Pikes Peak / Ducati Multistrada – MotoGeo Adventures

Pikes Peak / Ducati Multistrada – MotoGeo Adventures

Once the journey from Los Angeles to Pikes Peak was complete the bike got prepared for the hill climb while I went down to the registration
and signed up. Once I was given the green light it was
then time for the bike to pass through technical inspection. Now fitted with performance suspension, exhaust, and new race graphics the Multistrada is ready and raring to go. Colorado Springs celebrates the race as riders and teams head downtown and Fan Fest rolls in. Here we are on the Pikes Peak Mountain. Tomorrow is race day and today as you can see behind me is just a normal
highway. I’ve been riding the Ducati Multistrada from Los Angeles, we’ve been
through all of the modes, now I’m in sport mode. We changed out the suspension when we got here, added some cool graphics, and that’s it — the bike I left Los
Angeles on is the bike I’m ripping up this hill. It’s been quite incredible — the Pike’s Peak course has got a hundred and fifty six corners. I have to memorize every single one and it’s been really quite difficult because so much on the track looks the same –there’s lots of blind corners so it’s really easy to make a mistake. Tuesday was the bottom section we did
the bottom section of the race track. Wednesday we did this middle section
which is right here and then on Thursday we actually did the top section. Tomorrow we’re going to piece it all together and rip up this hill with a big smile on my face, safely and as fast as possible. I can’t wait! [announcer at podium] “There is no greater feeling you will have then when you cross the finish line.” On race day there was a mixture of excitement and nervous tension in the air. The mechanics major the Multistrada was race-ready and before I knew it I was on my way to the start line. Seconds to go there and was no turning back now, just enough time for a big deep breath, get fired up, and then go — flat out to 14,000 feet! We made it! Woohoo! Reaching the summit of the Pike’s Peak mountain was a thrilling end to a truly epic adventure. Thank you Ducati Multistrada for giving me the ride of my life.

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  1. Superb riding Jamie!  10:30 is just awsome even if on a great bike!  Can you please bring up to Pikes Peak hill my 1299S ?   you kick ass Jamie!

  2. this was an awesome video i can't tell you how much i want to add this to my bucket list …..there is a but……. but i wish pikes peak was the the pikes peak of the 70s and 80s a road only half paved that was the trail for the killer Bs (B class rally) but never again will there be a track so i suppose a fully paved hill climb will have to suffice. so i write this letter.

    Dear Colorado,
    F— you.

  3. absolutely awesome video with high quality production value.  And you ripped up the track.  Your the man Jamie, I want to be you.

  4. So here's a question – was the bike you left LA on and the one that went up the hill the same? I see quite a few changes to the bike which makes it look like the current 'Pikes Peak' version of this bike in the stores. Ohlins, Termi system and graphics.

  5. +MotoGeo Jamie, which one would you prefer, the Caponord or the Multi? Or would you have another contender?

  6. Quite strange…left LA with a "standard" Multi, and made the race with a Pikes Peak… no problem for me, but don't say it is the same bike…just marketing! Other than this "detail", you did a Great job!!

  7. Awesome! I wanted to participate 4 years ago and needed to change a lot to a standard race bike. Are there new rules or do the categories have different requirements?

  8. I keep watching it over and over again, great video and music. I always pumped and wanna go out for a good ride after I watch it ;D Keep it up Jamie!

  9. wow I was just watching a review of it offroad and they were getting some good air time on it now its at pikes peak wow

  10. Totally, without a doubt, completely, awesome!! This has got to be the all around best bike you can buy. I'm getting one.

  11. Nice, Jamie's time was 1 minute faster than Guy Martin's winning time in a different class the year before. To be far though, Guy had mechanical issues with the bike that forced him to stay below 100 mph.

  12. It's a good thing it's only a short race Ducati fans.
    Try six laps of the Isle of Man on one of them at race speed…
    Total engine meltdown would follow !!

  13. I actually saw your crew out filming the day after the hillclimb, I thought they were shooting a commercial or something, didn't find this video until today.

  14. Grande grande grande….I don't know how Many Times I see this video!!! Greetings and compliments from ITALY!!!

  15. I'm very jealous, I would absolutely love to take part in that race, I know I would be like a mobile chicane, but hey, there has to be a slow person on it. That could be me haha 🙂 Still running my Pikes Peak in so its only hit 125mph at moment on the twistys near us lol

  16. WOW!!!! I've NEVER thought about a Multistrada before but this vid series is EPIC! I may just have to throw my leg over a new one for a wee test ride now 😉

    Great vid as usual Jamie, love your energy and enthusiasm for bikes/life, great stuff bud.

  17. Awesome ride on an incredible bike. Not long before this I rode a 1200S, looping from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back via Zion and the Valley of Fire Nat. Pk. Around 2,000 km (1,200 miles) in 2 days. Having not ridden for a few years (prev bike was a CBR1100XX), I was astounded at how damned comfortable it was and how it performed – not quite like the XX of course, but overall handling and ride-ability was fantastic. Great riding position (much more comfortable for us 50+ old farts) and leaves you feeling very confident in all conditions. Thanks for sharing this – a very entertaining ride by a hell of a decent rider and bloke. Cheers from Oz – Dave PS. Love the old school shadow… (3:25) 😉

  18. cuando esta gente que edita videos va entender que lo que qeremos escuchar es el ruido de los motores y no su playlist de musica

  19. when these people who edit videos will understand that what we want to hear is the noise of the engines and not their music playlist

  20. Dear quick-cuts editor, please, for the love of all that is racing, do not cut away from this amazing pilot going around a full corner when you have super clean ftg from a helicoter, or the rear wheel, or the helmet cam, etc. I want to see the man and machine taking the friggin turn, the whole turn. Ugh!

  21. 4th on a top heavy adventure bike, Amazing! Just think what you could do on a panigale or a GP bike and a bacon cheddar cheese burger???

  22. Jamie Robinson! Christ where did he spring up from? Blast from the past there! Seems like he's not a serial crasher anymore, which is useful for pikes peak. I thought he'd disappeared back in the 1990s

  23. 80 km na entrada da curva, 124 reta. Ok, várias curvas, retas curtas, já trabalhei nessa constante viajandoo de moto, e em velocidades mais elevadas, e é uma ducati, vários controles na tração, suspensão, modo de pilotagem, fora motor de 1200. Troca de piloto, se fosse eu, aproveitava mais moto.

  24. Good thing I wasn't there on my Grom, i just "braap braap braAAP " and what do you know new Pikes Peak record ,send Jamie and the boys home cryin'. Yeah man.

  25. Great job, i have a KTM 1290 SDR. , all these bike are great and we the consumers benefit so cheers mate and thanks to the excellent products these companies produce.

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