Outlook 2010 – How To Setup Automatic Out of Office Vacation Reply

Outlook 2010 – How To Setup Automatic Out of Office Vacation Reply

Hello and welcome! I’m going to show you click by click how to set up an automatic out of the office reply for Microsoft
outlook 2010. If you have an exchange account then all
you have to do is click File here and you’ll have a nice little wizard for your but
if you use pop email you will have to go through these steps to
do it. Now I’m also gonna put the instructions in the video description as
well. So the first thing you want to do is
click on new email, and then you just type in what you want
your out of office reply to be. Once you get your message typed out you
want to go to file, save as, and where it says “save as type” select outlook template and then give it a name I’m gonna put mine in documents so it’s easier to find Close out the message, you don’t have to save the changes it is already saved. So now you’ve got your reply, click on
File go to rules and alerts, select new rule apply rule on messages I receive – you’re
starting from blank rule click next. Pick where my name is in the To or CC box, click next. And then you want to click reply using a
specific template, check that box and go down here and
click on a specific template and then you want to
browse to wherever you saved that template, which for me it was in documents. And there it is vacation reply, click open. Click next. And here you can add exceptions to the
rule if you want certain people not to get your message or whatever you want it to be
here. But in general just click next, and
then you can specify a name vacation reply, turn on the rule box is
checked, click finish. click Apply and then click OK. And now you’re rule is running.
You can send yourself a test message to make sure that it is working properly. And of course when you do go on vacation
you want to leave your computer on and just minimize
outlook. Because it’s not going to work unless the computers on and outlook is running. Hope you enjoyed the
video, hope it helped and thank you for watching

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  1. Thank you! I wish they just had a link:-( It's ok to go through the steps but it's ridiculous that we have to leave the program open and computer on.

  2. Thank you for this video!  I have multiple accounts and would like to set up an auto response to only one of them.  Is that possible?

  3. One question: would you say, if is it possible to create auto-reply for before some dates? For exapmle to set auto-reply before month? Using website it is possible. How about Outlook?
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Nice tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to post this, it's been so many years since I set a vacation reply in Outlook 2002, I needed to review the steps for 2010.

  5. Thank you so much for this Video, i use it every time i have to go out of the office, i never remember and as soon as i hear your voice, i stop panicing and manage to get the out of office set up :o) happy chritmas and new year to you

  6. If you'd like to check this out for Outlook 2013 or OWA, I've got a post with videos here: http://www.365ninja.com/set-up-automatic-out-of-office-replies-in-outlook/

  7. 1) This is not a good solution, leaving your PC on. If you want to do this for 4 mailboxes then you need 4 computers to run with 4 different outlooks?! 🙂
    2) With your configurations if you get a message from an out of office sender then you'll get in a loop. :))

  8. THANK YOU!!   Very helpful instructions – followed them and was able to successfully implement the process. Very Simple to follow.

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  17. Thank you for this video!  This is so much better than trying to follow the HELP menu in Outlook!  They could learn a lot from you on this video!

  18. I followed the instructions and it worked great. I have deleted the automation, but many coworkers and clients are still getting the out of office response. Suggestions?

  19. I followed the instructions and it worked great. I have deleted the automation, but many coworkers and clients are still getting the out of office response. Suggestions?

  20. OK so presumably everyone knows wat a mwesaage template is, where you find the home tab, what a new group is….where is the explanation here?

  21. So that was definitely one of the best video tutorials I've ever seen…short and quick, but clear and thorough. Wish all so-called "help videos" got the job done like this…THANKS!

  22. This is great! Thank you so much! I was able to watch this on one screen (with no sound even) and perform the steps on the other screen. It was perfect. Thanks again.

  23. Thank you!!! This video was soo much more helpful than all the 'instructions' and 'walk-thrus' I was finding in a standard Google Search

  24. Holy Cow!! I thought it was just an easy thing to set up your vacation email. Unreal Thanks for the video but why do they make a 15,000 step process to engage this?

  25. Thank you! very much appreciated, simple steps! http://howtoget.wiki/outlook-2010-setup-automatic-reply/

  26. When I click on "Rules and Alerts" an error message pops up that says "You are currently working offline. To use this command, you must go online and connect to Microsoft Exchange."


  27. Thank you so much this was so helpful, Because i could not figure for the life of me how to do this now while im away for vacation my clients dont have to wonder if im ignoring them they will know i am on vacation lol thanks so much again 🙂

  28. There is a way easier way to,just have a quick one. Was rushing,out and trying to,figure rhis shit out, very annoying

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