Pacoima Tourism Video

Pacoima Tourism Video

In the magical land of The Valley There’s a place where all
your dreams can come true Follow your heart to Pacoima How many families can you fit in that house? WE HAVE SEVEN No one cares what we do WE’VE BETTER THINGS TO DO Street art So catch the next plane to Pacoima ROGER NINER, GET THOSE
SHOPPING CARTS OFF THE TARMAC There’s plenty of neighbors
to help with your bags Major currency is EBT Rosters wake you up at dawn
Leashless dogs on every lawn Was the fireworks or guns?
We’d better run No need to get a job
or pay rising health costs Not like you’ll live
When you’ve got the HIV And follow your heart to Pacoima DON’T GET WRANGLED BY THIS ICE CREAM MAN

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  1. Some little known facts about EBT, learn more on wikipedia.

    Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system in the United States that allows state governments to provide financial and material benefits via a plastic debit card. The 2008 farm bill renamed the Food Stamp Program as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (as of October 2008), and replaced all references to "stamp" or "coupon" in federal law to "card" or "EBT."

  2. "how many families can we fit in that house? We have &!" LOL Thanks I was having a rough day and this killed me. 🙂

  3. When arguing a point against a YouTube video: Step 1- Proper spelling. Step 2- Proper punctuation. Step 3- itatiana8= Epic fail.

  4. Dude you have GOT to do Oxnard! Take a roll down hueneme road, saviers, and Oxnard blvd. You'll have enough material to do 20 videos! But you have to do it to 3's company.

    Btw sent here by Carolla. Go Aceman!

  5. Ok Meeha we get your point. Pacoima and all the Mexico clones are bueno. Thank goodness those people came here!:) Viva la Raza!!!

  6. No, do one of North Hollywood in honor of the Aceman aka Adam Carolla! He brought tons of traffic to your vides, shoot up and down Lankershim, laurel canyon, victory, vanowen, tons of North Hollywood Misery, lol! Come on bro, do it!

  7. What the hell are you talking about? There's no fatburgers in Sun Valley. Vineland past Sherman Way is North Hollwyood. You mean Sunland Blvd.?

  8. Dude, start doing some really ghetto areas like, lynwood, huntington park, watts, compton, south gate, east la, etc. the possibilities are endless!

  9. Bwahahaha! Excellent! The Canoga Park in me took me a minute to figure out that I needed to click the CC (close captioning) button. Now we can all sing along!

  10. This video should have a warning about the severe, soul-wrenching depression that can result after a visit to the valley.

  11. Don't forget soft serve ice cream in front of your house 11pm, roosters in every back yard, thedump, the junk yard with the LIVE BULL in the middle of it.

    I am completing a 5 year stint in Sun Valley. It's not been bad, but I won't be too super sad to move out of it.

  12. LOL! Nice place when my parents moved there.. in 1951! They changed their part of town to "Arleta", which helped… for about 5 years. Needless to say I got the hell out after growing up in that hell-hole.

  13. There's a page on Facebook called San Fernando Meme's and posted it and now everyone is sharing it lol

  14. This is a Gizmo Money favorite!…. Check out a Punk Kid Using A Crazy Homeless Man For A School Report On A Family Member at Gizmo Money

    1:50 MARK there is proof of a real life alien pregnancy!

  15. Love the video! Great work. A video on Sun Valley would be great with all the junkyards, dumps, and hookers there 🙂

  16. I gather Pacoima is a pretty bad choice to move to (even on a tight budget) for a single white female…

  17. So awesome but missed opportunity not showing the Back To The Future house in Pacoima and how it looks just like it did in alternate 1985

  18. .. north hollywood hipster haven,.. or even Reseeeda…. there is already even a tom petty cover that wouldn't need much editing..

  19. LOL! This one pretty good, but I like the Van Nuys one best. These videos are so spot-on. I'm a Southern California native-and from the Valley-, but I have to say these videos are hilarious; I'm not offended at all, although I understand some people are. Van Nuys is my hometown, and I still love it, but it's not the same Van Nuys from my childhood, and the "tourism" video for that city is only showing what has happened to it. It is funny, as this one for Pacoima.  BTW, I have been waiting for a tourism video to be made of Whittier, where I live now!

  20. Please do one for Panorama City! And how awful of drivers we have here. Shamelessly running red lights in front of cops. Oh and the mall! The rundown mall with tiny spaces and a murder-y Wal Mart! ♡

  21. Seriously though, Sunland/Tujunga. There's a reason LAPD calls it "The Rock" I grew up there and the name fits like a condom.
    You gotta have someone who lives there show you around, because not all the shit takes place on Foothill Blvd.

  22. You should do Sylmar! LOL Go to Sylmar High any given day Pacoima and San Fer gangs are fighting, Veterans Park any given weekend when all the broke ass Mexicans and their 5,000 family members need to escape their un-air conditioned roach infested apartments, or the Sylmar Christmas parade up Polk St which is basically a showcase for low riders and their hoes, or the motel on Foothill and Roxford where they house hundreds of illegals, lol. Or go to the 7-11 on Polk and Foothill on any given Friday night and see all the hood rats in line for those $1 dvd's.

  23. Oh yeah, you might want to bring your video cam to the next CicLAvia. It's a Boulevard cruise from Panorama City to Pacas, that also goes through Arleta and North Hills.

  24. Thank God we my parents decided to leave Pacoima in 1981. This place is the most ghetto city in San Fernando valley.

  25. omg i love this fucking video i love in pacioma💖 at 0:41 you can see the old 99 that was taken down next to bobo's

  26. I never been to Pactown but i was born and raised in the valley.

    Question – IS IT SAFE for a female to DRIVE (commute) to Paxton St in Pacoima for a job offer?! How is driving at NIGHT (just in case they give me night shifts) on Paxton St for a female?!

  27. I love these "tourism" vids sooooo much! If I'm not having a good day I hit one up and…smile. I am NOT homesick for S. Cal.!😂

  28. Absolutely perfect. I use to live in Northridge. Boy does the San Fernando valley suck. So glad I’m in Seattle now

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