Our Favorite Things to Do During Disney Cruise Line’s Alaskan Voyage | Oh My Disney

Our Favorite Things to Do During Disney Cruise Line’s Alaskan Voyage | Oh My Disney

– Hi everyone. I’m Michelle from
“Oh My Disney,” and I am here aboard the
beautiful Disney Wonder, on the last day of our
amazing Alaskan cruise. I’ve had the best time of
my life the past seven days. I could cry talking about
the amazing things I’ve done. This is cruise
director, Natalie. Can you please tell everyone
at “Oh My Disney” what you do? NATALIE: So I oversee all
the fun stuff here onboard. So from our incredible
Broadway-style production shows, all the wonderful events
and activities around the ship, and of course, not forgetting
those all-important port adventures as well. Oh, the port adventures. I went zip lining. I never thought I’d do
that in my whole life. NATALIE: (GASPING) Incredible.
Such a wonderful experience. It was so fun. It was so good. And the icebergs, when
we were going through– NATALIE: At the port … Yeah. Amazing, everyone. I am just in awe. What is the best
part about your job? NATALIE: I think
the best thing is really getting that
experience with our guests. For so many of our guests,
they’re bucket list items, once in a lifetime experiences. And giving them the chance to
explore these beautiful parts of the world, and
of course, taking in these incredible
Disney experiences, it’s just absolutely amazing. It’s this like perfect combination
of an adventure, plus Disney. Absolutely. MICHELLE LEMA: Like I
went gold mining, and then Donald Duck
showed up in flannel, and it was the best
day of my life. NATALIE: I think that’s
one of the things I love, is that it’s not just about
the experiences here onboard. Here at Disney, we have
something truly unique, where we’re able to take
those experiences out into our ports of call. Some of our characters
going on out there to Liarsville hunting for gold. And especially, as
well, over in Ketchikan, we were able to take
some of our characters out to be a part of that
lumberjack show as well. Oh, the lumberjack
show is so good. Can you tell me what
your favorite thing to do on the ship is? For me, it’s all about those
incredible Broadway-style production shows. MICHELLE LEMA: The
shows are amazing. The “Frozen” musical– NATALIE: Oh, we’re so
proud of that show. It is our newest show. It was two years in
the making, and we had a Tony
Award-nominated director, a Tony Award-winning
costume designer bringing that amazing story to life. And it is an adaptation
that’s exclusive to us here on the Disney Wonder. So we are truly proud
of that amazing show. MICHELLE LEMA: Ah, it’s so good. I cried throughout
the whole thing. It was so magical. I’ve cried a lot on this
trip, because I’m so happy. Really, the best
week of my life. NATALIE: Aww. MICHELLE LEMA: I love Disney,
I love going on adventures. And it was just
the perfect match. [MID-TEMPO MUSIC PLAYING] Here are five of
my favorite things that I’ve done on the Disney
Wonder Alaskan cruise. 1, excursions and views. It’s been amazing. I went zip lining,
I saw some whales. It was the best time of my life. 2, dining experiences. Tiana’s Place was amazing. Triton’s was amazing. Palo was the best dinner
of my whole entire life. It was so good. 3, Cove Cafe. Coffee all the time. Very essential to
having an adventure. And they make a Mickey latte
with a little Mickey shape, and it’s so cute. 4, all the shows. The “Frozen”
musical was amazing. “The Golden Mickeys” was so fun. It’s very interactive. And you’ve got to see every
single show when you’re here. And 5, the cast members. Just the most wonderful and
amazing people I’ve met. And you can see it by
everyone’s faces on the ship that everyone is so happy. Bye, everyone! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING]

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