Pay $12,000 for a Russian Cruise with 2 Republicans

Pay $12,000 for a Russian Cruise with 2 Republicans

Hey, this is sort of weird. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and
former US senator Rick Santorum are hanging out in Russia and you can join them for five
to $12,000. This is just the strangest, that also sort
of most classless thing. The two Republicans were just in St Petersburg
and they’ve been promoting a cruise. You can go on a cruise with them. This is just so bizarre. It’s called the Baltic experience with Governor
Mike Huckabee and guest speaker, Senator Rick Santorum. The cruise will stop in St Petersburg, Russia,
Helsinki, Finland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Tallinn, Estonia, Stockholm, Sweden, and more. This is for profit tickets are five to $12,000
depending on, I guess, how much time you want to have with my CocoaVia, Rick Santorum. Probably what size room you get and what kind of a
view you get from that room on the big cruise ship. How could be promoted this on his Facebook
page as a quote, unforgettable trip to the Baltics. He talks about the weather. Very strange. How could be also I guess tweeting jokes where
he said enjoyed dinner on the Baltic Sea with Jane Huckabee and dear friends, Rick and Karen
Santorum. Note to the media, we are not here to collude
but to see if we can get the uranium back that Hillary sold. We told the Vlad we could be more flexible
after the election and then Huckabee own wife who’s just a hilarious woman responding to
the tweet we were colluding. People are actually talking about Russian
collusion and Russian connections here. I genuinely don’t see it that way. I see this solely as a cringy money grab unless
you can get me some evidence that this is anything more than that. You don’t have to speculate what this is all
about. It’s just money. Yes. Okay. Santorum is connected to that Russian agent,
Maria Buthaina and yes, it seems like Betsy devoss was in Russia at the exact same time
as how it could be in Santorum, but I think those are just coincidences. I have no reason to think that this is anything
but a brazen money grab from these two. What I really want to know is who’s willing
to pay 12 grand to go on a boat with Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum? I’m not being sarcastic. If you know anyone who went on this thing
or is going on this thing up, please get them in touch with me. What has gone horribly wrong in your life
that you feel compelled to pay money to go on a boat to talk to Mike Huckabee and Rick
Santorum and hear them speak? That’s who I want to talk to. And the only real question mark about this
for Santorum and Huckabee, this is just a money grab. And strangely enough, these things are much
more widely available than some people might imagine. And some of them are even more cringey than
this one.

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  1. So it is pretty obvious.
    Totally corrupt.
    Watch out Amuricuns
    Those Russian verb conjugations get tough in year 6.

  2. If I was donating to Republicans, 12k for a Baltic cruise wouldn't be a bad compensation. Just saying, hype aside, the boat ride is about hanging out with other rich people in an exotic place. I doubt most of the donors are clamoring for speeches from santorum, but they'll sit through them for a nice vacation.

  3. It may be “just a money grab” it is still yet more GOP people who just can’t seem to stop themselves from gravitons around Russia, one way or another.

  4. For the Russian connection – it's still contemptible for the ridicule heaped on legitimate concerns about Putin's fingers in Republican electoral prospects. Up and down, they simply do not care about the appearance of impropriety anymore. Flaunting corruption is a delicious way to trigger the libs and get their fans to hoot in support.

  5. Those cruise tickets are couple of hundred euros, so this is truly FOR PROFIT. Most likely some sort of money funneling scheme with RU gov stake on it.

  6. Who'd waste that kind of money on shitholes like these loser GOP? Aside from you know, giving money to the needy, homeless VETS…poor American children? nah. GO F yourselves "patriot GOP voters"…and GOP 'leadership'.

  7. I am blown away by how Buddy Buddy republicans are being with Russia. Something is going on. America is absolutely crazy right now.

  8. Remember when conservatives hated Russians when they were the enemy?
    I'm from PA. Santurum is an embarrassment to many us especially those of from Philly.

  9. David there are no coincidences when it comes to Republicians and Russia. It's not, in spite of what you are saying, just a cruise. These corrupt politicians are making sure the meddling to keep their party in office are still on tract. Of all the cruises, Russia is in unrest for democracy, and their people are protesting for freedom to choose, and American Republicians are visiting to bribe hackers, and think we are too stupid to realise that when you have Devos, Santorum, Huckabee, and all the others who just happen to book passage, you know there are corruption under foot. Why now, stay alert media, this is suppose to fool everyone.

  10. or you can buy yourself the Biden's with a few billion from the Chinese.

  11. Republicans truly are the worst people on the planet. What kind of daft morons spend money to spend time with right wing cowards? That's just pathetic.

  12. I would not go anywhere with Santorum or Hacabee even if they pay me 12000,
    My wild hope is that the ship hit an iceberg and sunk with the entire crew and all passengers .

    I am sick and tired of these coincidences that keep happening on this Trump regime.

  13. While they are not technically agents for foreign powers, they are still working for foreign principal.

    “(2) a person outside of the United States, unless it is established that such person is an individual and a citizen of and domiciled within the United States, or that such person is not an individual and is organized under or created by the laws of the United States or of any State or other place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and has its principal place of business within the United States; and

    (3) a partnership, association, corporation, organization, or other combination of persons organized under the laws of or having its principal place of business in a foreign country.”

    “(1) any person who acts as an agent, representative, employee, or servant, or any person who acts in any other capacity at the order, request, or under the direction or control, of a foreign principal or of a person any of whose activities are directly or indirectly supervised, directed, controlled, financed, or subsidized in whole or in major part by a foreign principal, and who directly or through any other person–“.

    My read is they have report working with a foreign principal if they have any sort of security clearance. (Remove it.). If they start endorsing within the US, there may be other issues.

  14. I would rather be imprisoned in a Russian gulag than spend ANY time of my life on a cruise with either the bombastic Rick Santorum or pompous Mike Huckabee. The two "men" are hypocritical "Christians," the former who worships at the Catholic Church with its "Priesthood of Pedophiles" and the latter who is a so-called "Evangelical" Christian who sired the notorious Sara "Tokyo Rose" Huckabee Sanders. Both men are incredibly "cringey," as you say.

  15. If you want to understand why conservative Christians are so buddy buddy with Russia, watch The Family on NETFLIX.

  16. American Congressmen: “Experience the Baltics”
    People with a non-American knowledge of geography: “St. Petersburg is in Russia, Helsinki is in Finland, Stockholm is in Sweden, Copenhagen is in Denmark….none of them Baltic nations……The Nordic Experience would be more appropriate with 3 out of 5….”

  17. Hmmm….. Rick and Mike auditioning for a J O B with Putin? They know where the power in the US government REALLY is!

  18. I'm sure anyone who earns this "The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex" is a super fun guy to hang with. Personally I'd rather hang with the dude that thought that up.

  19. Why don't People pay Trump some money instead then they can talk to the president of the USA. Russian or Norweigan don't matter. Just bring your big wallet.

    Also how is it with your adds now, do you get some money from me watching them?

  20. I have never been on a cruise but I will make sure to put this cruise on my "not to-do" list. I can not imagine been stuck on a ship with those boring-arse fundamentalist cronies.

  21. LMAO!!! You have just made my day with this news! OMG please let Michelle Obama (*one can dream*) ask for money to walk down the street with her and I'd pay any amount, but I wouldn't go for FREE to spend time with these two scumbags.

  22. Dude, they're clearly whoring out access to US national politics. Who do you think are paying 12000$ just to talk to them? Do you think it will be a fawning fanboy from Pennsylvania? Of course not. It's foreign state and corporate actors who'll pay that price to further their interests. That's literally the first thing you learn when you study security.

  23. Is this a try to pay the russians after the Trump bogus didn't go so well? Generating at least some russian taxes?

  24. I would LOVE to be on a cruise ship with Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee! Where else would you be able to pitch two toxic religious fundamentalist dipshits into the water and see if their God really saves them?

  25. We can't miss the bribery aspect when talking about this situation. "Come on a cruise and pay money to talk to an elected official!" The Constitution gives citizens the right to redress their concerns to government officials. The fact that he is making people pay for it is pretty messed up. He probably thinks this is okay because it is how all the big companies lobby the government, now individuals can pay for the privilege!

  26. Slick Rick the Prick just won't die and go to Hell, like he is he was contractually obligated to, in his deal with Satan.

  27. I think it is terrifying that they would joke about collusion with Russia like that.. incredibly insensitive . Typical GOP Republican SCUM.

  28. Floating around in the icy water of the Arctic Ocean sounds preferable to being on a boat with these 2 schmucks.

  29. This is the second Republican backed fundraiser coincidentally with Trump associates. The first sign that use Trump's name there was backlash. It's time let's not say his name.

  30. Like at the end of WW2 when the "ratlines" were opened up, so Nazi war criminals had safe passage to South America, so Republicans are getting similar ratlines ready for fleeing to Russia after 2020.

  31. i would totally pay to go on this cruise if i had the money simply for the opportunity to troll the two of them the whole time. contradict everything they say. hit on their wives. follow them around singing loudly to the music from my headphones. while constantly slapping them with the facts about all the shady dealings they have had and all the assiginine shit they say. being on a boat. they would have no place to go and unless they want to spend the whole trip in their cabins they would be forced to endure. just like the rest of us are forced to endure their bullshit. i bet it would be a real hoot!

  32. I have been on a cruise on that route and it was inexpensive, food was sub-par, and encountered storms leading to rocking ships and I throwing up through the trip home; but not with that group of putred, useless ouls.

  33. What a hilarious fund-raising stunt, because all the best comedians are Republicans. Wonder which comedy genius thought this up? I'm guessing Huckabee.

  34. R&R has taken on a completely new meaning . Instead of Rest & Relaxation it stands for Republicans & Russians because behind every Republican there seems to be a Russian .

  35. Too bad the ship didn't get lost at sea on a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour. Would've been a great tv show. Santorum would be Gilligan and Huckleberry would play the Skipper. I'd watch it!!

  36. Whaddya know, an ad for an online course on the Constitution from a college I've never heard of, from Mike Huckabee before a video that mentions the name of… Mike Huckabee!

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