Paris Hilton's Extravagant Closet Tour | Beauty Spaces | Allure

Paris Hilton's Extravagant Closet Tour | Beauty Spaces | Allure

hile or it's Paris Hilton welcome to my beauty space come in so this is my dressing room area this is where I do my final touches when I was designing the space with my interior designer I wanted it to be old Hollywood so I loved all the mirrors and the chandeliers and the whole black-and-white vibe I just thought it was perfect for this room this is where I keeps from my favorite beauty products that I use every single day I love using all my own products and now I have 19 product lines and 25 fragrances I make everything from sunglasses haircare skincare handbags clothing watches jewelry lingerie dog clothes nail polish eyelashes shoes I have homewares pillows and furniture I basically make every type of product you can think of like a box when I'm getting ready this is where all of my favorite things are what's so amazing about having 25 Paris Hilton fragrances is that I have one for almost every day the month with perfumes I always decide what type of mood I'm in if it's more of like a sexy vibe or more innocent and sweet this is my 24th perfume called platinum rush and it's one of my favorites every morning I used my pro DNA cleanser which is incredible it has diamond dust in it it really just clears out your skin and makes it beautiful and glowing and this is the face and decolletage cream and the packaging is stylish and sexy just like me and the scientist who worked on this won the Nobel Prize it's lit the best beauty advice my mom ever gave me was to stay out of the Sun and that's something I've listened to ever since I was a little girl I get spray tan from portifino once a week and they make this product called glow and I use it everyday when I get out of the bath and it just maintains your tan and makes you tanner this is my unicorn I collect a lot of these I think I'd like 200 different ones or all different types of unicorns that's why I made unicorn mist it's this amazing magical rose water spray I love it I use it all day every day and I feel like I'm half unicorn and this is my Tinkerbell I've always been obsessed with her I named my first Chihuahua after her I love Barbie and I've been collecting them since I was a little girl so this is Barbie collection she's an icon this is one of my favorite pictures it's one of the first photoshoot covers that we did and my sister and I are dressed as twins cuz my mom always loved dressing us up as twins these are my Paris glasses you can't see through them but it's that they were so fun because they're pink and sparkly and totally me and this is my tiara cuz every woman needs a tiara to feel like a queen or princess I don't usually wear it that often maybe for my birthday or New Year's Eve and I actually collect yours I have over a hundred of them but they're in the tiara closet this is my favorite foundation by Giorgio Armani it literally makes your skin look like silk these are my son drops from my friend dr. Barbara Sturm I love mixing these with my skincare it's great for protecting myself from the Sun this is another good trick for hair especially for blonds sometimes if you get that brassy color if you use this purple shampoo it totally takes it out and makes your hair blonder and I love Kerastase it's one of my favorite hair products this is for making sure that your color does not fade yes sort of water I'm like dying this is my pressed juice Olivar this is for my new makeup line and I'm always living my best life so it's perfect I love this product it's called airbrush legs by Sally Hansen it's basically cover up for your legs so if you have a bruise or something happens all you do is spray this on and you can't even see and it looks like you have really golden tan legs it kind of reminds me of the movie death becomes her when Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep or at the end and they're like falling apart and they just keep spraying themselves I don't know why but I always think of that movie when I use this I'm obsessed with all gadgets and anything that has to do a technology and I love this by new face it's basically uses microcurrent technology to make your skin than beautiful and perfect and Forever Young mixed with the Paris Hilton skin here of course so this is my main closet where I come to after I get my glam done I'm here to pick up my favorite purse which is my crystallized Birkin the first one I ever made loves it and now I have to go because I'm busy running my empire but I love you Elora I'm so happy you came to see my beauty space and I'll see you guys soon

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  1. She came to the store I work in the other day and she spent like 1.5k and had so many bags full of stuff . We're a expensive store and she bought stuff like it was nothing ! How to be her honestly!

  2. She’s legitimately stuck in the early 2000s like her style etc she needs to renew her closet/Beauty room it’s very messy like barbies & unicorns 🦄 & thinker bell with make up and boxes of perfumes as well as skin care it’s all too much she needs to organize.

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