Our Legal Process Journey Thus Far

Our Legal Process Journey Thus Far

welcome everyone welcome it's been quite a while it's been quite a while so come on me in and that's right all right today we're gonna talk about we're gonna give you a couple of updates as to what's been going on in the case the case is at issue it's moving soon there will be decisions or motions however we want to say this though many of you know we've been in court it's in these courts for two years we don't believe that we will be out of any courts anytime so well we don't expect to be out of court anytime soon we expect to be in there for at least a few more years so this thing is going to be ongoing and you know we're gonna just see what happens it won't keep you guys informed as this thing plays out now you you guys know that we are primarily in the arizona district federal court okay we have a federal RICO case against some state of Ohio officials and the FBI field office for dereliction of their duty and they are being sued under Bivens there is a Bivens complaint now a Bivens complaint is similar to a 42 USC 1983 but it's the and alec is one that is for federal officials with the 42 USC 1983 being primarily for state officials okay so right now we are in that court in the federal district of Arizona and we will be waiting for decisions or emotions to come you know so also in addition to that we are also involved in continuous matters in the state of Ohio as it relates to Moses force that cases uncle and still that case is still in front of Judge Kim Elaina brow and magistrate Eliot okay even though they have been doing these unconstitutional acts they are still allowing them to hear the case and under the Ohio law all there has to be as an appearance of bias and Prejudice and then you can have the judge recused if there's an appearance of bias and Perret about prejudice now there has been more than to bias and Prejudice as it concerns the issues that are in the court in the Franklin County domestic court in front of camelina Brown and Manchester Brian K Elliot so that's just further evidence that bias and Prejudice has been has become a commonplace norm in the Franklin County domestic or bias and Prejudice has become a normal just like violating the constitutional rights have become a norm so you know that that's what that's the culture that they are operating in in the state of Ohio and that's a lot of reason why we removed ourselves from that area simply because it's a lot of it's a circus I'm just gonna say it's a goddamn circus so we just wanted to keep you guys updated on what's going on and we are prepared to we are prepared like like we've been telling you we have to look at everything from from a worst-case scenario standpoint so we don't expect we don't expect anything good we expect the worst so we are prepared for the worst all right so we're prepared for that and we have all of our paperwork pretty much ready you know ready to wear if we have to appeal to the Ninth Circuit in California will appeal to the Ninth Circuit if we have to go beyond that and appeal to the United States Supreme Court again we'll do that again instead since it's nothing to us so we'll do that again so whatever has to be done for the right thing to be doing we're going to do and there's there is no amount of work that we are not willing to do to sustain justice in this situation we're not going to move on from it we're not gonna let it go we're not gonna spontaneously it's just up and stop would never stop okay it's this this case and these matters are fresh like they happened three minutes ago fresh like they have been three minutes ago we're not planning we're not playing with these people they abuse the process so not only did they commit the original crimes they committed the original crimes and to add insult to injury they went on ahead and you know protected each other and they went on ahead and did unconstitutional acts two for justice in the matter so you know all of those things all of those grievances have to be redressed and you know if they're not willing to make a satisfy us at the end of the day if we're not happy we're not going to stop we're not stopping it kind of fears that just as a thing from restless it's only looks like they try to do certain things to try to I guess trying to like maybe being damage control or trying to do something to take our minds off the way they did but you don't do that like you don't do that like this stuff like because I look at it like this like the stuff that they try to do like I wanted to be standing here right now I always look at that look at that stuff would work I could have been gone I could had like major scientific stuff this stuff could have had a major impact on my life like negative wouldn't be good to lost my speech and everything so it's like you can't just do certain things and thinking instilled in trying to take somebody's mind off it wish you did crime to her committee if I go out give me the cry me I'm gonna be indicted over for a federal crime so you got we have all this evidence of these people conveniens fine and you know we know that we not stupid we understand that most of those people don't have the judges and they don't have power of taking orders from higher if somebody is a Meyer group of the upper echelon members and you know and this this this information has become a very common place is getting old you know it's it's it's it's gonna be it's becoming harder and harder for for people to call other people conspiracy theories or there's any other because with this age that we live in with this with these with these Internet's and all of these cameras there's cameras everywhere there's cameras and microphones everywhere people are always filming and recording and there's always information to be obtained if a person shall seek that information so because we have seek the information and we've seeked answers to get down to the bottom of why this whole thing even happened from the beginning we had to go back years and years and we had to really take a fine microscope and we had to get down to the bottom of why this thing happened we're originated and we have all those answers we know we know all of everything what we need to know and the only thing that we're ready for is we're ready to go and trial so there's been you know all this delay of going to trial there's been all of this delay with these people following these motions to dismiss and running and it's very very simple if you didn't do anything and if if we're crazy just let us go to trial let us present our case and and be done with it you know the why why do you want to put a motion to dismiss in wouldn't you rather cook wouldn't you rather go to trial prove your innocence and have the matter done when you rather do that and wouldn't you rather collect your attorney fees for somebody filing a pretty frivolous suit against you you know so why wouldn't you want to do that okay if if our claims are frivolous and if our claims don't have a leg to stand on then just go to court go through the trial go through the legal process that's what it was established for and that's what it's there for so why you wanna run why do you want to put in a motion to dismiss why do you want to say oh that court doesn't have personal jurisdiction why don't you just wait here do they stay in this car it's hard to play yeah yeah no an alternate yes that's so so so what's the problem okay you you going up against two individuals that's not represented by an attorney you know and we're supposed to be done okay we're supposed to be done so just come to court and let's just do the paperwork you don't want to put in motions to dismiss these people want to put in motions to dismiss and say oh the court doesn't have jurisdiction in flow we know that the court does have jurisdiction in any event that they didn't you could waive your your lack of personal jurisdiction defense and just get your counsel and take care of the situation indebting and Dad the situation but no these people want to try to run because they think that they're going to tire someone out we we we're fresh it's fresh just like it just like it happened two minutes ago we're on it cuz what what was done in this matter was very devious it was very devious diabolical it was very devious diabolical and nefarious with the judge Catherine is he pressed indeed in a bankruptcy court I mean yeah let's talk about that for a little bit what Chapter seven okay you can do you can easily do the research and you can easily see a chapter seven bankruptcy does not take 18 months to get a discharge so what's going on all that time yeah abuse abuse abuse abuse okay association-in-fact enterprise and you know and that's what the RICO law was was created for it was created for regular citizens to act as their own attorneys generals to address when when people are coming together to thwart any kind of justice or do any type of crime against to tear yeah its domestic terrorism now we always see people raise their hand and swear the oath to the Constitution to defend against enemies that is foreign and domestic but do we ever hear about any of the stories work do we ever hear about any of these stories we're worse were someone actually or some group of people actually defended themselves against domestic terrorism we don't hear that they don't be anything here they can't have they can't have something like this like this severe this type of case in the public and seeing this did I mean they're not letting us for the trials endeavor what's gonna happen because we have a lot more people watching and it's gonna get worse as time goes by you know books clunky ready and it's thinking out there is communist Kisco this is going to get worse you know the best thing to do is let us go to give us our life you know you ever started right let us go to trial and you have our case and wrap it up do what you know you need to settle their meaning do whatever you need to do but we need to we need to have our right to go to trial right here this case so at the end of the day ultimately we need to be the one satisfying so it's not gonna be about nobody behind the scene to say it's not gonna be about nobody behind the scene to talk about what we'll do this it will do this and trying to decide what our remedy is going to be you're not gonna decide what our remedy is going to be because we're not going to stop that's how much time should appear remedy in a long time ago a long time ago we were still I would all I'd say wrapped up with an Audi letting it that's we said before and one of the videos that mean it's gonna get worse and worse and worse as time go by because we're no idiots you guys think we're idiots being no cognitive dissonance is strong you guys think really we're not no fools little wareness level is high we can see everything you try to do you're not in so you're not stealthy not at all you do you think what you're doing the stuff that you doing is this you're doing that and they're stealthy better you've been it's not worth it's not gonna work we see everything that you're doing and we know it's enriched now I'm happy for this because my awareness level weather was high before so having more to this process may my we're level isn't wearing his dis dudes whatever we're level was off the charts but my model we're level as like I learned a lot and I could see a lot so all this stuff that day that did you guys think you try to do we all do this a week you can calculate us thinking that we don't folks back in Akron them niggas back in back then you won't be wrong every time because we ain't like them you know so y'all better get it together and y'all better don't better wrap this up because meaning stopping on time zone and you guys you guys been following me much and you guys see how long I've been on YouTube for I've been on YouTube for 10 plus years because that's how passionate I am that's passion and once we get on to something like them to something they be passionate about it you're not let me go it's not it's not one of you leave me alone so again y'all better wrap this up but it do what y'all need to do because this go 10 years 20 years how long air balloons won't a is gonna keep long it's gonna keep going so is this bad I mean think about if you run if you run if you have a cash cow okay you making money off of people's dig nurse and doing that while you don't buy that this morning you're waking it's going to wake up yeah you're threatening your bottom line until you to your yeah you're organized cabal is right this is creating more people like us so if this is this alone be a big thing I would just wrap it up get it over why you can't because the longer it goes on the worse is going to get because you can't like I said I'm gonna say it one more time this telling is stealthiness the stuff that you guys think you're doing it's tell people it's not my oneness and you think you don't do certain thing to take my mind is my or am i off of the situation it's not gonna work it's not gonna work you can do anything you want if I'm a holding hand if I might get my rights exercised the people died died for this you can forget it we can't just keep fighting and and and and the only people who get to decide what our remedy is this up so you know if we agree on something then you know maybe we could come to an agreement or something but it there will be nobody decided for us there will be nobody making decisions for us do you have a handle er and I don't have one either and that's the way it's gonna stay and with that being said all constitutional rights a vote now and we just wanted to give you an update on that video and thanks again to the subscribers we got we they are so our subscription base we want to welcome you guys in the channel no just just continued support we I know we go weeks at a time without me you gotta understand we got a lot of stuff going on like a lot of work on also just you know welcome all right well until next time you guys take care if you have any questions or concerns intimate a comment section and they'll be addressed and until next time are before he's out thank you

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  1. 🐻 This channel is one of the best channels. We need to be aware about what's going on in society, public places. Strength, knowledge, devotion, power, justice, I respect that !

  2. I admire your tenacity, intelligence and intrepid pursuit of justice. All done for the right reasons. Your battle is one that few can gather the strength, evidence and perseverance to be victorious. I think you have that rare combination of qualities that will lead you to success. 🏆 Good luck and expose the rot.🍀

  3. Do you have a trial by jury? It seems like these courts drag their feet when it comes to these situations. Feels like they’re trying to get rid of the common law and stick with these administrative courts where you make “complaints” instead of claims.

  4. Been there done that. Here is my advice. Let it go and focus your energy on what you do best. What you are fighting will fight back, and they own the system. I know it is hard to ear me, but I am telling you this from experience. How can you obtain justice when they protect their own? There is another way by extending the olive branch.

  5. I've recently started to watch you guys and it's really interesting case. I'm trying to catch up with all the videos. You guys seem very serious. All the best of luck

  6. Hey bros. Y'all are doing good. Y'all are discovering things that are some the reasons I became an Anarcho-capitalist. The state/gov not gonna play by their own rules. Just know this… The Constitution is just a piece of paper and it fails to provide or protect our rights. I didn't sign shit. And Im not about to take abuse.

    Hopefully y'all look up the works of Lysander Spooner.

    Keep exposing the corruption!!

  7. The opposing legal team and the courts are likely watching your videos as well lol so remember to take that into account when you strategize. We are routing for you guys! You guys are my favorite pair of black men I watch on the internet! Lol

  8. Also just watched the video, hope your case gets settled soon bro, damn that ex of yours is one hell of a bitch. Good reminder to watch out for who I settle down with, don’t want to be in the same position as you. But much love as always, am looking forward to your new videos on both of your channels, always so intriguing

  9. You have the most soothing gentle voice… it is so relaxing lol… definitely the most calming voice amongst all black men… but likely also amongst all men in general.

  10. This was a great update video fellas! You'll hit a lot of good points and i hope and wish nothing but the best for you'll! Perseverance is key and I see the strength is there! Good luck along this journey and I'm definitely here for the support and knowledge ride thanks Mark and Moses! Blessing up!

  11. I'm sure that a few investigator reporters would love to cover your story. Get in touch with your local newspaper and share. Put shame on the court!

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