing for you. Oh, no. Yes, a little– it’s
like a little yearn, like a little
yearning to see you. That’s wonderful. Then when I take other
people back there, I now say, Ellen
used to live there. Right. I’m right down the street. Are you? You need to come over. You’re not far. I’m not far from you at all. I’m on the same
street you’re on. But it was so much better when
you were just across the fence. I know. That was easier. Yeah. But you’ll come over. I will. Well, you haven’t been here. You’ve been on– you’ve been out
on boats and been doing things. I’ve been around
with boats and fun. You were on David
Geffen’s boat with– that was a star-packed boat. You had Katy Perry, Orlando
Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Gayle, and– Yeah. Actually, if you ever get a
chance, it’s the thing to do. Yeah. And I will tell
you the thing to do is to find friends with boats. Yes. So you don’t have
to pay for one. Yeah. That’s– And And then invite
yourself all the time. It is the way to go. It is the way to go. But the thing is, on Diller’s
boat, with DVF and Diller, they like to play games. And I’m really
not a game player. Really? No. I only play games on this show. Why? What games were they
playing that you don’t like? Well, I now like it because
I won a couple times. See? But they play Balderdash a lot. And umm Bradley Cooper had
a game called Witches and– Wolves and Villagers. Yes. Wolves and Villagers. Yes. That’s a complicated game. Yes, it is. Yes. Yeah. Filled with judgment. Yeah. Ted Sarandos tried to
teach me that game. So what’s fun about that? I don’t know. So did y’all get in a fight? Because it can get
kind of competitive. Well, it was pretty competitive. Who was the most
competitive there? I’d say Bradley, Katy. Really? Yeah. Yeah, I can see that. Katy was here last week. And she didn’t
tell me about that. But she’s competitive. Very much so. Yeah. Yes. But I would think that you’re– And I’m just like,
it’s a game, people. Aren’t we on vacation? Right. Come on! Yes. So you had fun on the boat. I had fun. Then you went to Hawaii,
to your place in Hawaii. Yeah. And I saw this that you posted
on a little, like, ATV thing you have. Yeah. All right. I’m– I love getting around in those. Do people get on that with you? Yes. There have been people
on there with me. Who’s filming that? Actually, who is filming that? Nick, the guy who does– What does Nick do? Nick. Nick, the guy that films
me when I’m on the ATV? Yes. That’s his job. And Nick was– Nick was– Yeah, right. I’ve had problems. This is what people do. I have a golf cart that– I don’t know if
you’ve had this issue. Is there a back seat to that
thing or just the front? Yeah, there is. There is. OK, well I’ve had
people over at my house. And they– I tend to, it’s
happened several times. Andy’s wife was the
victim of one of my– I take off before I
realize they’re not on it. And so they’ve been
trying to sit on the back, and I’m gone, and then they– Oh, I now do this every time,
because I have a couple golf carts, too. And I say, is everybody on? Because you don’t
want to do that. Uh-huh. I’ve learned that, too. Yes. I’ve learned to say, is
everyone on, instead of– Is everyone on? I assume I’m on, they
should be on, too. But you know, I don’t
drive a lot anymore. And so just, I loved being
on those, like, you knowRVs running around like that. It’s fun. Yes. It’s fun to have a
little thing like that. They don’t go as fast as
real cars, you know that? Yeah. The last time I saw
you, you were driving, like, a little Volkswagen Bug. You had like a Volkswagen– Yes. I got rid of that. I gave that away, because once
I said I had the Volkswagen Bug, everybody– the whole
idea was that nobody even knew I was in it. Then once I said I
had it, everybody– Then they were looking
for the Volkswagen Bug. Looking for the Volkswagen Bug. Oh. I know. I was surprised to see you
driving a Volkswagen Bug. Why? I don’t know. I just thought you’d have, like,
a Honda Civic or something. All right, we have
to take a break. More with Oprah after this. Yeah.

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  1. It’s hilarious how Oprah tells the world to be real and then she looks so unreal on the cover and pictures of magazines 🤔

  2. An other one who should be behind bars!… Oprah!? Tell us something : " How easy is it to disguise yourself and pretend to be a nice woman, when you are guilty of encouraging the abuse of young vulnerable girls!??? I guess it is quite easy if you have NO SOUL!…

  3. This reminds me of the time that myself and Steve Jobs and Bill Gates hid solid gold 13 ounce Easter eggs in my sprawling garden and then just left them because like who picks up pennies anymore ya know.

    I'm kidding, I am impoverished and know only other impoverished people.

  4. Most of this interview are rich white people problems. How it relates to Everyday People I have no clue. It's almost like they live in their own bubble exempt from everything else going on in the world. I'm just saying ……

  5. "Filled with judgement" I thought Oprah would be fine with that. After all, she judged Michael Jackson and supported his fraud accusers.

  6. shame on her for creating a weight loss app for kids. thousands of kids are affected by eating disorders every year and she’s just increasing that number

  7. Oprah is worth BILLIONS of dollars! She doesn’t need friends with boats, she can just buy herself a huge yacht and live at sea forever. 😂 🛥

  8. I really fit in here,
    Boats, playing games with A listers, living next door to Ellen and Oprah, golf buggies, ….oh…… and ….”I had to give my car away”

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention….in my dreams. 😂

  9. My son he is a talented child he has channel for children ,his dream to become famous to help all people❤🇺🇸❤

  10. She’s so nonchalant dropping all these names! “Oh, it’s no big deal. I’m just hanging out with Bradley Cooper, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom on a boat.”

  11. We where neighbours. With just 15000 acres of private bordered and patrolled 24 hour monitored space between us..so close.

  12. Find a friend with a boat, so you don’t have to pay for one. So says the multi millionaire who can afford to pay for a boat. I have a kayak, it’s all I can afford. My friends can’t afford even a kayak.

  13. As Mutch as everyone's going on about these two being filthy rich and doing this n that,one thing is for sure…there both going to the same place as you n I someday 6 ft under so stuff that in your hat!!😒

  14. I love this woman Oprah❤️❤️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️👁👁👁👁👁👁❤️❤️❤️❤️✍️✍️💃💃💃💃🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠👁👁❤️❤️❤️

  15. Oh it's such fun for the 99% when the 1% allows them to listen to the tales of their multi-millions and laugh at the preposterous idea of driving a Honda Civic. Ha, ha, ha, a Honda Civic did you say? Oh my ha, ha, ha, how ridiculous, can you imagine? Ha, ha ha, ha!

  16. Lol I did that to my sister once, we were driving in a golf cart with friends and we all were switching seats, I thought everyone was sat and took off, my sister fell off, she cried… but it was funny

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