Our Japan Trip starts NOW! Flying to Japan from Canada Travel Vlog

Our Japan Trip starts NOW! Flying to Japan from Canada Travel Vlog

There is always a line at Tim Hortons. Good morning good morning guys. We have a big video for you today. An important update. Important update. We are going to Japan! Haha. At long last. Long last. We’ve been wanting to visit for years. Yeah. Honestly. Ages to be honest. Yeah, like I thought this would be the first
place we visited after we finished teaching in Korea. Yeah, way back in 2012. But no that never happened. So it has been like five years in the works. Five years in the works. Japan. We wanted to visit Japan. We planned trips in the past to go to Japan. Yeah. Canceled them and just haven’t found time
but now we’ve made it a priority. We are going for 2 months. 2 months in Japan. And we have 2 flights today. Why don’t you tell us about those. Yeah, so we’re going to be flying from Toronto
to Vancouver. That is five hours. Changing planes and then Vancouver to Osaka. It is going to be 11 hours. And we are flying into Osaka instead of Tokyo
yeah because it was cheaper. We got a great deal. If you are planning to travel around Japan
not just in Tokyo look at neighboring cities. I think we may have got our flights. I can’t remember because we booked them a
few months ago. I think they might have been like 900 something
Canadian. Canadian. That is like 700 US something. Yeah. Incredible deal. It is usually double. Yeah, we got a really good deal. Anyways breakfast. We’ve got breakfast. Where is this from? We are eating at Extreme Pita. Extreme Pita with pure blends. So we got some burritos. Mine is a breakfast burrito. You got really fancy with yours. Yeah, mine is chicken caesar and I got feta
added so yeah let’s gobble those up. So breakfast time. Breakfast time at Extreme Pita. Look at all of the ingredients. I made sure to get extra feta cheese in there. It has got bacon. It is a chicken caesar so. Yeah, yours is massive. Mmm. It looks so good. I was watching as they prepared yours. It has way more toppings than mine. You totally had food envy and look at the
difference in size as usual. Yours is tiny. Sam chose best. Well mine is a breakfast burrito. Yeah that is the difference. In all fairness yours is quite cheaper so. So mine has spinach and egg. And we also got a smoothie. We got a really nice smoothie. A berry smoothie to go with it so yeah. Yeah this is how we are starting breakfast. I would say the trip is off to a rough start. I confused our seat number with our gate number
and now our gate is like opposite end of the airport and we are boarding so yeah that is
how we’re starting off this trip. Alright guys made it just in time. They are already boarding so we’re just going
to get in line. Made it to Vancouver. Vancouver. This is my home province. There you go. It has been ages since I’ve been here. BC represent. We were just thinking yeah. We were just thinking we were talking and
you had thought you had flown out of Vancouver but I don’t think I have. It does not look familiar at all. It looks familiar to me. And when I first saw the mountains I was wowed. So I’ve definitely not been here before. About an hour before we landed I’m like Audrey
you’ve got to look out of the window. All of these snow-capped mountains. Yeah unfortunately we couldn’t film because
we didn’t have a window seat. I just got like one shot of it. But we will on the way to Osaka. Yes. So yeah right now we have about two and a
half hours before our next flight so I think we’re going to find some lunch. Yeah. We’re thinking sushi. Yeah sushi and I think we’ll also talk a bit
more about what we’re going to be doing in Japan too. Alright. Alright guys so forget all about sushi. That is not happening. Yeah it came in these boxes and only like
7 little pieces for like 14 dollars. 8 pieces. 8 for 14 dollars. Yeah which is still ridiculous. No wasn’t it 7. Really? Yeah. Man. So we ended up going with Subway. That is an old familiar favorite. Way cheaper and uh yeah it is too bad. We’re going to be eating a tonne of sushi
though in Japan so. Woah, this looks pretty good. This is jacked. Alright alright. So we just finished lunch and now the waiting
game begins. Yeah, we have a couple of hours still to kill. But we thought we’d tell you about Japan a
little bit more. Mmmhmm. So we have Osaka for the 1st week and a bit
and then we have Tokyo for a whole month. Yes, we figured we would need 30 days minimum. There is a lot to do there in Tokyo. And aside from just like seeing Tokyo we’ll
also do a lot of day trips from there. Yeah. And yeah we’re just so pumped. We found an apartment on airbnb so we’re going
to have it for a whole month. Mmmhmm. And then for the last 3 weeks it a little
bit up in the air. Yes. So we’re still trying to decide what we’re
going to do. Yeah, I think we’ll definitely do like Kyoto,
Nara, Kobe um maybe Hakone. Yep. But we’ll figure it out. We still need to plan the rest of the trip. Figure it out along the way. It is like we don’t want to have everything
set in stone. We want to have a little bit of flexibility
as we go along. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Just enjoying my drink here. Aww. You are a sweet boy. Okay. Alright guys we just came out with our baggage
and I already seem to have lost Sam. Who said he was going to get money and now
he is nowhere to be found. So we wait. Well the never-ending journey. We’ve made it. We’re in Japan. We have made it. It has been such a long travel day like we
probably look like urgh. We need sleep. It is basically like 3 or 4 in the morning
Toronto time so yeah. We didn’t sleep much on the planes. Especially not at all because it was daylight
the whole time. Yeah, we were chasing the sun basically. Yeah. Um so yeah we’ve got our bags no problems. Now we’re going to go up on the 2nd floor. I think we’re going to take the train into
the city. Yeah. Then figure out the metro system yeah and
just go to our airbnb. We’re definitely excited to be here but our
tiredness is kind of overriding. It will show tomorrow. I’m so excited to be here but it will show
tomorrow. (Beep sounds) So we got our tickets for 920 Yen. We’re going to Taknachia or something like
that and then we have to transfer to the metro so we’re a bit lost and confused at the moment. But we are going to figure it out eventually. So the update is that we found the metro but
before buying the metro tickets we followed incorrect instructions and bought the wrong
tickets for a train that was like worth 20 bucks which are non-refundable. So we’ve just wasted 20 bucks. Um but now we are on the metro traveling in
the right direction. It is really not fun navigating when you are
jet lagged. But we’re getting closer. (Subway sounds) I feel like we are acting like this is our
first time traveling. Like we’ve made so many mistakes in a row. It is almost it is a comedy of errors except
it is just not funny because we’re so jet lagged. Yeah. It is really not funny like. But people have been really nice. Yes. Even though people don’t speak a lot of English
they are trying to help us. The stage that we’re at right now I believe
we’re one stop away. So to get on this train if it is going in
the right direction yes and if we get off at the right station apparently we are going
to find our airbnb. Alright guys time for a little update. Yep. But we’re also whispering because it is really
late yes and I think we have neighbors so so we basically just came in here and I think
we were passed out within seconds not minutes. Yeah. And we slept for like 6 or 7 hours. Yeah. We woke up at a really bizarre hour. I think it is like one or two in the morning. It is like one in the morning right now. Yeah. We’re a little bit peckish so. You more than me. I think we’re going to go try and find a convenience
store nearby to have a little bite. Yes. Look at all of the noodle cups. Noodle cups. What are we looking at here Audrey? Rice. I may get one of these. Salmon and sesame. Yeah there is all kinds. This is in Korea this is called the triangle
kimbap. I know it has a name in Japanese. But we don’t know it yet. Oh look. Look. You can get like a proper meal. This looks better than airplane food. Hahaha. Of course it would be. So we are back in the apartment. We couldn’t film a lot because it is raining
outside. Yeah. So yeah we went to Lawsons. It is just around the corner and this is all
we got. Yes. We have some gyoza. Little dumplings stuffed with meat I believe. We picked all of this up for like 9 dollars. Yeah. It was so much good value I would say. Um this is the Tonkatsu. Yep. With which is like a pork cutlet and it is
like breaded. Yep. And fried. We have a bed of rice with seaweed, some egg,
bamboo shoots. You got some tempura looking snacks. Oh yeah, so it looks like tempura on the packaging
but inside it is more like vegetable chips. Yes. And then we got strong green tea. That is literally what it says on the bottle. Strong green tea. Let’s dig in. Whoop. Alright so Sam is going for it. Going for it. So happy to have gyoza. Mmmm. But I think these ones are pork and vegetable
mix. Which is nice. It has a really nice vinegar dressing I put
on top. Mmmhmm. And time to try the cutlet. Mmmm. I really like the way it is breaded. Yeah. It is super salty too. It is really tasty. Yeah. It is a really nice start. So yeah our let’s enjoy it our first meal
in Japan guys. Woo hoo. Alright so the meal is really good so far. The only surprise is that I thought it was
a pork tonkatsu but then we bit into it and we’re like woah this is fish. It is like breaded fish but still tasty. And I’m moving on to the dumplings now. Alright guys so it has been a very long 2
days. Yes. I feel like at this point so we’re going to
say goodbye and goodnight. We’re going to sleep yet again. Goodnight. And tomorrow we’re going to have a video where
we basically plan to create a video of our first impressions of our first full day here
in Japan. So stay tuned for that. Bye. Bye.

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  1. Great to see the start of the Japan series and looking forward to your adventures. Remember to stand on the feet stickers at the railway station platform.

  2. OMG! Welcome to Japan! 2 months WOW.
    I was waiting for this x) It gonna be chill and great season. I hope you have new experiences.

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  4. The JR tickets are actually refundable even if you already passed through the entry gate. Just speak to an attendant at one of the booths. The current price is 1060 per person to leave the airport.
    Miyazu is a hidden gem in Kyoto and has one of the best sightseeing spots in all of Japan. Only a few hours away from Osaka by bus or train. Looking forward to your vids!!

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  12. Went to Japan 2 years ago. Awesome place.
    Went to Hakone, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Hiroshima, Tokyo.
    All these places are lovely.
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