when I get you guys oh my gosh it's so cool Qi got an ultra-rare have to buy one more I'm sorry yeah and today we are gonna be okay so Terry's got a study okay gonna go get eggs bigger than me and now so let's go get up let's go get you that are you in a Tsaritsa Oh Ted's holding his egg this is this is where you adopt pets and family okay so this is the pets area when they talk to this dude right here mister Wolfington yes why how long they're human you look like the type of champion huge help a friend of my mind looking after this egg take good care of it and ill hatch into now in the outstanding pet Oh in order to practically take care of Sara wolf and candidate you need to be okay I'm long ago oh my got it okay I get a cash now what Kate now you just like beat it and stuff right many food is it my pet needs a shower hi my name is Tim I'm gonna give it a name guard these are like the Blues are Commons purple or like uncommons green and rare and Ready's kosher and watches legendary probably yep let's get to two new eggs okay so we want to get the cat egg right here so let's click on the cat right here this is the cat but now I put my other pet away what's my other paint my other pet goes in your inventory I'm gonna hatch that egg first so oh it's a nuthatch or eggs now okay I got a dog from mr. wolfing just a starter pack come on I got the same dog as Eugene let's see what it is oh it's a common obviously because yeah I'm gonna open my cat now me too oh I got a bunny I got a cat as a started egg eating I got a bunny she's a rare bunny I got a Booma I got a puma it's a nun so we're gonna buy one more egg and it's gonna be different oh hi sirwoofington gonna buy this right oh you can tell by looking face day I'm confused know how I can speak well you see that Beckett man and yeah he's just talking random stuff okay gonna hatch my egg now okay touch now cuz I got a red rabbit oh me too I'm gonna hatch now I already have a rewrap rabbit okay ready did I get what did I get runnin a my bunny well I'm gonna keep that one out get a doggy well that's up oh I got a um uncommon said you want to try one more pit okay leg which edge one this one okay one more there's a I'm gonna hatch it down did I get you guys okay right pan oh my gosh it's so cool cute I got an ultra rare what did I get oh I want to keep this and that sucks you gonna name it what okay what should I name it hey I'm Connor I don't know does it take out your favorite pet yeah I like this the best I like this doggy device I'm gonna need what should I name it I'm gonna need a sniffle puffs no I'm naming my snow I regard it this way you can unlock this trick and visit the pet trainer at the school since I'm I'm fat his name is mr. nibbles and then I go back to my house now okay and I'm gonna decorate my house with some new you know stuff oh sure I say mr. cutter pasta the pet furniture yes mr. cuddle mr. cuddles you can mr. cuddle Puffs we can I put my patent troll oh my god look it's in the stroller Oh your egg is hungry tell on them to feed miss okay I'm going do we need that furniture this is my house thank you you can't want to go camping my pet does too I'm not gonna do that right now I'm to let me pick is it needs some save okay fine I'll pick you up and put you to actually I don't have a bed for it we're gonna do my pet stuff now I'm gonna put my oh my pet stuff upstairs I might move some things around I'm going to put a bed like this movie it might put it right here in Provo okay that's one bad area I'm gonna turn off my club because it's real really really right okay okay and I get some Teta bowls so I can drink out of it everything and it doesn't always have to be thirsty okay guys so this for face this one else I like this one better I need a bathtub for it so I'm gonna put that up downstairs in my bathroom I think what that sounds really small though oh yeah my bathrooms too small and you bought somewhere else maybe in the kitchen together could you have some room like a book the bathtub in oh I got some cash my money okay um okay I'm gonna use this one gonna turn it around a lot that did Tara okay hmm maybe I'll give it some eight a food dish down here to my dog it's time for school what I'm not gonna do that any of that stuff yet that's mine so far let me see how the dog bone does it I'm giving my pet a bath okay I think I got some stuff down I'm gonna give it whatever he needs okay okay hey take a look it's kind of dirty though it says dirty okay now I want some theft I didn't do something right turn that around so that's a decoration well maybe maybe maybe my checks are um why are you up there oh my gosh Kim look at it I know do you use that as yours yeah I haven't one upstairs – don't feed your pet eggs you're not safe for your pet what I'm gonna paint my oh let me go get my pet cuz that but my pets not sleeping maybe your sex no I went outside I'm having my mr. chocolate eat some pizza how much is it oh my gosh it's big but that's nice honey I'd like three beds so if I put this down well maybe I'll put this here but if I put that there I'm gonna have to move some things over okay I think that might be good I just want to see how this would work like do I sleep in it do or is it just for my pet well it's just for my pet oh did you see what I got no let me see yeah sure I don't think an action word stuff but yeah okay now go over and visit tad okay Kiki I'm gonna see what and then I'm gonna see what you're doing cuz I feel like cat got a new house now I want to show you and then maybe have to die do some tricks with my pets you did train it so there's not much stuff in my house but I think it's huge how compared to how his house actually looks like cuz his house looks incredibly small and I'm pretty sure this is a fairy house oh honey it's an under to see how so the mermaid house oh okay mr. nibbles gang up on my pet down so then you can actually freely back but it's sick do Etsy oh my gosh Chad why do you have so much bread bread it yup that's it let's take our pets a toss for later but it won't go away it'll go away to school sing Lauren he went away he would pet you that a dog oh this is the bread can came with this that much bread oh yes what I mean nut pad pad Ted did this is my pet area okay my pet area is all around the house I'm telling ya thank you oh oh it's up to you um where does it go to the bathroom just pick it up I'm taking a bath tag I'm missing what's over here nice boom why did that teleport skate yeah okay okay okay now go sit here this man now I'm gonna go this to your front door and start walking from there okay okay oh that was a good idea k I saw what you did okay so hey J Buc open they did oh well look she really has a royal thing for the pet because he has this Wow natural so much cape it wants a shower keep with you back for it over here I need a shower I'm like mind taking it first no well that's food okay you need to turn your thing around don't I what come here you gotta change your thing around see it's on the other side it's cramped why is your pet eating from my food I bought my red panda can take the bathroom here give a red panda it's dangerous no it's an animal thing Oh doing it go to the playground after I quickly check available trick you guys want to see it oh it's a junior now hey Junior okay the junior let me see how big your dog is now did you change little fixer look I'm gonna tricks I learned it let's go to school I didn't learn a new trick it's I could get an injury you guys wanna um I'm going to the playground first cuz my pet Winston okay that's my cloud does anybody want to join you to the crown I can't you can ride on me I'll get your roller out you guys know this is your online adult here Ted I know you can get my stroller maybe hearing you know my sure okay I'm going to the playground I don't know Ted go to your inventory and go to vehicles I could give you a vehicle like a cheap one idle final I could give you like a common scooter oh yeah yes letting your pet run what it likes running let it jump up and down by itself what about yours oh maybe in the pet shop there's toys everything's coming soon enough everything's come together the toy shop does know everything's coming soon in the toy shop jane says that where can i buy a drink doesn't know okay Kiki Kate I mean tag dad's head uh you can get your pad drink in the pet shop there's like a little area they can get your pets drinks oh what's in here Petri interchange Shay okay G day mate one training animal yes all right let's begin Syd Oh pizza my gosh good red panda oh girl tap your pet to try your new tricks mine's laying down can yours lay down no that's because you don't have to okay so I'm gonna let my pet run around and hang and is my no thing for it in Dutch let's set that can't watch me this is my pony hey I'm gonna ask it to lay down are you ready for this let em sit does step on my pay oh yeah do you think just beats buckle in D okay guys we're gonna open up five of these big presents and then that will be the last thing we do today so keep doing open it sure so oh my god trash troll or anything this hasn't get this dog a maestro oh my dog – tad yeah that's my fourth oh my gosh is it no a SUV I'm so fine I got another say you're so lucky I had to open another one even though you knew I'm not gonna get have to get it I have to get it everyone like he hasn't this look ever wait Kate is the best lucky ever hasn't the best luck ever he says every but that wasn't me you know is tipping mommies have to jump out there tips it that's you guys what's my peg tenure mr. needles this outside your car the car we got sitting we are you guys are cousins let's go for a ride okay let's go too slow but it's cool I know it's so slow is it gonna fit yes I thought it was I can't believe I got it again we weren't even planning at that time we're just opening them for fun that time you know you know why does things so slow right it's stuff enjoy it's a first girl Wow but we just went to school let's see if we even getting fit through here okay oh my what I think going through oh here's camping this is a great house for camping this is best shop ever let's look at the shop for on the shop tell me what's in the shop whoa dining Burt here nothing to see here you sure about that [Applause]

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  1. Guys can u give me some tip to have the legendary car… after one day it will be gone.. i keep unboxing the massive gift but didnt get to have it, i keep on getting the same things :c i should have bought the new house..

  2. hmm 79 ppl didnt like this WHAT NO Janet and Kate are amazing youtubers !!!!!!!! Janet congrats from getting the traveling house and Kate congrats from finding the red panda!!

  3. These are the pets I have
    1. Pink cat named Jessie
    2. Gray cat named Gabby
    3. Brown dog name Zachary
    4. Buffalo named (I haven't named it yet)

  4. I love it but when I had the mermaid house I had to delete EVERYTHING it was so funny I wasted 1 hour because I had to take care of my baby sister a lot

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