Parkway Drive - live @ Full Force Festival 2019 - ARTE Concert

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  1. his voice is going down, same like corey taylor in the 2000´s….in 2-3 years you cannot go to a concert anymore

  2. I 🖤 them in the past,

    since there intention🤑 changed from 🎸🎶🤘🏻🤠🍻 to 💰⛳🍾

    🙄but now I 🤢when I hear theire songs since album 4🤮

  3. i've seen some pompus bullshit in my time and never thought i'd see it from this fucking band. what the fuck Winston. what. the fuck,

  4. Wtf does this guy think he is Till Linderman dude get off ya high horse ya wanker being famous has gone to ya head boys no wonder ya don't play in ya own country any more cause Australians think your a bunch of gay cunts.

  5. That overblown intro really seems to reveal how much they have changed since their early days. Just get on stage and play some songs and enjoy it.

  6. So. Fuckin. Badass. PWD is by far my favorite metal band. Also, live, they are fantastic! Thanks for this!

  7. I wish they would play A Deathless Song live! Anyone know if they've ever played that song live anywhere?

  8. Sind echt geil, aber nach der aktuellen Rammstein Tour sieht dieses Set up hier aus wie das von nem Coverband Kindergeburtstag einer 15 jährigen…

  9. The beginning of this video reminds me of the start to a boxing match in a movie with Sylvester Stallone

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