Pence: Outrage to call detention centers 'concentration camps'

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  1. People!!!!!!!! Remember 7 more months and there out of office .I can't wait to see this administration and Kelly Ann face when they lose the election.he should be ashamed of himself calling himself a Christian knowing he's lying the way he is .he's got nerve to say it's a democratic conspiracy are the films and the lies he is saying a democratic conspiracy .no not at all .it's this horrible administration. he's got a lot of nerve. just two days ago he said they were playing cards in an air-conditioned place with good food what a liar. But he has to lie cuz looking who is his boss .a real Christian would stick up for the right thing. this whole administration is disgraceful just like kelly ann and this administration and any other people that work for him thank God they're going to lose the election when the American people vote them out can't wait to see their faces when they lose

  2. he's shaking his head left and right when he says that the children said they were being treated well.

  3. Alexandria Occasional Cortez stared at an orange juice container cause it said concentrate.
    Now all those illegal immigrants in those concentration camps are making orange juice.

  4. Drumpf created this crisis. Send additional judges to adjudicate these people, border patrol agents. He's done nothing. But created a mess and sold children to Epstein type

  5. You are a spineless, lying, grotesque waste of skin. Spin, spin….it’s up to Congress. Etc etc. You’re a total waste of skin

  6. Republicans (white russians) were complicit on this when they were in control of the congress. This guy does not deserve respect.

  7. Be honest with yourself @Mike pence if these immigrants were of oh say European decent you and trump would be playing chicken with the press

  8. $750 dollars a day, per prisoner. That's what we pay. Pence wants more. This is a get rich quick scheme.

    For $750 a day there is no excuse for these conditions.

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